Reunion To Bed Part – 1

Hi, friends this is Rahul. I’m again back with a new story which happened a few months ago. Sorry was really busy with my schedule so couldn’t post anything. So this happened in the month of January when me , my girlfriend Sonya, sandy and Simran we had a get together at my place.

Before going to story you all know about my girlfriend Sonya but those who don’t know just let me tell you she is the dreamgirl of any guy with 34-28-36 figure with pure fair complexion and to know more read my other stories. Now let me describe Simran and sandy so to describe Simran’s figure she was having 36-30-36 size. Her height was 5’5 little dusky in complexion very sharp features eyes were like fish as someone has drawn it lips were small but very precisely shaped the eyebrows were exactly giving shape to the eyes. She used to put kajal on her eyes and mascara on her eye lashes.

Just a little light shade of red lipstick on her lips. The lower body of her was like the carving of some great maker. The perfect size boobs which a guy love to grab. It fitted into the palm perfectly. The belly was with little fat but not that much like it will flab or hang. She didn’t had side fat on her belly. The ass was perfectly shaped round so every clothes used to give a perfect shape to her hip to toe. The gap between her thighs could make any guy crazy thing about putting their hand or dick in between those. And finally the best compliment were her black curly hair .where as sandy was a 5″10 height guy with athletic body. He was fair with normal length hair. His manhood length was 6″inch. And about me I’m Rahul with 5″7 height with little dusky complexion and very smooth silky long hair. My manhood length is 9″inch

So now coming to the story. Me Soniya Simran and sandy used to be very closed Freind during our college days . We were the only group who use to loiter around and had fun in every possible ways a young adult could do going to club bunking the classes going to movie going for outing and everything​. Those were the golden days. But after that me Simran Sonya stayed here and sandy went to Australia for further studies. After few month we lost contact with Simran also as she went to Bangalore for her MBA. So it was normal life. We use to have Skype call and message so one day sandy told that he is coming in January to India. So me and Soniya planned to have a get-together at our place as we can live again the same life and enjoy for few days. So she messaged Simran and asked her if she is free and convinced her to come for a 4 day trip.

She agreed and we all met at my place on 26th January Thursday . Sandy landed first at my place and then Simran came in the later evening. For that day we had normal dinner plan and then went for a movie. And after coming back we had hooka and we chit chatted till 4 in the morning and then we slept. It was so mesmerising going back in the past talking about the college days and all.

Next day we woke up a late order for the lunch had our lunch and went for shopping and while that we decided we will go for clubbing next day. So I made a guestlist request to my Freind and he confirmed it. We came back home after dinner. Now we had nothing to do so we decided to watch a movie I was having movies on my laptop and we all four watched it and then don’t know how we moved and watch porn movies.

The atmosphere was getting hot and I told let’s stop it and sleep. So sandy told we can but let’s have hooka and then we all will sleep. So we all agreed to it and we had hooka and started chit chatting. We were happy and excited for the next day to go to club after so long so Soniya said let’s practise for tomorrow and then we started dancing and we danced in one line like Simran was holding sandy from back in front of sandy it was Sonya and I was holding Soniya from back and dancing on soft music. We were discussing what will wear what will do their and all. The atmosphere was again getting hot. So I said before we mess up let’s sleep. So we all proceed to sleep. I and Sonya went to our bed and Simran and sandy slept on the floor on the different mattresses.

As the atmosphere was already hot I and Soniya started smooching and cuddling. I was not aware that Simran and sandy were still awake. And to my surprise sandy woke up came close to our bed. In that dark room small rays of the street light were coming and I can see that smile on Sandy’s face. He was almost on top of Soniya in a plank position. Sandy said “yr Maan nahi ho raha niche sone ka yahi sojata hu.” I said “sandy soja Jake late hogaya hai.” Sandy said” chid kyun raha hai Rahul” I said” chid nahi raha bus bol raha hu” and at that moment he said” Soniya mujhe bhi chahiye jo tune Rahul Ko diya I will go” I was shocked to hear that but at that moment saw Soniya that she didn’t say anything instead she hold her shoulder.

I was excited nervous don’t know it was a mixed feeling and can hear simran’s giggling from down. I was waiting what will Soniya do but she was hesitant. So i thought she won’t but at that moment sandy again said ” Soniya de na yr ek chota sa” she looked at me and a high blood flow rush through me and don’t know what happened I blinked my eyes and taking that as my permission she planted her lips on Sandy’s lips. Then they started to smooch I don’t know what was happening but it was going somewhere else. I was getting more horny and my heart was beating more fast. Then they broke the kiss and Simran was down watching all this. And I told let’s enjoy guys but Simran said “tum log pagal ho Gaye ho kya” sandy also said ” simmi common jo hoga yahi pe rahega let’s enjoy” but she was reluctant. So i said “usse chor hum enjoy karte hai.”

