Romance With My Private Assistant

When I reached the place, Riya was already present and enjoying the party. She was wearing a navy green sari with a strapless blouse. The blouse narrowly managed to hide her assets. As I approached her, she smiled and lowered her head, shy of her looks as she hasn’t worn saree too many times. Moreover, in this avatar, her navel too was getting exposed through the sheer material.

I complimented her saying she was looking gorgeous too which she blushed and thanked me. As it was a high-level party with too many guests, I asked her to follow me to the balcony where we can talk in private. The place was quite as guests were busy inside and there was a nice breeze blowing, which managed to disturb Riya’s hair much to her annoyance.

She got close to me and asked if I am angry. I told her she is to inform me of everything. Including the type of dress, she is going to wear. She apologized saying she wanted to give me a surprise. In return, I asked why this particular saree. The top part of her body is left almost completely naked save for the tiny blouse. She responded by saying she thought I will like it, plus I have insisted her on wearing saree multiple times in the past. Especially to give Bollywood diva’s look with bikini blouse and low-rise saree. I knew she was going to respond like this but wanted to make sure to keep her under my control always. Both physically and psychologically.

After a minute of silence which felt like an eternity, I asked her to kiss me. She smiled and looked into the doorway to check if anybody else was there. Once she was sure we were along she reached to touch her lips to mine. Unfortunately, I was a few inch taller and her hill shoes didn’t help much. She tried again and again, afraid of asking me to lower my head. Finally, when she was about to give up, I forcefully grabbed her open hair and forced my lips into her. I was able to feel her passion throughout my entire body despite only her lips touching mine. The kiss lasted only a few seconds as we were in foreign land and kissing my PA in public may raise problems but it felt like a few minutes at the very least.

I asked her if she will be enjoying the party to which she said no. As I too didn’t have too much to do, decided to go home and finish what I started with Riya. But then she softly called out my name and said she is with mom and need to drop her at her place. I was a bit disappointed but said its fine and left to meet some officials from other companies while Riya went to the hall.

After half an hour and a few group discussions and standing meetings, I finally left the party. To my rather surprise, Riya was standing next to my car. When enquired, she informed mom was sent by uber as she didn’t want to leave me alone. I felt bad that an elderly woman was sent alone but I know Riya is a bit stubborn and won’t listen to anyone, not even her boss.

En-route to home none of us uttered a single word. After an hour long drive on an empty highway, we reached our home. She quickly entered her room as I did mine.

The kiss was constantly circulating my mind. I called her and she appeared, still in the same saree. She was yet to change. I handed her an envelope and asked to check its content while standing before me. As soon as she opened, all the glow faded away in the blink of an eye. She looked at me with teary eyes and begged me not to do so. I asked I had no other option. The way she treated her mom goes a long way to show her character. By now tears were already rolling down her cheek. She just looked at the floor and stood like a statue.

I told her she has 1 hour to leave my house. She still couldn’t believe it that the person she worked for the last 8 months will fire her for such a silly reason. I added that she can’t take any of her items as all of those belongs to me except the dress she was wearing, which was bought with her own money. She ran back to her room and started crying.

As the hour came close, the crying stopped and she came to my room. I was still sitting at the edge of the bed facing the door. She tried her best to hide her feeling and thank me for the job opportunity. As she was about to leave, I stopped her. Not sure what she felt, maybe that I had a change of heart. Instead, I asked her to remove the pendant I gave her as a birthday gift a month ago. She removed and placed it on the table. As she was about to leave, I stopped her for a second time.

This time I forwarded an offer to her. She may get a job in my company but for that, she’ll have to do me a favor. She didn’t utter a word. I asked if she is interested. After thinking for a minute she finally nodded her head.

I asked she will have to get raped. She was shocked. Then I continued by saying, I’ll rape her. If she can pass, I’ll think about giving her some post in my company. I warned her, it won’t be like last time. No more play and all. This time it’ll be hard and she’ll genuinely suffer a lot. She reluctantly agreed. I reminded her again and she said she is ready to face whatever comes the odd.

