Rick Tells About His Fantasy To Fuck His Mom

I was feeling infected by Vineeta’s youth and bubbly new-found charm. Yet I was still feeling reluctant to believe that my best female friend has just confessed to me that she has fucked her son. The image of my son Joydeep- Joy, passed through my mind once and threatened to take alarming shades.

I exercised tremendous control to get him out of my head. I cleared my throat and looked at Vineeta.“So was it only one time, Vini?”

“Oh no, not at all,” She blushed heavily. “We have been fucking like rabbits since then. And that first day we did it four more times. You know young men can get it up easily.”

“So what was that Rick calling out your name- you said some twist was there.”“ Yes dear, I am coming to that.”

Vineeta started narrating further proceedings.

After the first time, we took a bath together, I was cleaning out my cunt. Rick was amazed that he had unloaded so much cum inside me. I bathed him and cleaned him well. As I soaped his cock he groaned in pleasure.

“Oh, mom you got magic hands.” I felt him twitch and harden a bit.“Now don’t you go again, young man. You need some rest.” And watered him and cleaned him dry. We dressed up and laid down side by side on the bed. Rick put his head on my shoulder and said, “Thank you, mom, so much.”

One question was going on in my mind so I asked him about the comment. He made, “Do what you do well, mom.” Rick hid his face in my bosom and pleaded that I should not get angry. I assured him so.

“Mom this happened two years ago. Till then I admired you as a son and felt proud that all my friends compliment your beauty and dress sense. I mean I never thought about in any sexual manner.”

“Continue beta.” I encouraged him. I felt intrigued to know when and how he became sexually attracted to his mother.

“Mom it was summer vacation. I had gone for morning practice and dad had just come back from his trip the earlier evening. Since it was a weekend he would be at home. You guys must have taken the opportunity to make out in my absence in the day time itself.”

I remembered clearly. Suresh Rick’s dad had returned from a New Zealand trip and was horny for me. We had sex twice in the night and after having a hearty family breakfast had bid Rick away for his cricket session. The moment Rick left Suresh had started grabbing me and fondling me in the kitchen.

I had told him to wait until I finished cooking lunch quickly. Since Rick would not be back before 1 pm we could have sex from 11 am onwards. Suresh, however, was naturally impatient. He kept squeezing my boobs from behind and poking his hardness on my buttocks as I cooked.

The moment lunch was prepared we both hit the bedroom leaving the door open. We assumed no one will intrude. In our frenzy, we had left the front door open.

“Mom, the practice session got canceled and I returned home. Just as I was about to ring the door, I thought dad might be enjoying sleep and I should not. I thought I can go to my friend’s house and listen to some new songs. Then just casually I touched the doorknob and found it unlocked.”

“So, I thought better to cool off at home. I entered the house carefully locking the door behind me. I was about to announce my arrival but loud moaning sounds reached my ears. As I had watched some porn, I knew those were sounds of sex. Then it flashed in my mind that you and dad were having sex.”

“First I thought that I will quietly retreat to my room. But suddenly an urge to see you guys fucking came over me. So, I tiptoed carefully towards your bedroom and lucky me, the door was half ajar. I placed myself at a convenient angle and got a clear view of you and dad.”

He sighed deeply. “Ah, mom what a sight it was. Dad was on his back and you were between his legs with your jugs spread over his thighs. You were giving him a sloppy blowjob. Dad was moaning loud and calling out, ‘Vineeta keep sucking, don’t stop.’ Mom my cock hardened as it had never been.”

“Seeing dad’s cock sliding in and out of your mouth turned me on wild. The first time I saw you with nothing. But sheer lust smeared all over your face.” He rested his chin snugly into the side of my right bosom and exhaled audibly.“So how much did you see? And is that why you asked me to do the same to me?”

He confessed with another deep exhalation. “Yes, mom, from that day I had been fantasizing and dreaming about getting the same pleasure as a dad. You guys were so hot I just could not move.”“ So you are jealous of your dad?”