And Soniya was just smiling so we started with threesome. Simran took the cover and slept but I know she won’t be able to resist but I was waiting for her to come by herself. So I said said ” sandy let’s make this night memorable” so he started smooching Soniya and at the same time he was squeezing her boobs. I was caressing her thighs over her body hugging pink colour shorts that she was wearing. She was rubbing her legs and pulling sandy more close to herself in that immense pleasure. Then sandy broke the liplock and came little down on her over her neck throat shoulder and collar bone and at that time I buried my face in between her legs I can feel that she was getting wet and moaning softly. Sandy was playing with her and she was enjoying him to the most that I could feel with her moaning.

Then suddenly I saw Simran was standing next to me and when I took my head up she hold my cheeks and started smooching. I also went with her flow and started caressing her boobs. Then we both broke the liplock and saw Soniya and sandy staring at us we all started giggling and I put simran next to soniya and started smooching again while squeezing her boobs at the same side I can see sandy has already lifted soniya’s top up and was licking her navel. I left simran’s lips and started to dig my face between her cleavage and pressed her boobs on my face she was moaning. Now simran was holding Soniya hand and the both started smooching and i was licking and caressing simran’s back. Sandy was sucking soniya’s boobs hard as she was moaning loudly.

Then sandy and I both took off their top and they both were in their bra Soniya was wearing black and Simran was wearing blue. They both were looking awesomely hot so we both grabbed them but this time I grabbed my Soniya and sandy grabbed Simran and we started sucking their boobs they both were kissing each other and pulling us to them. Then I was about to pull down soniya’s shorts but she told that” tu toh roj utarta hai aaj sandy utarega nd woh hi pehle dalega” so we both again exchanged our partners and both the girls were almost dripping.

Then i took off simran’s pyjama and she was wearing maroon colour very sexy panty and Soniya was wearing a red colour v shape panty. Both the gals were looking killing. So then I started teasing Simran with caressing her thighs and ribs armpits back near her pussy but not doing anything on her pussy so she screamed” Rahul lick karna please aur mat tadpa” and sandy was on soniya’s pussy licking her over her panty. I then just moved my one finger over simran’s pussy and she moaned aaahhhhhhhh…….ufffffff….Rahul please ab muh Laga de please…And I started to tease her more by rubbing it with my two fingers and after few seconds she could not resist and hold my head and put it down on her pussy with a moanahhhhh…..Ufffffff….Ahhhhh……And I started licking her pussy over her panty and also started to squeeze her boobs she has my hand and also pressed it. Sandy has already took off soniya’s panty and was licking her pussy taking her legs up. And Soniya was moaning and smooching Simran in between. I was now fingering simran’s​ pussy and also licking her. I was also licking her ass hole and she was in her immense pleasure and moaning aaahhhhhhhh……..Ahhhhh…..And pulling my hair.

Sandy was done with eating her pussy and was ready to drill her so he took out his 6″ inch dick and about to put it in but to my surprise Soniya stopped her and said” sandy yaha roj leti hu aaj start Kahi aur se karo ” and she smiled and sandy understood so he turned her and pushed his dick inside her asshole. She moaned ooouuuuhhhhhhhaaaaa……Aaahhhhhhhh and she screamed and then he started thrusting her Soniya was enjoying and I was still eating simran’s pussy and then she was all wet dripping like a waterfall. Then I was also set to dig that hole. So I took out my enormous 9″ inch dick and put on her pussy she was already moaning with pleasure and when I put it in she shout Ahhhhh……..Auuummmmm….Ummmmmmhmmm….Ufffffff and then slowly I started pushing her hard she was continuously moaning aaahhhhhhhh…..Uuuuuuuuffffffff…..Aaahhhhhhhh….Ummmmmmhmmm…..And then i fucked her for 20 minutes​ that position and Soniya were enjoying sandy then we changed the different position that night and we fucked each other for more than 3 hours.

Sandy also fucked Simran and even Soniya did double penetration. Simran though refused to do that by enjoyed lesbian act with Soniya. Then we slept by 5 am Soniya was sleeping with sandy and I was sleeping with Simran but on the same bed. We enjoyed a lot. And next day we again woke up late had a had a wake-up sex. Then we also did so many things in the club and also fucked like a rabbit that night. But that will tell you in next part.

Please let me know how u liked my story and please u can write me at [email protected]

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