Revenge Is GOOD II – Indian Sex Stories

Mark in the Dark

Saro and Sam had thrown a fantastic party. They had invited all their friends up to the resort in OMR. It was a perfect mid-winter get-together with lots of beer and food and good company. There had been tasty mutton curry that Sam had cooked himself, and a second bonfire. Everyone had a great time with great conversation and laughs, but the day was getting long, and dark was coming on, plus it looked like a rain-storm was headed that way. Everyone had gone home except for John and his wife Jabin, who offered to help clean up. After about ten trash bags were filled and full dark had come on, it was time for John and Jabin to go, but when they opened the door, a frigid blast of air blew in. “Whew! We stayed too long! That’s a hell of a blizzard out there!” remarked Jabin. “I don’t think we should drive in that.”

Samir was ever the hard-ass and wanted to try, but Saro would have none of it. “Look, we have plenty of space. You guys can just stay here till morning. You are not driving out in this! I’ll make us some drinks and we can watch a movie or something.” So it turned into a cozy evening on the big couches. Somehow, Saro ended up next to John and Jabin next to Samir. And somehow, Jabin and Samir inched closer and closer to each other. Samir was solid and strong and smelled warm and spicy. Jabin’s mind started to wander to places no happily married lady had a right to think about. And it was not helping that Samir kept accidentally touching her thigh and arms with an innocent touch here, a gentle nudge there. Her eyes kept wandering down to the bulge in his pants. Samir was not doing much better. Every time he moved, Jabin would lean into him with her soft, feminine body. He wanted to touch her and found excuses to do so. He loved Saro with all his heart, but tonight Jabin was soft and inviting, and he knew Saro wouldn’t mind so much if he indulged in a little flirtation. So his touches were not as innocent as Jabin thought. Jabin looked over at Saro and John and noticed that they ha

d both dozed off after the long day. The wind was howling outside and they were just coming to the end of some weird movie about swinging couples. Jabin was just about to say something scathing about the actions on screen when the wind kicked up ferociously and the electricity -went out. The cabin was mostly dark except for some glowing embers in the fireplace. “Whoops,” said Samir. “That’s not likely to come on again anytime soon. I think we have some candles in the bedroom, maybe a lantern.” Jabin looked over at her and Samir’s sleeping spouses. “I’ll come with you. That wind is creeping me out. I don’t want to be the only conscious one in the room.” As they turned the corner into the hallway, Samir took Jabin’s hand and laid it on his arm. It was pitch black once the fireplace was out of sight, so the movement made sense, but Jabin’s heart skipped a beat. Since she couldn’t see, Jabin’s other senses starting to go into overdrive. The fuzz on his arm was so soft. It made her wonder what other fuzz on his body was soft. The softness contrasted nicely with the smooth muscle of the arm underneath. His scent was so close in the darkness, her head started to spin with it (and the drinks Saro had served). Jabin’s inhibitions were slipping.

They reached the bedroom and Samir steered Jabin toward the bed. “Here, sit for a second while I rummage around.” He found the oil lantern he was looking for and the matches he kept next to it. He lit it, and as he turned, the natural glow fell on Jabin’s face. The light glinted off her long blond hair and her wide eyes. But he didn’t notice that; all he could see in the split second before she looked down was the look of raw desire in her eyes – a look pointed directly at him. Or, more accurately, directly at his crotch, which gave an instinctive twitch in response. The night was getting more interesting by the second! “I think there are candles in the nightstand, too.” Samir walked toward the bed where Jabin was sitting. Suddenly, she stood up and took half a step toward him, so that they were standing chest-to-chest. The pressure felt good on her breasts. Jabin laid her hands on his forearms and looked up into his eyes.”Samir?” The word was breathless. “So, what’s the deal with you and Saro?” “What do you mean?” “Do you think it would be alright with her if I kissed you?” Barely more than a whisper. “Yes, I think that would be alright.” Now Samir’s head was starting to spin. Jabin’s hand moved up to the back of Samir’s head, her fingers reveling in the short softness there. So much softer than John’s! Their lips found each other and pressed together. Jabin had been kissed many times, of course.

Though she had only ever had sex with John, having met and married young, she and John were rather permissive with kisses and flirtations. She didn’t know exactly what to expect when she kissed Samir, but she thought the familiar tension would (as usual when it was someone other than John) dissipate into happy contentment or a nice head rush or both. She certainly did not anticipate her reaction. The mental fire that burned through her brain sourced from their dance of lips and tongues. The fire washed over her from her mouth and the juices between her legs. It spread like wildfire from those two spots to her whole body from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Passion. Lust. Her body was singing just one word: MORE! Jabin broke away, and it felt like coming up for air. “You are a damn fine kisser, Samir!” Her voice was heavy with lust and surprise.”You’re pretty good yourself, darling’,” Samir chuckled.

