Road Trip With My Cousin Sonia.

Hello, guys, this is Sunny from U.P. 30 yrs old guy having my own business. I get sexually active at a very early age and had many encounters till date. This is the first time I am narrating a small incident of my life which happened a few months back with my distant cousin.Plz, forgive me for any mistake as this is my first sex story on Indian sex story.

We have a wedding function at my cousin place in Mussoorie as it was a distant cousin so my family asks me to go alone in the wedding as the guy was of my age and I know him well. All my other cousin are also coming for the wedding so we plan to go by road to Mussoorie for the wedding. We all plan to gather in Delhi and from there we will take Innova for the trip. We were 5 members 2 male n 3 female all cousins I knew the guy who is also my distant cousin and 1 girl rest 2 girls are unknown to me.

We all meet in Delhi and started our trip in the night at 10 from Delhi and I took the front seat and two girls took the middle seat and guy and other girl took the last seat. We all were talking about diff stuff and getting to know each other there is this cousin of mine named Sonia who looks damn beautiful and very sexy she was in her pajama and top and she was talking to me most of the time and we all get close in no time.

I was feeling sleepy so I ask the other guy to switch the seats and we take a small halt at some Dhaba and have some tea and again start our journey it was all dark my cousin on the front seat and two girls in middle and this time Sonia join me on the back seat and we started. I n Sonia talk for some time and she shows me Instagram I saw her pics on Instagram and she is a babe posing in sexy dresses and was looking stunning. She also shows her bf pic in her mobile n while showing it she shows her hot pics too with her bf they kissing n smooching. I look at her n she felt shy and said its just time pass stuff.

Nothing serious. As I was checking her phone I see a lot of porn stuff in her phone n she notices it and took her phone back and gave me a naughty smile.

I was little aroused seeing all the stuff and while talking we get close to each other n our bodies are touching she took her stroll and wrap around two of us saying she is feeling cold. I was enjoying her company n getting cozy with her n I felt sleep after some time she also slept putting her head on my shoulder n her hand on my thighs.

I was very tired so I was in deep sleep but after some time I felt someone is touching me n rubbing me I could feel Sonia is touching me over my pants n pressing my dick and my dick also starts responding and getting hard. I open my eyes n look at her she gave me a smile n put my hand on her thighs. I was shocked she was not wearing her pajama and her thighs were bare smooth as silk I touch it I felt so good I start rubbing it n she opens her leg giving me space to feel her. I was damn hard n she asks me to unzip my pants n she start unzipping it I help her doing that and she asks me to open my belt also as she can not get access to my dick easily. I unhook my belt n open my jeans button and she slid her hand inside n touch my dick. It felt so good as she is touching me… I wan to free my dick from my jockey so I slide my jockey a lit n took my dick out. Seeing my dick out she was so happy. She had a sexy smile on her face.N she starts stroking my dick n ask me to touch her.

I put my hand again on her thighs n rub her I move my hand up trying to get close to her pussy. I could feel she is all wet n touch her panty as I touch her panty she grabs my dick hard and scratches it with her nails. I put my hand inside her panty from side n touch her wet pussy it was all sticky. She asks me to rub her pussy hard and finger her… I said its hard to put a hand inside panty as it is tight. As I said she took her panty off n gave me her panty n said now looking at me n giving me a sexy smile. I took her panty n smell it…

It was so wet I wan to lick her pussy now but I can not as we r in a moving car and we have other ppl in the car.I put her panty on my dick n rub her wet panty with my dick n she open her legs wide asking me to finger her pussy as I put my finger in her pussy she bent down n took my dick to her mouth n start blowing me under her stroll she was licking me so nice my dick was very hard n she is rolling her tongue on my dick she pull my dick skin n put her tongue on my piss hole n rubbing it n slowly taking my full dick inside her mouth biting me I was damn horny n I want to fuck her right there but I can’t…

I put my hand around her n start pressing her boobs n play with her tits. She lifts her top n bra up giving me space to feel her big melons… I took my other hand from her pussy n she took my hand suck my finger tasting her own pussy juices. N again start sucking me I was so damn excited I may cum anytime n told her she said cum inside her mouth she want to drink it all. I was not expecting this but she blows me more hard n I cum inside her mouth n she sucks it all like a slut.

I was very exhausted but she was not yet satisfied she was still sucking me n cleaning my dick licking all my cum n cleaning me…. That was the best blowjob I have ever got….I was fingering her pussy hard she was also about to cum n she close her legs I could feel her pussy contracting she fold her legs n hold me tight we lay there half naked for some time.I could smell the aroma of our cum inside the car n I was worried if some one has noticed it but she didn’t care n she lie there holding my dick n we cuddle inside the car….

It was around 4 A.M. And I need to pee so I ask her to dress up and ask the driver to stop the car at some Dhaba. I get down to pee she also came out of the car to pee and my company her to the restroom n she asks me to come inside I said no we don have much time but she forces me took me inside with her n she gave me a kiss n we smooch there… Then we both pee there together in front of each other she holding my dick like a slut… N we came back inside the car my cousin ask me to switch the seats and I took a front seat then n she took a middle seat at my back n we start our journey again.

She was teasing me in all the trip from the back seat by tickling me or pinching me till we reach Mussoorie in the morning. We stay there for 3 days n we had a lot of fun whenever we get a chance.

We are still in touch over the phone and we chat all day teasing each other n planning for some trip again soon.

Hope u guys enjoy the sex story.If u like the sex story do send ur feedback and any girls or bhabhi or any lady interested in a meeting can mail me on my id- [email protected]

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