Riding My Wife’s Friend – The Beginning

Hi everyone, this is Vimal from Tamilnadu. I am here to narrate my hot encounter with a married friend and how I deflowered her of her anal virginity. This is my fist narration, I have done my best to keep you engaged and hope you guys enjoy. About me I am 30 married 6’2” tall, athletic and wit looks that’s never been rejected ,I never get to measure my cock but I surely know it’s long and thick enough to make a women more than completely satisfied (that’s what they say)

I have a very healthy sex life with my wife( 34,28,36), but her craving for sex was not at at par with mine. I couldn’t satisfy my dick enough with what it gets and it kept telling my mind to look for an alternative tunnel to sack it and I was on the lookout.

Ones I got introduced to my wife’s most recent friend Tina and her husband in a friend’s wedding, she was as stunning in her designer saree as my wife with wonderful asset. I couldn’t take my eyes off her but controlled myself for the moment and continued to eye her assets until I left the wedding, Tina caught me more than once eyeing on her and responded with a cute smile.I thought I would be lucky If I get a chance to make a move to get her to bed.

After that I happened to hit on her in a mall one fine evening, this time we were both alone she was in her Jean and short tee, I could make out her stunning curves over her attire. I was awestruck and came to my sense hearing her saying hi and I am dam sure Tina would have spotted me admiring her.We exchanged pleasantries and formal talks, in an intention to know if I can make a move with Tina I had the following conversation

Me : you look stunning

Tina : am I ? with a wicked smile

Me : absolutely . Wat makes you doubt ?

Tina : havent heard that comment lately that’s why.

Me : Your hubby never told that?

Tina : I doubt if he notice me all that well. Her face began to change.

Me : you look dashing and all the men here r eying at your beauty trust me.

Tina : ok I believe since Its coming out of a man who eyes me a lot and winked.

Me : couldn’t speak

Tina : hey

Me : gathered myself together and said why wouldn’t I, you are such a beauty it would be a sin not to admire.

Tina : r you flirting with me a smile

Me : I had a hint she enjoys the conversation and it’s definitely going in the right direction and said If we happen to forget we r married I wouldn’t hesitate to ask you on a date and smiled.I gave her the hint that I was interested in her.

Mean while her friends came and she couldn’t reply and left saying we will catch up later with a flirty smile, as she turned around and left I was there admiring her firm butt over her jeans. Now I know she is interested and couldn’t control myself.

I went home saw my wife equally stunning just out of shower wearing her silky transparent baby doll just enough to cover her milky white upper thighs with no bra, I could make out her 34 d boobs and her nipples and her flat tummy over her transparent attire. I was on fire and my dick was gasping for air inside my jeans.

She was to make dinner for me , I went behind her and hugged her from behind and whispered you look hot, she gave a naughty smile and I combed her hair to the left side of her neck and sucked the water droplets on her right and gave a hot and wild kiss on her neck, she arched back giving a slight moan, the aroma of her body after a fresh bath drove me crazy, I could feel her body over her night dress and felt as if she wasn’t wearing anything at all and it made me even hornier and hear moan added the fire. I have seen and felt my wife almost all the time in that attire and never before I had that passion for a hard core fuck , I hope Tina did the trick. I was in no mood for dinner and carried my wife all the way to the bed.

I laid her on the bed leaving her legs to rest on the floor. I went on top of her to taste her lips and we got engaged in a wild lip lock, she rested her legs on the tip of the bed and her dress slipped to her waist and I was pressing my thighs on to her cunt over her lace panties Which was already wet. I went on and removed the lace of her baby doll and stripped it under her boobs exposing those sexy white melons, I grabbed one with my mouth giving a nice tongue play and engaged the other with my Palm swirling her nipple and pressing it hard every now and then and she was breathing heavy holding on to my head and pressing it more harder towards her boobs.

I gave all the licking sucking nothing and swirling those milky boobs deserved for a good 10 mins while I was still massaging her cunt with my thighs. I was still in my jean and tees which was getting in our way and we took a quick few secs to get rid of it and I was in no time standing in my boxers with a huge tent. My wife took a seat and grabbed me close and planted a kiss on my abs simultaneously loosened up my boxers to my foot, she then held my boner and started stroking it while her other hand simultaneous worked on my balls and sack, I started enjoying the moment, she slowly put her tongue over the tip of my pennies and I held her by her head and I started fucking her mouth, I could see her lips giving a close enclosure to my dick and her saliva running over my dick while fucking her mouth made my dick flow easier in and out of her mouth, the very site was exiting,

Now after about 5 mins of a great blowjob or may be mouth fucking she slipped my dick off her mouth to gasp some air and I laid on my back next to her. She then again went down this time to lick and suck my balls and I was in cloud nine, she finished her job playing with my thing and came up kissing all the way slow and steady to give me a smooch and we got entangled ins wild tongue battle. I was constantly fondling her ass and boobs all the while and it made her go crazy, when the fight was over the view was amazing, all she had covered was her baby doll covering her flat tummy exposing her milky white boobies and her transparently wet lace panties hardly covering her cunt.