He smiled at her in the lamplight, and moved his head down to her smooth neck. Her skin smelled feminine and tender. He kissed and licked the skin there, and her resultant moan was very satisfying indeed! Her hands were clutching his head as he was drinking in her neck and lips, and her breathing was starting to get ragged as she pressed her breasts into his chest. Those soft globes seemed to be begging for more, it seemed to him. Samir moved his hand from her back to fondle one. Simultaneously, the nipple hardened beneath his fingers and Jabin threw her head back, breaking the seal their lips had created.” The sound that came out of Jabin’s mouth was dripping with need. Samir moved his other hand to get both handfuls of breast and nipple. Her hard nipples felt like hot little gumdrops as he rolled them between his thumb and fingers, so he thought he’d like a taste. He drew Jabin’s sweater and bra over her head and threw them on the floor in one motion. Samir lowered his head and had a lick. So nice! Sweet and firm! He flicked at one nipple with his tongue and the other with his fingers, and then switched to the other side. He could hear Jabin’s groans of pleasure through her chest, her fingers kneading the back of his neck. Jabin was on fire with sensation. No coherent words were running through her brain, but her body was shouting: More! More! More! She needed to feel his skin on hers, and she started tugging at his shirt.

He moved away a little, and she pulled the garment over his head and threw it down. The motion caused her to fall onto her back on the bed, with Samir on top of her. She paused to run her fingers through the copious soft curls on his chest. “Fuzzy…” The word seemed to bypass her brain, and Jabin was only barely aware she had said anything at all. Her lustful body was in total control now, and it wanted Samir. Their lips came together again, tongues entwining, stoking the heat that radiated between their bare chests. Jabin’s legs fell open in a subconscious motion. John had always liked that Jabin did that unknowingly when she was in a state of heightened arousal. Samir liked it, too. He shifted his body so Jabin could feel the hard bulge in his pants press against her nether lips. The friction of their clothes between them was unbearable! Triply so when Samir started to rhythmically move against her, the motion of his tongue matching the motion of his hips, and his thumb flicking a counter rhythm on her nipple. Jabin’s clitoris started to throb with need, and a whimper escaped her mouth. Samir was having a good hard suckle on Jabin’s right nipple and enjoying the hot friction against his cock when he felt Jabin’s tugging at his jeans, her breath coming in little gasps.

He looked up at her face and realized the little gasps were actually words. “Please…please…please…” Samir was not one to deny so polite a request. In a moment, the rest of their clothes had joined their shirts in the pile on the floor, and their naked bodies were pressed against each other on the bed, lips and tongues entwining again. The kisses were so sweet and hot! Samir broke away and moved his head down her body, trailing kisses and licks down Jabin’s breasts, her stomach, her navel. Now his hands were pushing apart her knees again, his lips working their way up her inner thighs. His face was so soft on her tender flesh! Jabin’s fire was building again, from the deepest part of her belly. Samir moved his thumbs to Jabin’s outer labia, spreading them open. He paused a minute to admire the pretty pink folds in the glowing lamplight, glistening and pulsing with need. Her little clit, smaller than Saro’s, peeked out of the top of the soft folds. Samir smiled and looked up into Jabin’s face. It was flushed with desire, her mouth partly open, her eyes glazed with passion. Now a look a frustration flickered across it, and her fingers grasped insistently at his jaw and the back of his head. Jabin gasped with relief and pleasure as Samir dove in, licking up and down her inner labia, his tongue flicking firmly across her clitoris with each pass. And with each pass, it was bringing her closer and closer to a very fine orgasm.

