Rich Mumbai Wife Fucked Rough By Muslim Mechanic

Hi friends, please read the previous 2 parts of the story before proceeding to this story. For those who have already read the previous parts, here you go.

Just to set the premise in place for the readers, my car broke down while coming back from Pune to Mumbai near Lonavala. I called up one mechanic and towed my car to his garage. There I met another handsome and young mechanic and things lead to quick sex with him.

This is the continuation of my experience. I am 37 years old now and having one kid. My body is in good shape and I keep everything to keep myself fit and sexy. Now, coming to the story.

Once I hung up the call with my husband, I continued to suck the smooth and circumcised cock of Irfan, while I was still completely dressed in saree but without panties.

Irfan stretched himself on the sofa and I kept on sucking his hard cock for a few minutes. It was all wet with my saliva and he was enjoying a lot. In between, I kept stroking his dick just to make his night worthwhile.

After a few minutes, the horny mechanic expressed his wish to fuck again which I obliged. He got up from the sofa and got rid of all his clothes.

The mechanic then picked me up like a doll and took me to the bedroom. He placed me on the bed and pushed me to lay down. I started to feel that his roughness was getting unleashed and couldn’t help myself from smiling.

Irfan came towards my face to kiss me to which I ordered him to please me first and guided him to my toes and said worship the goddess first.

The young mechanic kissed my ankles and started to come upwards by kissing and licking my calves, knees. He said that he has never seen such a beautiful lady from so close and dreamt of fucking a rich Mumbai woman. I told him to shut up and keep doing his job.

The mechanic pulled my saree upwards and kissed on my thighs and slowly came near my pussy. I was as smooth there as a baby. He tried to raise saree much but I said not to. He came towards my navel and kissed there, then he started to remove my blouse. In no time, my 36 inches boobs were on his mercy.

He started to grab, lick, kiss, suck and was rough on all of it. (That’s a dream for a sex-starved married lady to be ravaged by a young guy. All the ladies reading this might agree with me). After playing with my boobs for some 10 minutes and making me wet again, he again tried to raise my saree which I again denied.

I asked him to lie down now. He lied on his back and his dick pointing upwards like a tower, as straight as anything could be.

I kissed the tip of his dick came over him, sat over his stomach and covered the place with my saree. Slowly, I slid his cock inside my pussy and it went very smoothly stretching the inner walls. I could see the pleasure in his eyes but he has no idea of how pleasured I was at least a thousand times more than him.

I started to move in rhythm and giving him strokes of love. My boobs were also moving in rhythm and my mangalsutra dangling between them. I kept on doing this till I was lost my strength of stroking and he was enjoying this beyond words.

He sensed that I was not in a position to stroke more. So he asked me to lie down and he inserted again in missionary style and right from the word go, he started fucking in full speed. I thought that he will definitely tear my pussy which he eventually did.

Irfan fucked me with fast strokes for around 10 minutes and was nowhere close to cumming. I came once and was tired in this position too.

I asked him to slow down and let me regain my strength. He was the most rough fucker whom I have had sex with.

I asked him to bring water for me and he went to the hall to bring water. While coming back, I saw his cock which was still hard and pointing right at me. I drank water and took some long breathe and again invited him to fuck.

I sucked his cock for a couple of minutes and got on my four and asked him to come behind. He came behind me again, raised my saree which I again stopped. I got hold of his cock and made to reach my pussy. But due to so much difference in height, this doggy style position was looking difficult.

Then he got out of the bed, stood on the ground, held me from the waist and pulled me towards him. Now I was on the bitches’ position on the bed and he was at a perfect height to fuck me in doggy style. I kept his cock at the entrance and he pushed it deep inside in one go.

He fucked me again at the same speed for around 10 minutes and I came again in between. He was still banging my pussy mercilessly. He still hadn’t seen my pussy which was giving him so much of excitement and he kept on fucking.

Soon, the pressure built up inside his balls and he erupted inside me. He groaned like an animal and filled my pussy with his cum. He came in spurts and that started dripping outside my pussy. The fear of getting pregnant suddenly came to my mind but it was late to realize that.

He also got exhausted by now and collapsed over me crushing me under his weight and his still semi limp cock inside my pussy.

I woke him up after half an hour and said that I was hungry. He pointed towards his cock and asked me to suck it. I sucked it again and it started to gain size. I stopped and said, “Any further action requires real food”.

He got up, got dressed and asked what I want for dinner. I asked for mutton biryani. He left the room to get dinner ordering me to not get dressed until he arrives.

In the next part, I will tell how he made my pussy a mess during the entire night after feasting the mutton biryani and my affair with him later.

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