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Guys, it is my first story,but its real and word to word correct. This story has two parts, in the first part that girl took advantage of my innocence, and in second I took advantage of blackmailing her. Let’s come to the story.

It was my summer vacation time, I would go to my neighbor’s house to play indoor games like carom, ludo, with That girl, I used to call her Didi, she was of fifteen years around those days and I was half of her age. Once her parents were not present so just we two were playing carom, she put up a condition that whoever loses will have to put off his/her clothes, I agreed and obviously she was a better player so I had to put off my half pant and t shirt, I would not wear underwear those days.

I wasn’t too shy coz in that age I used to bath naked and being naked was not a big problem for me, but after seeing me naked she said “O Bunty(my nickname), you have very small susu(penis).” I didn’t had any idea about private parts of girls so I challenged her to compare and decide whose is bigger. I don’t remember what happened very next…what I remember is she pulled up her skirt and slipped down her panty and asked me peep inside, and after doing so I was surprised and enquired about those hair present at her pussy, I don’t remember what she replied but I remember she asked me to lay down and was rubbing her pussy against my private part was it done forcibly or not I am not this is the first part.

For the next fifteen years nothing happened, though I used to remember the incidence whenever I would see her.What happened two days ago, made me write this story.

She came to my house just as a neighbor, her family is close to mine so regular visits are common. When she came and started taking to my family members and grandmother. Then she came to my study room and enquired about my education, she has very sexy, curvy body, and looks very beautiful. I dunno what happened to me I started to feel attracted and soon started to dream about having sex with her. She asked me to teach her children maths as long as she is in her mayka (her parent’s house). I agreed.

Yesterday when I went her home, her children were sleeping so we started gossiping, I had evil intentions so I turned the conversation accordingly. I told her that I got out in air force interview because of lying. She said why you lied, I said actually I forgot the truth, she said what is that, I said officer asked “have you ever had sex ?” I replied in negative, and he said that I was lying. But when I saw you few days back I found officer right, as I had had sex with you 15 years ago.

She stood up and started shouting like “Bunty, are you mad, aren’t you ashamed of yourself….” I said, speak slowly don’t make children wake up, and let me explain, I remember each and everything that you did with me,( in my mind I was sure that she also remember as when she did all that she was 7 years older than me). Initially she refused but seeing me serious she accepted partially. I said my all friend got selected just I got failed and that’s just because of you. I started blaming her, she felt sorry and apologized to me, but I was in no mood to let her go easily. I blackmaild her that let me do what you did to me or I will tell about this to your husband and your family. She got scared, and pleaded not to do so, but I refused. She started crying, I went close and started to wipe her tears and convince her for sex. She said it’s wrong…I said I will just see your pussy and will kiss, like you did with me 15 years ago.

While trying to relax her I started to get close and soon she was in my arms, I wiped her tears with my tongue, she didn’t resist, it gave me confidence and I kissed her on cheeks. She said “Bunty, no, let it be” I said ” please di, please I will just see and kiss your pussy”. she said “Bunty, children may wake up”…oh yes ! This sentence gave me assurance that she is ready to offer me her pussy. I said ” I will do it slowly, you just sit on the bed hanging your legs out, I will get inside your saree, so even if they wake up I will have sufficient time to come out, meanwhile have an eye on them” she agreed and sat according to plan.

I got on my knees on the floor and lifted her saree, she got shy and started to see opposite side, she was very fair in color and her legs were looking like path to heaven. Her white legs had red “mahavar” (red color around ankle”, I started kissing her leg and in no time I was inside her saree. It was all dark for me, I couldn’t breathe properly, all I was doing was kissing her thighs madly. She shouted “Bunty now you are doing extra, just see and kiss and come out” I said ” I can’t see, it’s dark” meanwhile she got horny as I could feel the pressure of her thighs and hand on my head. I took out her panty, it was all wet and I kissed the pussy and inserted tongue inside once or twice. She started to moan, she said ” Bunty let’s go to other room, children may wake up” I lifted her up, and took her to other room, still she was bit shy to me, and so was I, to be honest.

We went to other room, I took off her saree in no time. I too remained in just underwear. Now she was looking like a goddess of sex. guys she is really beautiful and has bigger boobs and curved ass. Now she was in petticoat and blows. I went close and started kissing her on lips, soon she began to support, I opened the knot of her petticoat and she herself took off her blows and bra.

Now we both were in just underwear. My dick gave a tent shape to my underwear and she was looking at it. My dick is not of 10 or 12 inches like other writers who write stories here, it’s 7 inch long and sufficiently thick that it made that girl say” it’s very huge Bunty”. we got in the 69 position and removed each others underwear, she was shy of taking my dick in her mouth but when I started sucking her pussy badly, she took that and showed all her experience. I was playing tongue game, her pussy was hairy, she was sucking my cock very hard.

Then I slowly got in the missionary position, she opened her legs, I said ” I don’t have condom, what if you get pregnant ” she said don’t worry even if you cum inside I won’t get pregnant as she had particular type of operation i don’t know what is that” so it gave me license to fuck her freely. I started to kiss her from her toe, and slowly reached the pussy, she opened her legs and her pussy was so wet that some drops of liquid were visible outside, I started to rub my hard dick against her pussy, she was moaning like hell, she begged to insert it asap, but I enjoyed making her dye for it, finally I targeted the pussy hole, and after some effort it was all in, in the heaven.

I started stroking, her boobs were bouncing, she was supporting me so well, I started kissing her badly, just when I felt that I was about to cum, I took break, changed the position, asked her to sit on my dick, she was heavy, but managed so well, she took it in herself and started jumping, I could see all my dreams coming true before my eyes.

Occasionally my dick came out of pussy, but in no time she took that back in. After sometime I got cum inside her. She laid over me and now she was shy again, I kissed her and hugged her tight.

Then we both put on our clothes, and went back. As she said she enjoyed doing all this with me, I hope I will have some more sessions with that goddess of sex.

Thank you readers, hope you all will like my real experience of life. you can let me know about your thoughts on my email ID – [email protected]

Thank you.

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