The deep tingle began to grow in her belly, and she started to wiggle. Samir seemed to take this as a good sign and began to zero in on the source of sensation. Suddenly, he closed his lips over Jabin’s clit at sucked hard and rhythmically. Jabin was brought to the precipice of orgasm, the hot burn beginning to diffuse through her body. “Oh god! I’m coming! Ah!” Just as the words were leaving her mouth, Samir thrust a finger deep into her wetness and bent it just at the right angle so that it stroked Jabin’s G-spot. And instead of falling over the edge of the orgasm, Jabin burst through it with rolling waves of electricity, her hips lifting and thrashing, her cries with each thrust.Samir moved his fingers inside her and his lips and tongue over the outside of her. As Samir tirelessly continued, orgasm after orgasm rolled over Jabin in rising and falling fits of passion. Instead of slaking her desire, the oral pleasures only made her want him more. During a lull, Jabin looked down at Samir’s strong body and noticed his cock, standing hard and ready. She needed to feel its steely softness in her hands! She reached down between her legs and pulled Samir’s head up. He trailed kisses again, this time up to her face, and his body covered hers. Now his warm, spicy scent mingled with her musk. She kissed him deeply and tasted herself on his tongue. So good! Her hand moved down between their bodies to grasp at his hardness, but before she could touch it, their bodies shifted, seemingly of their own accord. Jabin could feel the big head of Samir’s cock pressed against her wet entrance, where his mouth had so lately been.

Jabin paused. Samir’s hands were on her hips. Her hands were on his head and lower back. But she was only aware of the hot hardness pressing against her, insistent yet motionless, waiting for invitation. The tension was unbearable, and Jabin was vibrating with need. John – her husband, her life partner, the man who had taken her virginity – seemed so distant. Could she? Should she? Just one little motion of her hips, one little change in angle… Jabin couldn’t breathe, and passion was blurring her mind. Samir paused too, looking at Jabin’s face. Something had shifted in an instant, and he wanted nothing more than to fuck her. But it was her call. He waited, his dick hard as a rock, reveling in and begging for the moist heat it could feel. A few unknowable shadows flickered across Jabin’s eyes, then her expression cleared and she smiled a little. Looking deep into Samir’s eyes, Jabin rocked her hips, penetrating herself with his cockhead. “Fuck me, Samir,” she cried quietly. “Please. Fuck me.” Samir did not need a second invitation. He thrust into Jabin, hard. Once, twice, three times, and she was already coming again, wiggling her hips and crying out in pleasure.

His breathing was deep and passionate, her fingers ferocious on his back as she matched his movements, thrust for thrust, each time feeling deeper and harder. Through the orgasms, Jabin was reveling in the feeling of Samir’s cockhead, stroking the sensitive spot inside her. Jabin lifted her knees and wrapped her legs around Samir’s thighs, causing his bent cock to sink deeper into her, driving rhythmically into her cervix, causing ever-increasing throes of passion. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. It’s so good! So hard! Samir! Oh god! Don’t stop! YES! It’s so good! So deep! Yes! Fuck me!” The words escaped Jabin’s lips without her seeming to notice, but they burned in Samir’s ears and down to his dick which was smaller and lean compared to Johns mighty cock, but it was a lot curved that it touched the G-spot. He felt the familiar pressure building. Samir doubled the speed of his thrusts, shifting his hips to drive even deeper into Jabin’s wetness. Her muscles were grasping at his cock over and over, in and out, harder, faster. She was coming again.

Samir growled and with breathless moans, he erupted into Jabin, coating her insides with hot spunk, once, twice, three times. She was coming down from her orgasm, and she milked him with her cunt muscles as her fingers kneaded his back and her legs stroked his thighs. Samir moaned into Jabin’s shoulder, and then pushed himself up so he could look at her face. She was grinning at him. Jabin put her hands on his face and pulled him to her for a deep, passionate, grateful kiss. “Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you!” Samir chuckled back at her. His dick was still in her, softening and feeling very, very satisfied. She looked beautiful, flushed with sex in the lamplight, the blizzard still howling outside. “You are very good,” Jabin said. “Saro is a lucky woman!” “And John is a lucky man. You are pretty damn good yourself, darling’!” “We should probably go put the sleepy-heads to bed.” Samir and Jabin freshened up in the bedroom’s master bathroom and got dressed. Samir rummaged around in the bedside drawer and found a candle. He lit it from the oil lamp, having decided to leave the closed lamp in the bedroom for light later. They took the candle down the dark hallway toward their sleeping spouses when they noticed the glow from the living room was brighter than when they left. “One of them must have woken up and added wood to the fire,” Samir remarked. He turned the corner and with laughter in his voice, said, “Added ‘wood’, alright.” Jabin turned the corner just in time to see Saro on all fours on the big couch, her eyes rolled back with passion, her mouth open, her dark curtain of hair vibrating, and her cunt was being licked by John. Saro was rocking in such a force that it looked like she was fucking John.

