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I’m back again with another real story of me. I’m also one of the followers of this site like all of you. I’m 23, 5’11 fair, athletic ,working in an MNC in hyderabad. I’m writing this story to reach out to similar minded people. So to begin with this happened with my friends mom in my hometown during my inter college days. She was married may be at an early age of her life so she is still in her 30’s though she has an 18 yr old son. She is pretty white complexioned and her figures are mind blowingly awesome 36-28-38. To me she is the most stunning beautiful aunty I have seen till then.

To make the story short those are the days when there is no internet and cd’s,dvd’s are very new in the market. Having a dvd player is like a status of luxury. Its the time me and my friends used to look for a chance of privacy to watch the blue films. One day the time has come my friends parents left out of station.

I brought like 5 to 6 dvd’s and planned to watch all of them that night. To my surprise my friend also brought some more cd album collections of some good exposing songs. I enquired about who gave him those cd’s and to my surprise he told me that his mother bought those cd’s and she watches them sometimes. This is the first seed of my fantasy.

From that day I started imagining the ways to approach her and to live my dream. There is continuous planning every minute every day in classroom, in playground, in dream. I started regularly going to my friends home and started talking to her. Knowing that my friend is not at home I still used to go and bang their door and enquire about my friend just to find out if she is single at home.

After some days I’ve my own way of clues to find out when she is single at home and when can I approach her and talk to her. I have my own questions to start the conversation and keep it alive.

Fast forward for a continuous planning of 9 months of hard work and patience I’m in a situation to touch her and make my first move when the time is apt. That day its my chance to make my first move when she was in kitchen and then I slowly approached her while she was cooking I ’ve moved my legs touching my aunt’s legs just incase if she resisted then I can play the game safe saying it happened accidentally.

To my happiness she is not resisting it and in fact enjoying my touch. I grabbed some more courage and moved my legs rubbing her she still enjoyed it. I pressed on her thumb she is getting the heat and feel. I left her that day making no more moves but letting her understand my intention.

This is the day for my second move. This time I’m confident enough to do it. She is watching some channel on tv. I stood next to her and kept my hand on her back near the neck where the blouse is open and just kept it for a second and taken back and then did it again but this time for more time. She did not say a single word. I started massaging slowly moving my hand under the blouse till the stomach. I pinched her curves on stomach. She is not saying a single word I’m in heaven enjoying her. I’m breathing heavily and I can feel her breath as well. I left that day making no more moves.

The day of third move. I’m super confident by now that is she is enjoying my moves and touches. She is reading some newspaper I straight away sat next to her touching my whole body on her. She is happy with it and speaking to me as if everything is just normal. This is the biggest move I ‘m waiting for I kept my hand on her right hand beneath her shoulder as I’m sitting next to her on right side. I’m moving my hand slowly towards her boobs. I’m flying high feeling light that moment when I finally did it. I touched her right boob and she is not resisting even then.

I slowly moved my hand even more to pinch her nipple and yesss I did it. She moaned in a very low voice. I dont know what to say or speak to her.

I moved my left hand on her stomach moving it slowly and finally found a mole on her stomach. I like to pinch them I did and now got the courage to speak out what is it on her stomach? She replied me with a beautiful smile. This is the confirmation to my great dream I’m breathing for the last 1 year. I left that day to enjoy those moments and feel them and still enjoy the waiting time for the next chance of fun.

The final move. She is in nighty went in as usual. I sat next to her as I’m pretty fond of unfolding boobies I kept my hand on her boob and felt it very free. I enquired if she isn’t wearing any bra? She smiled and replied back its a loose bra that you’ll not feel it at the first touch. Would you like to see it? Yes of course I want to look at it if you allow me to. I grabbed her boobs naked and taken them in my hands and pressed them harder.

I kissed on her neck then on her stomach and licked her and started smooching her. I’m not good fan of describing the after story of the scene its common in any story. My whole point of interest lies only in the story. With this I’m ending my story here. Please send in your comments and suggestions to my mail [email protected] [email protected]

Interested aunts I’m looking for you.

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