Reverse Ragging- A Story Of Junior Girls Ragging Seniors Part – 1

This is a purely fictional Femdom story consists of humiliation, femdom, torture, etc. If anyone of you are not interested in it can surely move on.

There is a well-known internationally renowned college in Southern Part of India. Some juniors in the college protested about their voice not being heard by the Student Council or the Management. A meeting was called and it was decided that a temporary Student Council would be set with First years as in-charge for a month and would have the complete support of the management.

Every senior opposed this and were afraid to be lead by Juniors. Incidentally or by some other reason, a girl was elected as the President of the Council. Every senior was humiliated by getting instructions from 1st year.

It’s been just a week since the rules got changed and new council took charge. All first years became the head of student community and the dictatorship of few girls were at peak because of their background. Pragya Mishra, single child of UP Chief Minister, Abhijit Mishra is the Student Council President. As soon as she took charge on 1st October, her first order was a dress code for seniors. White Shirt, white Trousers with black undergarments for boys. And white salwar kameez with red undergarments for girls.

Initially no one complied for a week, but with a circular from director herself to comply with the rules set by student council or will face termination, everyone got the taste of her power. The General Secretary, Aditya Bagchchi, Daughter of Chief Secretary of West Bengal was also an evil soul. Her favorite action was to kick senior boys on their genital areas and play with senior girls’ breast that too in public.

Next order from Pragya was withdrawal of restriction on entering senior boys hostel by junior girls at anytime of the day. Everyone protested against this but the evil Director, supported Pragya and gave access to boys hostel as well as their room and all the locks from room doors were removed. Next day Pragya along with Aditya entered the 14th block. She entered room 211, it was Abhishek Lal from 3rd year Mechanical and Rahul Bose, 3rd year Civil. Abhishek was in washroom and Rahul talking to his girlfriend. Rahul was shocked on seeing Pragya and Aditya. Pragya snatched his phone, saw the screen and abused him of destroying his girlfriend’s life. She then broke the washroom door and kicked Abhishek’s penis with her 5-inch heel. Abhishek fell on the floor with his body shivering from pain.

Within few minutes, the whole hostel came to know about the presence of these two girls inside the hostel premises. Few gathered around Room No. 211 and rest tried to flee away. Pragya called the Chief Warden office and got the hostel doors locked. No one could believe that they have so much authority on the management. She called the whole of the 2nd floor in the Common Room and instructed “ This is the first time I am being opposed and this will be last. You all obey my commands to that word or else would be tortured to the extent that you can never imagine.” Then Aditya spoke “ I am appointing Radhika as the Student Council In charge of 14th Block Hostel. She will be like the Hostel Warden. Get her permission for anything you do. Even a birthday celebration or watching a late night Football game.”

Whispers started at the back of the crowd and some who knew Radhika were shaken as Radhika was known to the bitch of the first year. She was a brat, daughter of wealthy businesswomen Mahi Mittal. Her mother, Mahi Mittal was dumped by her husband in the first year of her marriage for a younger woman, since then she hated men like anything. Radhika inherited this hatred for men from her mom. Radhika was a lesbian and many girlfriend dying to be with her. She once slapped and abused her classmate Roshan just because he stopped midway while exiting the classroom and they bumped into each other.

As the whispers got louder, Pragya clapped and there was a pin drop silence in the room. Everyone stopped and were surprised what just happened. Within few minutes Pragya has this effect on them. Pragya announced further, “ A register will be circulated in the hostel, and every single boy has to give details of his girlfriends or boyfriends including their relationship commitment and how long have they been in. It will also contain a column about a number of time they had sex. She warned, it better be correct as she will get the information verified by her sources and anyone found giving false information would be deprived of their rights as a human.”Everyone realized that Pragya is not joking, based on the last 2-3 weeks’ people were aware of her influence and authority over the management. And since she comes from a political family she also has all government machinery at her disposal.

Now, everyone was ashamed of themselves and feared if this information would be made public or passed on to their friends and family that it would ruin their life. Next, Aditya gave another condition, any senior boy found cheating with their boyfriend or girlfriend would be sentenced to wear a Chastity Device with the key controlled by Pragya or Aditya. Everyone reacted negatively and then realized their mistake within seconds. But the damage was done, Pragya ordered to the Hostel caretaker to stop laundry service in the hostel for a month and ordered everyone if anyone found not clean properly from next day would be sentenced to Junior Boys’ Hostel to wash their juniors’ clothes as their maid.

This is the first part of the story if you like it mail me at- [email protected]. I would post more parts based on your feedback and responses. Any females, shemales, crossdressers and males (sometimes) want me to use me as their slave in and around Surat should definitely get in contact with me. I trust you, you will enjoy like a Queen/King dominating me.

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