His fingers dug into her voluptuous ass, pistoning her as fast as he could. Jabin gasped and John stopped suddenly, his cock standing tall. Now Saro got down and went to her knees. She could not believe what she saw. A 9 inch monster and the thickness almost looked like a tin Coke. Saro started worshiping his dick and kissed numerous times at his head. She started talking vulgarly like “master I am your cock slave, your big assed bitch, your slut. Do whatever you wanted me to do? I am just Samir’s wife, but for you I am your bitch, slut, wife, sex machine, and more importantly your cock maniac. Suddenly John pulled his cock out of Saros mouth which she was sucking. His cock was at the end of Saro throat and it looked like she would be choked because of the thickness of his girth. Saro turned to see why he stopped and saw Samir and Jabin standing in the doorway looking at them. For a second, the only sounds were the howling wind, the crackling fire, and Saro’s deep breathing as she came down from what had looked to be an excellent orgasm. In one swift motion, Jabin drew her sweater and bra over her head and stepped out of her jeans and panties.

She stalked over to her husband, cock still buried to the hilt in Samir’s wife. Jabin took John’s face in her hands and gave him a deep, deep kiss. “As long as I can watch, my love,” Jabin whispered. John smiled at her lovingly as she moved over to the bar stools with the now-naked-again Samir. They poured a couple more drinks and sipped them slowly while they watched their spouses fucking on the couch. John had his typical look of concentration on his face, and was now stroking Saro deeply and slowly with his big cock. He was bent over her and his hands had moved from her hips. His hands were cradling Saro’s breasts, her nipples caught between his squeezing fingers. Then one hand reached around her thigh and was stroking the upper part of her pussy. Jabin knew John’s fingers would find Saro’s clit like a homing beacon. After a little while, they did, and the moment was marked by Saro’s gasp, followed by her moans, each one louder and in time with John’s deep thrusts. Her mouth was partly open, and Jabin could see Saro’s pink tongue glistening in the firelight. “Your wife has a beautiful mouth, Samir.”

Samir smiled, his eyes not leaving the sexy tableau in front of them. “I know.” Jabin leaned in and bit the flesh of his arm as she reached between Samir’s legs, squeezing his half-hard cock. “Maybe you should go make use of it,” she whispered. Samir thought that was an excellent idea. He walked over to Saro, who was crying out in orgasm, her eyes closed. He positioned his dick at her lips and waited for her to open her eyes. Saro did so and immediately devour her husband’s waiting cock. She looked up at him with a twinkle and lust in her big brown eyes, her lips moving up and down on Samir’s cock as she was rocking back and forth with John’s thrusts. Samir thought she had never looked more beautiful. Saro was an expert cock-sucker, and her tongue moved up and down his shaft as her lips contracted around him. Her groans and cries of passion only heightened the blowjob, as the vibrations from her voice were causing very pleasurable sensations. Saro had been coming before Samir walked over, and she was on the verge of another now that his dick was down her throat. John thrust hard into her cunt and squeezed her ass. Saro was pushed over the edge into a rolling orgasm, and with every scream of ecstasy, she bit down hard on Samir’s throbbing hardness, sometimes raking her teeth, but the suction never letting up. She knew her husband was driven wild by being bitten.

Over and over again, John and Samir pushed Saro to the edge of orgasm and beyond, each time her cunt massaging John’s cock and her mouth and teeth working Samir’s. Samir could feel the pressure building in him again, his balls drawing up, the tension succulent. Jabin watched from a stool, the fingers of one hand rolling a hard nipple, the fingers of the other hand stroking her clit while her labia undulated against the leather stool. To be stuffed in each end by two big cocks! Her mouth and her pussy were both watering. Saro’s orgasms were coming faster and faster now, and stronger and stronger. She looked like she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Her body was rocking and vibrating, her hips moving like they were separate from her spine. Suddenly, John stopped, having pulled mostly out of her hot pussy, leaving just the head in. Samir smiled and did the same. Saro, just on the verge of coming, hovered there, whimpering and wordlessly begging. Jabin’s fingers moved faster on her own clit and pulled her nipple harder, knowing what was coming, and wanting to come with it. John and Samir were still holding position, and Saro’s moans and cries and wiggles were getting more feverish. Jabin’s fingers were working feverishly, too, the heat building from her belly through her nipples and pussy.

