Rohan’s Revenge After His Humiliation

Hye guys, am allex(my gaming name :P), 22 years of age and am here to write my first story (this time a fictional one). And I am sure you will enjoy this story. All sexy ladies are who wanna enjoy awesome sessions either to please themselves or to please me can contact me at… all the comments and queries are also welcome and please read till the last for awesome experience.

It wasn’t possible for Rohan, the richest lad of the college to forget his humiliation so easily. He was just looking for the perfect moment to take out his rage and have his revenge from the one who humiliated him in front of the whole class. Rohan was an engineering student studying in one of the most reputed colleges of Mumbai, not because he was good in studies but because of his father’s bank balance. He was arrogant, full of attitude and much much proud of his wealth.

Hence when he was scolded for being too casual in studies and also for his showing off attitude in front of the whole class, Rohan decided to have his revenge. The one who humiliated him was none other than Shalu mam. Now it’s a devils task to describe Shalu mam- beautiful, 24-25 years of age, 34-26-34 figure, white complexion and an awesome dressing sense. She became the lecturer just after completing her M.Tech. Anyone could have a pre-cum just by having a glimpse of her.

Shalu mam just crossed some of her limits while humiliating Rohan but Rohan didn’t mind that coz he knew how he had to take revenge. The rich lad had an apartment of his own and atleast half a dozen cars. His parents lived in Rajkot so he was all alone in the city. Atleast 3-4 times a week he brought girls to his apartment and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle.

That evening at around 5:00 p.m. after the college got over, he went to the parking lot, took his brand new Honda City and was just about to ignite it when he saw Shalu mam standing out of the gate waiting for an auto. He knew this was his chance, started his car and moved towards her, stopped in front of her and got out of the car. Shalu was surprised to see him there and stepped back.

Rohan- mam I am really sorry for my casual attitude. I want to study but seriously I cant. But mam from today I’ll really study and wont give you another chance to put a finger on me.

Shalu- Rohan, you are a good student and really I never wanted to scold you. I just want you to study and stop showing off.

Rohan- yes mam I’ll definitely study from today and be the mam you want me to.

Shalu- that’s the spirit Rohan, good luck

Rohan- thank you mam and sorry once again.

Rohan went towards his car and sat on the driver’s seat. Now it was the time for his plan. He popped out of the window and said- Mam can I drop you if don’t mind.

Shalu also knew that it was too hard to find the auto from where she was waiting but still she was in a dilemma whether to accept the offer or not, but Rohan’s kind apology lifted all the doubts and she accepted the offer. Rohan opened the door and she came in. They started having casual talks.

Suddenly Rohan stopped the car in front of a medical store.

Rohan- mam I’ll just be here in a moment. I have to take few medicines

Shalu- yeah sure

Rohan went in and came out with a packet. He sat in the car and was just putting on his seat belt when shalu asked him- Are you ok na??

Rohan- ab tak to ni tha par ab ho jaunga sali kutiya. (Not till now but I’ll definitely be, you fucking bitch)

Shalu was shocked to hear such remarks by Rohan and before she could understand anything, Rohan took out the spray from the packet and sprayed on her face while maintaining a safe distance from her. She started loosing her senses, she wanted to shout, to cry out for help but she couldn’t. Soon she was unconscious.

Shalu could hear some voices but could not make out what it was. She, in fact coulnt even open her eyes. She was trying her best to get up but the effect of spray didn’t let her. Suddenly there was a splash of water on her face and an “aaahh” came out of her mouth. She opened her eyes and saw Rohan standing beside her. She knew something wrong was going to happen and wanted to run away from that hell but still the effect of the chloroform spray prevented her from doing so.

And before she could analyze the entire situation there was another splash of water on her face. This made her regain her senses, atleast partially. She saw the room, the cameras, the king-sized bed and of course Rohan.

Shalu- What are you doing Rohan??

Rohan- Settling scores

Shalu- matlab??(what do you mean??)

Rohan- you humiliated me, now its my turn to return the favour.

Shalu was shocked to hear this. She tried to threaten him but he slapped her on her face. Tears rolled down her face. She looked at him, pushed him and ran towards the door. Due to the effect of the drug even her legs couldn’t support her, they were trembling like hell and before she reached the door, Rohan grabbed her from behind and pushed her on to the bed. She fell on the bed.

Shalu was just looking like a sex goddess in her yellow kurta and black chudidaar salvaar. Due to the splashing of water, her hairs were a sort of wet adding to her beauty. The sight of fear on her face was making rohan feel awesome. She pleaded Rohan to let her go but he was in no mood to let her go.

Rohan- aaj pata chalega tuje mujse panga lene ka matlab (today you will realize the effect of humiliating me). Aaj se tu meri rakhael hai Sali (from now you are my prostitute).And he moved towards her with his lustful eyes….To continue the entire story wait for the second part.

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