The scene of her semi nude Pose and dripping pussy made me crazy and in no time I was between her legs tasting her juice pushing her panties aside, I was so horny that I licked her out of her last drop and I just dipped my middle finger into her pussy reaching her g spot and she squared giving a loud moan and she had her first orgasm. I entered my second finger deep deep hitting her g spot with every thrust while spreading, licking and sucking her pussy simultaneously and she was out of the world with her eyes closed moaning on ever thrust and lick. I made he go on her knees and head and went behind her and put my palm on her ass cheek and slightly widened it , the view was intoxicating her perfect round and soft ass was in full view exposing both her holes in that position and I knew I will take both those holes today and started to finger her wet hole from the back all deep and hard and she was moaning hard,

I took my fingers out widened her ass checks and started tongue fucking her vagina from behind and with every thrust of my tongue she pushed her ass back for a deeper thrust of my tongue in her love hole. I was done with her front and wanted to give some attention to her ass hole, I made her hands rested on the pillow to spread her ass cheeks wide and went down on my knees and started to lick that tiny ass hole, she left a shiver and asked me not to stop, I decided to give her what she wants and tongued her ass further, it didn’t feel wired as sex by itself is dirty and I was in the mood and it felt really nice to satisfy your women and while liking he ass hole my hands were also deep in her vagina stocking and my wife was moaning loud not it stop, I then replaced my fingers in her vagina with my dick and started to fuck her in doggy, the view of my dick moving in and out of her pussy her tiny little ass hole its full view was breathtaking.

I applied some lubricant over the ass hole and on to my fingers and made insisted my finger in her ass hole while I was ramming her pussy, since Her ass hole was lubricated enough I dint find difficulty pushing my thumb through her ass hole, and my wife couldn’t take the pleasure of having something in both her holes and moaned heavy with contracting her vagina and I could feel my dick being lubricated by her gushing fluid, I was not done yet and continued to ram her and inserted two fingers in her ass hole and it was not as easy as it was earlier and she had a little discomfort adopting two fingers in her tiny hole but then after few strokes and some more lubrication she was pushing her ass back helping me to penetrate more deep on both her holes I was nearing my climax after about 10 to 15 mins of ramming her with my dick and seeing the awesome ass and ass hole through my fingers and took my fingers of her ass hole had a grip on to her waist and was thrusting harder dealer and faster and with a heavy grunt l let a big load of cum in her and was still pumping and within secs my wife had another orgasm and we both collapsed on each other.

She then laid on her back and spread her legs for some air, my little brother was still not limp may be because I was determined to fuck her ass and I went down between her legs and I could see my thick cum dripping through her vagina on to her ass hole and I was exited again, I used my fingers to guide the dripping cum into her ass hole and I placed a pillow under her butt and mad her legs wide and in the air and asked her to pull it with her hands, it gave me clear access to her ass hole and I started inserting two of my fingers lubricated with my cum and was stroking slowly with my fingers ¾ then I inserted my third finger into her ass hole and she complained about pain and I added a little more lubricant and went in slow, she was complaining for a while and told me to stop but I insisted it will be ok and in a while she stated enjoying and was moaning with her eyes closed. I dick was all ready by then so was her ass hole and I went near her sat on my knees and guided her head hear her mouth and she knows wat to do and took my all wet dick in her mouth and gave be a wonder deep throat blow job and I was all erect and hard as a rod to pound her ass hole. I asked her to go back to the same machinery position and went between her legs.

She asked me to do it slow and I assured that I will do my best, I again used some lubricant over my dick and her ass hole and positioned myself I tried to enter her ass and it was not easy, I worked a little harder and the tip of my dick went in and she cried out loud and told me to take it slow. My dick was in her ass now but not fully in, I then slowly pushed a little more of my dick and there was another cry and she was now gripping my thighs and told me to stop and I was in no mood to listen but advanced further slowly and steadily my dick was more than half was thro with the last thrust and I kept it there without moving for a while and slowly big in to stroking it in and out of her ass hole at first she was resisting trying to push me away but then after a few strokes in and out her anus

She got relaxed and started accommodating my dick Pretty well and she was moaning loud and enjoying, I then started thrusting more of my dick in her ass hole and slowly started increasing the phase and there were no complaints and she was enjoying her poop hole being fucked vigorously and her hand was now rubbing her vagaina hard and was moaning pretty loudly mean while pressure was building inside my balls and I started ramming her ass hard and I shot my load deep in her ass, she let a loud moan and I could see her satisfied, I took my dick out of her ass hole and enjoyed the look of her now stretched and cum dripping ass hole and pussy.

We were both tired, we had a shower together fondling each other and then headed straight to bed naked and in no time my wife was fast asleep having had the fuck of her life time .I had one of the best time that day with my wife but my cock was still aching for Tina’s tunnel. I took Tina’s No from my wife’s phone and sneaked out of my bed and went to the living room.I added her to my what’s app in a diff name and messaged her when can we catch up ?

I will narrate my experience with Tina and my latest encounters in episodes to cum …. If you like my story and wanted to share your views and if any girls, ladies, divorces would like to have some private fun you can reach me at [email protected] . I am from a decent business family and I have my reputation to safe guard and so privacy is of at most importance and I assure your privacy will be safe guarded at all costs.

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