John and Samir looked at each other, and then suddenly they both thrust, hard. Saro’s writhing lust was ferocious and beautiful. Jabin cried out with her own self-induced orgasm as John and Samir thrust fast and in time into Saro’s body, drawing out the rolling, writhing woman’s orgasm to a wild peak. John’s cock swelled and burst into her wildly vibrating cunt, his orgasm riding the tidal wave of hers. Suddenly, just as John was finishing, Saro sighed and went limp. Samir’s hard cock dropped from her mouth, and John caught her around her waist. They let her down gently as he laughed, “She’s passed out from our attentions.” Samir stroked his wife’s cheek. “Sweet girl.” Saro mumbled happily in her sex-induced sleep. The wind had started to die down, and so had the fire. Samir threw a couple more logs on as Jabin walked over to her husband. “I’m surprised you came sooner,” she purred at him as she grasped his sticky, softening dick in her hand.“Actually, I did earlier, before you came in. That was round two,” he said sheepishly. “I think I need a rest.” Jabin laughed as he retreated to the other couch. Samir walked back to the couch where Jabin was, and she took his hard-as-rock cock in her hand. “Looks like you’re not done, handsome.” “I was close, too,” Samir pouted. Jabin looked down at Saro’s now-Stirring form. “She’s a talented lady.” Jabin let go of Samir to touch Saro’s lips, swollen with kisses and gently curved into a smug half-smile. “And so pretty.” Impulsively, Jabin leaned down and kissed those lips, her hand resting gently on the side of Saro’s face. Saro sighed and opened her eyes. She smiled and sat up, and as she did so, she drew Jabin in close. Their lips met and opened, their tongues dancing heatedly but gently. Jabin loved kissing women. They were so soft and sweet and firm in a way that men never were. As their hands began to explore each other’s bodies, they heard a little moan escape from Samir’s lips. They looked over and saw him watching them just inches away, his eyes glazed with lust, and his steel cock twitching in the air. Saro’s voice dripped with hot honey, “I think he needs us.” Jabin nodded in agreement. They pushed Samir down to the couch and slowly knelt beside him, one on either side. They were twin goddesses as their heads lowered to his sex, their hair shining in the fire’s light, one a deep dark chestnut, the other a silky white. Samir smiled and sighed with contentment, one hand on each descending head.

Jabin’s hands stroked Samir’s thigh and hip, and Saro’s warm hand was gently cradling his balls. The girls’ faces paused at the base of his penis, their noses a couple inches from each other, his dick between them. Simultaneously, their tongues darted out from their lips and licked slowly up his shaft, base to tip, a tongue on either side. God, it felt good! As they reached the top, Saro’s tongue retreated back down and worked the shaft with her lips while Jabin suckled on the head. Suddenly, Jabin moaned. Saro was still cradling Samir’s balls, but her other hand had found Jabin’s moist pussy. Saro moved her head down to lick her husband’s balls and thighs as Jabin bobbed her head up and down, taking the length of Samir’s cock into her mouth and down her throat. Occasionally Jabin would bite down on the firm flesh as Saro maneuvered her nether regions. Samir realized that Saro was orchestrating the blowjob from Jabin’s pussy.

He liked it! Samir was starting to moan and whisper, feeling the hot spunk building inside him. Saro was still massaging his balls and Jabin was sucking and biting hard when she suddenly cried out loudly from around his cock. Her mouth let go as she rode her orgasm down on Saro’s fingers. Samir’s tension receded a little. Saro looked up at Samir, and said sweetly, “Not yet.” Jabin smiled at Saro, “Thanks, that was nice!” “You are very welcome.” Their heads were still at cock-level as they moved in for a post-orgasm kiss, but to Samir’s surprise, they didn’t move their faces out from his body. Instead, they both opened their mouths wide and touched lips with his penis in between! Their hands explored his thighs and stomach as their tongues moved around his shaft, seeking each other out, their lips creating a delicious suction and they moved up and down. They paused at his cock-head, sucking and licking it and each other. Samir’s fingers entwined in their hair as he enjoyed the unique sensation. Jabin was gently raking her fingernails up and down his thigh when her face retreated a bit. Saro’s talented mouth took his hardness full-on in one gulp.

As she bobbed down, she bit down at the base of the shaft, then back up and bit again just under the head. But instead of moving back down, Saro’s mouth came off the top of his cock with a Pop. Samir’s brain had only a fraction of a second to object, and indeed, no coherent thought or sound had formed when Saro’s mouth was replaced by Jabin’s. Down, bite, up, bite, Pop! Just one mouth-stroke for her, too, and Saro instantly took her place. The women gained a moist rhythm, each with just one stroke, and each lady’s mouth feeling slightly different. Jabin sucked just a little harder, her tongue soft and flickering. Saro bit down harder, knowing her husband’s limits, and her tongue was firm. Jabin: down, bite, up, bite, pop! Saro: down, bite, up, bite, pop! They took their turns in an increasingly fevered tattoo. Jabin: down, bite, up, bite, pop! Saro: down, bite, up, bite, pop! Their hands were all over him and each other. Samir could feel his orgasm rising and he began to moan and sigh. The women increased their pace as they felt his hands pushing alternating on their heads. The lines of control blurred as the girls moved and bobbed and as Samir grasped and pushed their heads down onto his pulsating cock. The pressure was at the exploding point.