I asked her to get on the bed while I bring some equipment. Brought a bunch of ropes and tied her to the bedpost while she was still in the party dress. Maybe that consolidated her that I was going to be easy on her. After fastening her hands, legs to the point she was hardly able to move, I brought a mouth gag and forced it down her mouth, effectively making sure she remains quite throughout the process.

She has experienced sex with me multiple times so, one more sex was not going to challenge her in any way. So I showed her something that scared her really bad. A butt plug. She has never tried anal. The last time I tried to finger her ass she ran out of my room. However this time she was in no position to move, forget running. I showed her the form and quietly told that if she fails to comply, its over to which she tried to stay as calm as possible.

Now as she was in saree, her body was well hidden and I had to tear her entire saree as well as a petticoat to get access to her panty, which was a blue g-string which too got torn and pulled from below her body. As she was tied to the bed, it took me a good amount of poking to find her anal hole and then more than a dozen thrust just to get the plug’s tip inside her. She was constantly moaning and screaming from inside her gag but without giving much attention, I pressed on. I had to lick her clitoris to loosen her up and when I realised she was relaxed enough, one hard thrust and the plug was placed. She continued her shouting drama.

I sat near her and smiled asking if she realised the butt plug had a wire. She begged me with her eyes but I show her the black box and swiftly turned the dial that read voltage. This time the screams were real. I counted till 30 before turning back off and back on before she can even catch a breath. It was done till she was completely wet both from sweat and cum.

Slowly I went down on her and used the buttplug in her tight ass as a way to finger her which caused her to moan even more loudly. While she was getting excited, I pushed my penis into her pussy. That action caught her completely off guard and swiftly her moans converted into shouts. I was in no mood to let her go easily, thrust into her ever deeper. Having a metal butt plug and a penis was stretching her to the limit. To add to her growing agony, I started biting her nipple really hard.

Slowly her shouts died away and she became completely silent. I pulled my penis off her and removed her gag. She opened her mouth expecting me to dump my load into her. Instead, I just sat near her while she asked me if she qualified. I gave a smile and asked if she is that silly. Whatever was left of her smile vanished into thin air. She knew she has failed. I asked her if she wants to try again. She just smiled and said she has no life left and I should enjoy her body as I see fit. She received a tight slap that must have awakened her of her drama as she stared at me with a really bloody angry face. I grabbed the black box and looked at her but there was just one emotion. Anger.

I forced the gag down her mouth again, tightening it as best as I can, as I was she’ll scream like never before. Removed the butt plug in 1 swift pull to which she screamed again. Then picked up the form and forcefully show it to her saying this is what you get for showing your attitude, bitch. Slapped one more time, this time tighter. Riya can’t take anymore broke down and started flooding her eyes. Wiping her tears, turned the form to the 2nd application which she missed, and placing it in front of her so she can have a proper read. Her eyes widened to the maximum and trying to say something from behind her gag. In return, I said “oh so you don’t want the post? Fine by me”. To which she said something from behind the gag which I figure out was slang, that too for the first time against me. I said sorry but I too like giving surprises sometimes. Just my way of giving surprise isn’t obvious till the very last minute.

The application was the appointment letter for Riya as the Chief of Operations in my company.

As soon as I untied her, she forced me into bed and got on top of me. I said please be careful, I have been holding my cum for over an hour now to which she replied that she is aware of that and immediately took my penis into her mouth. Failing to hold any longer I burst into her mouth. I cummed for 10 sec and felt relieved once it’s over. Riya cleaning my penis off cum climbed on my body and planted a kiss on my lips. Suddenly she holds my head really hard and pushed her tongue deep into the mine. Only then I realized, she hasn’t swallowed the cum and forced it into my mouth instead. She kept kissing me for almost 5min licking every corner of my mouth and sucking the cum off me but the damage was already done. She made me drink my own cum, even if small amount that left a pungent smell for quite some time.

She asked if I like her surprise too. I said “bitch” to which she replied “dog… I love you” and forcefully kissed me as she eloped with me in bed. Though I liked her and took advantage whenever possible, I never thought she’ll have the guts to propose her own boss. Riya was a very shy kind of girl and had signed NDA to accept whatever I throw at her for a period of 2yrs. She only had sex when I wanted to relieve myself. You know, Love can be found in the craziest corners and among the craziest peoples.

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