“Not exactly mom, after all. He is your hubby and has all the right to fuck you. But mom right then I had not started fantasizing or wanting you. Then I was just watching you guys.”“So did you enjoy what you saw?”

“Very much mom. After getting sucked dad wanted to fuck you in the doggy style. Oh, mom how lovely your jugs looked when you bent over. The way they swayed with each thrust dad made. Both of you moaned so hard and I just had to watch till the end. Got to admit mom dad has a lot of stamina, he must have taken you doggy for at least fifteen minutes at a stretch.”

“Yes, your dad fucks well, even at this age. You should learn to last like him. And how was the climax, Rick.”“Mom as if you don’t remember.”

“Come on Rick we have fucked thousand times, not possible to remember every fucking detail.”

“Right mom. well after taking you doggy he laid you on your back and sat over your chest and wanted to fuck your boobs. He poured some oil all over your boobs and pressed them wildly. Mom, I want my plaster to get removed soon. I want to feel your boobs with my hands once they are off. You will allow me?”

“We will see. Then what did dad do?”

“Mom he put his cock between your melons. Oh, mom how they were glistening with all that oil. Then you held your boobs with your plans and locked his cock with your thumbs. Dad started fucking your boobs and moaned wildly and gave a lot of dirty talks.”

“Yes, he loves calling me nasty dirty names when he is about to climax.”

“Mom, he finally cried out your name and buried his cock in your sexy mouth and came bellowing like an ox. My cock almost burst out when I saw you effortlessly swallowing all his cum and clean him up while he shuddered in joy.”

“What did you do then?”“I quietly left the house and sat down in the nearby park and returned as per schedule at lunch and found you guys like the sober parents I know, all dressed up and all.”

“It must have been a shock.”“More of a revelation, if you guys hadn’t fucked I would not be here. But yes, mom on reaching home I hit the shower and jerked off reliving the scene of you guys in action.”

“So were there other times you saw us.”“Oh yes made many false excuses of being out on weekends during day time. I used to sneak in with a duplicate key to watch you guys in action.”

“So, when did you start fantasizing about me?”

“Mom it was after two or three times I saw you guys fucking. After the first time, I started jerking off just replaying in my mind what you were there. Then one day when I searched mom on a porn website the mom son genre appeared to be the most sought after on the net. I watched a few and then fantasized you while jerking off.”

“What did you fantasize about?”“The first time – I just replaced dad in my fantasy. Mom are you angry?”“There is nothing to be angry about now.”

“Mom.” Rick groaned and poked my thigh with a raging boner.“ What?”“Mom I want you again, this time like dad.”

So, we started our third sexual session with renewed vigor. I had to guide him when he took me doggie. Oh, the ferocity with which he plundered my pussy I came shrieking within ten minutes and he fucked my dripping pussy for another five minutes.

Then he wanted to fuck my boobs and cum in my mouth just like his dad. I oiled my boobs and locked Rick’s throbbing cock well. He cried and moaned throughout his thrusts. But the pleasure of my boobs seemed too much for him. Within three minutes he cried out.

“Ah, Vineeta I want to cum in your mouth –take me Vineeta.” And shoved his pulsating cock in my mouth. He started to shoot thick hot jetstreams of cum which were hitting the base of my throat with frenzied velocity.

Sonali, the sensations caused by his hot cum hitting untouched parts of my throat started a new orgasm for me. And as I gulped down his tasty cream I came wildly again.

“Vini, you swallowed your son’s cum!” I could not hold back my amazement.“ Yes, dear and a young man’s sperm is so good for your skin. And most of the time we fuck I generally let him cum in my mouth only.”“Vini you have become a slut.”

“Yes, and I am glad that I have become so. Let’s catch up with a quick dinner – he is waiting for me.” She gave a slutty smile.“So you guys are sleeping together.”

“All the time. I will tell you later about the sex we had when his plaster came off. That was mind-blowing.”

When Vineeta left I kept wondering about what I heard. Mom- son porn? I opened my laptop and started typing.

To be continued.

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