As Jabin moved her blond head in, Samir suddenly let go of Saro’s hair and pulled Jabin in with both hands. He thrust hard, the head of his cock moving into her tight throat. With a drawn-out moan, he released his juices into her hot mouth. Jabin stopped, savoring the pulsing ropes of come and suckling Samir’s cock as he finished spurting. Saro and Jabin leaned back on their haunches and looked up at Samir. Samir looked down at their glowing faces and said, “Thank you.” “You’re welcome, honey,” Saro responded. Jabin just smirked to herself as Saro looked at her. “You’re not going to say anything, Jabin?” Jabin leaned over to Saro and drew her face in for a kiss. Their lips met and parted, and Saro’s eyes opened wide. Jabin released a couple tablespoons of Samir’s tangy Jims into her mouth! The girls both swallowed and sat on the couch on either side of Samir, laughing. Saro smiled at Jabin, “Yum that was delicious! Thanks for sharing.” Jabin looked over at the other couch where John was smirking, drinking a beer, and stroking his balls and half-hard penis. She winked at him and said to Saro, Do you like to take that monster in your ass.“I’m good at sharing things.” The wind outside had completely subsided. The cabin was still bathed in darkness, except for the fireplace. They rested and chatted and enjoyed the crackling flames. After a short while, they noticed that the fire had died down a bit, so Samir got up to tend to it and add a few more logs. The air was warm on their naked bodies and smelled of sex and wood smoke. Saro went to the kitchen and returned with a bowl of oil and Vaseline jelly. Samir took Vaseline and rubbed it inside his wife ass and poured some oil. He wanter his wife’s dream to come true and the best chance would be to get Johns dick in there. Then gently he moved and licked Jabin’s pussy, cleaning the juices off of her flesh. John fingered Saro ass but as he moved the finger on her ass, she winced. “Owe! I’m a bit tender down there!” John licked his lips. “I can help with that, Sweetie.” Saro pushed him down onto the big, plush carpet on the floor. “You should! You’re the one that caused it!” Samir and Jabin watched as Saro lay flat on her back, and John got on her back and started slowly pushing his way through Saro’s ass. Jabin now walked and kissed John deeply.

She pulled up, then walked on her knees and guided Johns dick to Saro cunt an inch from her face. John reached around her thighs and drew Jabin to his dick, Jabin’s tongue lapping John’s dick and again gently caressing her husband’s dick to Saro’s ass. Saro sighed and bent at the waist, resting her elbows on the floor and settling in for her nice, long ass-bath. Jabin moved her hand to grasp one of her own breasts, loving the feel of her hard nipple under her hand. Just a moment ago, her pussy had been happy and satisfied. But now, watching her husband’s erection grow stiff as his face was buried in Saro’s sweet musk, she started to tingle again. Her mind had been clear and rested, and in the next moment, heat was suffusing through her consciousness again. Now Jabin started talking vulgarly to Saro. Hey bitch are you not happy with Samir’s dick, why do you want to fuck my husbands big love pole which was twitching hard into Saros ass and sight of it was making Samir’s dick go hot again. Saro now smiled at John and said to Jabin infact it was you bitch that started to steal him. Do you think this is the first time we are fucking?

Jabin and Samir looked shocked at them. Tell us the truth. Saro told that while coming from her work she and John used to come together many a times in the bus. If the bus would be crowded Saro used to look at John so that she would feel secured. John used to come and stand next to her and protect her from other guys. Taking this as a reason he used to rub his dick at her ass. While in the night Saro would think of John and fuck Samir like hell. In fact it became a habit. Saro said now to Samir remember I told you there was a teaching seminar and I had to go to Banglore for a week. In fact I and John went to Goa. We fucked like rabbits. He fucked me nude in the beach. We were nude for the whole weak. We hired a boat house and we fucked before two other couples. He also fucked me once in an open highway. We were visiting a few places in bus and train where he fucked me also.

