Reva ne Shilpi ke Mamme chuse

It is based on real events so the names are changed.

It was Diwali and Shilpi was busy arranging the sweets and dry fruits to be given to the neighbours. She was not able to decide if she should send deepawali’s sweets to the neighbours across their street who moved in 4 months back. If she does not they will be the only left in a lane of 5 families who are all well known to Shilpi.The neighbour across the street was a family of five persons including an elderly woman, a couple and two children. The girl was roughly of 6-7 years roughly and the younger than her was a boy child of less than 1 year. The husband would leave for business early morning and would come back late in the evening. His wife would rarely come out except to dry clothes in the lawn and to collect them in the evening.

During these months Shilpi never got a chance to speak to her but she tried by smiling to her when she met her when she was buying vegetable from the weekly market (Haat) and she would also just smile.

Finally Shilpi decided to go along with her son and give the Diwali sweets and crackers to the girl. She knocked the door. The man opened the door and welcomed her in and his mother and his wife also came and greeted her. They talked for some time. Her name was Reva and she was looking good in her new but simple sari. The husband looked like a decent good natured man.

One afternoon after a week or ten days, Shilpi heard knock on the door. It was Reva and her child.

Reva: Maaf karna bhabhiji, maine aapko disturb kiya.

Shilpi: Nahin, mai toh waise hi kaam nipta ke baithi thhi.

Reva told Shilpi that her saas left for Hisar in the morning and would return only after a year or so as her husband’s Tai fell ill. She told it was because of her she will not come out of the house. They talked and started friendship. Shilpi also started going to Reva’s house. Their friendship became deeper day by day.

After some days Reva’s husband also had to leave to Hisar for 15 days to help his Tau.

Reva was afraid to sleep alone in nights and even her cousin brother was over a hundred kilometers away. She somehow managed for 4-5 days. When Shilpi came to know her problem, she asked her husband if she could sleep at Reva’s place. Shilpi’s husband said: Mujhe kya proble hai, jaan. Bas beech beech mein hamein khush karte rehna.Reva was happy that Shilpi would sleep in her house. They would talk before sleeping. Shilpi slept in Sari and Reva in maxi. Shilpi would get up at early and go to her house. One day when she woke up and she saw Reva’s maxi was open and her breast was out. Shilpi knew Reva was breastfeeding the child.

Another day she found some lower buttons of her own blouse were open because of which her lower part of right breast came out mostly. She hooked herself and went home. That night she checked her buttons again before sleeping. But same thing happened.That day she decided to find the truth. She pretended to sleep. After some time, she noticed in the dim light of the bed lamp, Reva feeding the child from her breast. Reva fed milk from both the breasts but she did not put them back into her maxi. She then turned towards Shilp, who was pretending to sleep but her eyes were slightly open and she could see.

Reva, then very slowly started removing hooks of Shilpi’s blouse to the point where she can pull the blouse gently to bare Shilpi’s breast. She pressed Shilpi’s breast gently, because Shilp’s breasts were really big, so that she can pull it out. She managed to get Shilpi’s nipple out and she wanted to suck it, but she stopped fearing Shilpi would wake up. Shilpi watched all this without any movement.

Shilpi was shocked but also felt a motherly urge to have Reva suck her breast. Reva was still and was looking at Shilpi’s breast. Shilpi moved a little, Reva suddenly closed her eyes as if sleeping. Shilpi saw this and she pulled her blouse up and took out her entire breast. She then, put her arms around Reva and pulled her towards her. Reva opened her eyes, shilpi guided her to her open breast and with her hand she put it in Reva’s mouth. Reva sucked the breast greedily like a hungry child and said, Bhabhi, mujhe apna doodh pilaao. Shilpi upon hearing this, got up and sat on the bed. She removed her blouse to bare her both breasts. She then held Reva to her breasts and started feeding as a child. Reva sucked one breast of Shilpi and played with the other.

Shilip’s breasts were big but harder and nipple was small and softer. Reva took most of the shilpi’s breasts in her mouth to suck. She was getting greedy. Shilpi felt pangs of unknown pleasure as she was breastfeeding Reva. Even there was no milk in Shilpi’s breasts, Reva was enjoying the feeling of being breastfed completely.After some time both were satisfied. Shilpi wore her blouse back and stated chatting with each other. Reva said: Bhabhi, mujhe momme aur doodh ache lagte hain aur maine maa ka doodh 7 saal tak piya. Jab bhi mai chhote ko doodh pilaati hoon, meri bhi ichchh hoti hai doodh peene ki. Jab maine aapke dekhe toh mujhe apna bachpan yaad aa gaya aur mai apne ko nahin rok paayi. Bhabhi uar bahut achchi ho.

Shilpi: Mujhe pehle bahut ajeeb laga, par jab maine tumhari taraf abhi dekha, tab mujhe pata nahin aisa kyon laga ki tumhe apni chunchi peene doo.Isiliye mai bhi apne ko rok nahin paayi. Ab tum jab chaho meri chunchi pee sakti ho.

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