I was such a slut that by this time I became his sex slave. After returning from Goa we would exactly leave the office earlier and we used to go to the beach. Sometimes John used to lick my pussy or tit fuck me in the beach. Sometimes I used to suck his cock or masturbate because of shortage of time. The time was so little that while riding the bike John will sit behind and open his shorts that his dick would be stiff. I will ride his cock and sit down and pull my skirt or sari down his cock. From looking in the front everything would look alright. We will make it look like we are just traveling. John would even tease by moving his hip hard and fast. I will shout or let a squeal that is how the passerby would notice that something was happening. Once while coming in bus also he dry fucked me so much in the ass and to get revenge I took his dick and started squeezing that is when two of my college students saw me with their teacher holding a cock in public. The worst part being Jabin was the students neighbor.

That is why I told John and we had set up a plan. Jabin needed a cock inside her, now! She looked over at Samir’s spent body. She leaned in and bit his chest. He smiled at her and stroked her neck. “I need a little time to recover, darling from this shock’! Jabin looked back at John and Saro. Saro was moaning and rocking back and forth on her elbows in an orgasm, with John’s dick inside her ass and his fingers buried deep in her cunt. Jabin without a coherent thought crossing her brain, walked over to them, pulled her husband’s waist, and made him lie down. She sank her needy pussy straight down onto his hard dick. Saro seeing this now sat on Johns face. He was now licking Saros pussy and fucking Jabin at the same time. Khano moaned as she hit bottom, matching pitch with John’s surprised grunt of pleasure. Saro and Jabin giggled a little. She relaxed back into position again as Jabin gently stroked Saro tits with her hands. Jabin slowly began to pump up and down on John’s cock, matching Saro’s rolling movements and savoring every inch of hot hardness. She moved her fingers over Saro’s tits, but her entire concentration was centered on her and John’s genitals.

With every downward motion, John’s glans rubbed her G-spot and bumped her swollen cervix, and at the same time, her clitoris rubbed deliciously against his pubic hair. With every upward stroke she squeezed as hard as she could with her cunt muscles, milking him and feeling the absence of him in her. She would pause ever so slightly at the top of the movement, letting the emptiness and anticipation fill her mind. Then she’d come down hard, stimulating her sex again and again. Samir watched the three of them sighing and bouncing and wiggling in their erotic dance, and after a while, his cock began to harden. He knew he had to join the party again. Samir looked at his wife’s pretty curved lips, but she seemed to be in a contented, orgasmic trance. He hated to disrupt that. Now they changed position. Saro was being licked by John and Samir sucked by Jabin whose bouncing ass came into view. It was splayed wide and looked soft and tight. Samir had fucked Saro in the ass before, but it had been a while, and he’d never done it with anyone else.

Certainly not someone who was in the process of being fucked in the traditional way! Samir started stroking Jabin’s bottom. She sighed appreciatively. He started to knead her ass cheeks, and she responded with grateful moans in between her cries of lust. Samir looked down at his wife and told him bitch now listen to the story that I am going to tell you. I have fucked more than 350 women in my entire life. I even did fuck your sister. Saro got a shock and said Samir don’t lie. Samir seemed to be getting his revenge. Now he told her that whenever she used to go to work in the mornings he would be having the maid suck his dick. Before you sister’s marriage she used to come every day in the morning.

We used to fuck together, bath, and did all the experiments. Samir smiled at John and said do you think you know Jabin better than me. Even though she was Saros friend she was my bitch and we used to have sex every week. Saro and John couldn’t believe what they were hearing and were so shocked. Samir told Saro whenever after the dating when I used to drop you. We both used to go to our house and fuck like crazy. I used to think of you Saro and fuck Jabin. Samir said John your wife Jabin ass was pumped by me before you fucked her. On your weeding day also she was in my house in the morning and she sucked my cock that I filled her mouth twice that day. Jabin now looked and John and said, John that is the last time I sucked Samirs dick but after that I have only been truthful to you until today and it was only because you had been telling me to talk to Saro and make her accept our idea. John said okay darling eye for an eye. Listening to this his cock hard became hard rock and was throbbing. Saro held it with her hands and started massaging them. Samir licked his thumb and squeezed Saro’s breast. He started telling Saro my big ass cheek I would love Jabin to suck my cock. In the meantime why don’t you suck John cock, so that I can watch how my whore wife sucks it? John listening to this pinched Saro’s nipple. He was standing behind her. His one hand was pinching her nipples with his other hand he was slapping Saro pussy hard. Now Saro went to the bed and lay down. John began feeding his cock. Samir came and started fucking Saro in a missionary position. Now Jabin came and stood next to Saro where she started licking her boobs. Samir’s thumb into Jabin’s puckered brown hole.

He started fingerings so fast and rapidly that Jabin froze. Her whole world froze. She stopped moving. She stopped breathing. Her husband John’s cock was buried in her friend moaning mouth, her mouth full of Saro’s sweet boobs, and she was in the middle of a rocking orgasm with the help of Samirs finger. But she stopped and a wild desire overcame her. She had felt nothing like it before. There were no thoughts in her head at all. She was all sensation and need. And she needed Samir there now! She needed to be filled! Somehow her raw desire bypassed her clouded hot brain and moved her vocal cords: “Yes…god, yes… please… fuck me there, Samir. Please. Please.” Again, such a polite request! Samir lifted his hips and asked Jabin to lay down next to Saro. Samir dipped his own dick into Jabin’s dripping cunt a couple times. She remained still with anticipation, but quivering. John now lowered his cock next to Saro and Jabin. It was in middle of both of them and Saro was sucking his cock while Jabin was licking Johns ball.

Now Saro also lay on the bed. Her pussy was next to Jabin mouth. John got up and shifted his hips back. Jabin was licking Saro and John fucking Saro in a slower motion. Samir positioned his now-lubricated and throbbing cock at Jabin anus and pushed. There was a little resistance, and he thrust harder. This time, he buried himself in her. She was so tight and hot and pulsing there! Samir started talking vulgarly. My bitch Saro I hope you are in heaven by the look in your eyes. How do you like the fuck John is giving? From today you can be his sex slave while I will take his wife Jabin as my sex slave. The sensations Saro was feeling was indescribable! A primal, guttural sound escaped from Saro’s throat. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! The words weren’t words but pure lust racking her body.Now Jabin thrust back her ass and in so doing leaned forward, her hands finding Saro’s breasts and kneading them. Saro groaned and bucked, enjoying Jabin’s hands and John’s dick.

Jabin was barely aware of Saro or anything but the raw passion filling her ass. Jabin’s body screamed that it was at the very height of lust. Samir started moving inside of her. The thrusting seesawed inside of her, stroking her into orgasm after orgasm. The orgasms were coming hard, one after another, and Jabin was bursting with ecstasy. Samir was done almost as well. He got up and asked Jabin and Saro to come together. He splashed his semen in Saros face and Jabin tits. His cock was so tight and pulsating. Both women licked him clean. Now after Jabin and Samir orgasm. Saro sat in the bed and John started tit fucking her and while pulling out his dick he offered to Jabin who was next to Saro fondling her boobs. John could feel his come rising through his stimulated balls and his rock-hard perfect cock. The rhythm shifted and suddenly he asked Jabin to lie down in doggy position.

John was pounding Jabin’s ass at times taking his dick out and tit fucking Saro. Samir came and started Saro’s pussy which was so full and tight! Samir couldn’t tell anymore whose cries and moans and screams were whose. Nor did he care to. Saro was coming good and hard! Saro gritted her teeth and juices ran down her pussy this was the best load of the night. Jabin’s body was pushed to the edge. She felt John’s cocks swell and pulse in her at nearly the same time. He was coming inside her! His hot load shot into her wet holes and with a cry of sheer, pure ecstasy, she tumbled into unconsciousness. John now pulled out his cock from Jabin’s hole and was spilling some come into Saro’s breast. He must have at least spilled two glasses of semen. Saro licked cum from John’s cock and lay down cuddled next to John. The four collapsed into a satiated, sweaty heap. Voices moaning breathe ragged, skin tingling, and nerves raw and happy. John looked at his sleeping wife and chuckled. “Well, looks like we can switch our partners and I am sure they enjoyed our attentions, too!”Samir looked over to Saro, whose contented, post-orgasm smile lit up his world. “I think we all enjoyed each other.”

Later, Jabin woke up to smells of cigarette. She was sleeping nude with Saro and John in their king-sized bed. Bright light was streaming in the windows, and she could hear the percolating coffee pot. The electricity must have come on sometime in the wee hours of the morning. Samir was asleep in the couch nude. John’s consciousness melted awake between two lovely, soft women. Their breasts were pressed into his flesh, and their hands were resting lightly on his cock, fingers intertwined. He woke to one lady licking his neck and the other gently licking his nipple. That is the way for a man to wake up! John kissed them both soundly and then went to Samir and woke him up. They were all quite hungry after last night. Saro seemed quiet at breakfast and when Jabin asked what was wrong, she said, “I just don’t want to go home!” John looked at his wife and smiled. “Have you looked outside? There is a heavy rain! It’ll take hours for us to reach home. Samir said from now on Saro will serve food with only her bra, so that Johns cock will be erect seeing her sexy ass shake. While John said Jabin will serve topless so you can see her juggling tits. This was going to be enjoyable life ever after indeed said Saro and winked at John.

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