Romantic Experience With Office Friend Part – 2

As usual, we met on Monday near the bus stop where I use to pick up her and she wore the dress which I bought. We spend more time as their was a romantic connection with us, in office we use to go together and waited for our day.

The time came for our night as he husband has to go to Singapore on a business trip for a month on company behalf.

She called me to her home ass her husband left airport…I went into her house…While entering in the house… she wore hot red silk saree.She looked stunning in that apparels. While looking her… I cared her face and kept a long kiss on her chin. After that I lifted her into my hands she showed me her house…I took her to bed room…. I dropped her on the bed and kissed each other it was mad…She said while kissing me. You have to wait for the night…. I dropped myself back and hugged each other, slept like that, she told to bring the items for our first night.

I went to the market to buy fruits, flowers(roses, jasmines), milk, honey, dairy milk chocolates. We took those items to the bedroom and started decorating the bedroom with flowers, our love shape in between. At that time it was evening. Then we went out for shopping to buy first-night design saree for her and for me white color lungi shirt for me. We bought them and returned home…

We eagerly waiting for our first night… I got ready myself by wearing only lungi without shirt and was in bedroom waiting for her.. She messaged me that I should not come out of bedroom…She came after 1 hr into bedroom with glass in her hand and I was stunned myself as she came without blouse in saree…I welcomed her by hugging her sideways, my hand was back.. Caressed her back..I pushed her towards me.. I was seeing her with lust…She brought the glass near to my lips…she said not to swallow the milk… I took some milk into my mouth she brought her lips near to me and kissed…I opened my mouth… she swallowed the milk…We kissed madly…She removed the joint my lungi.It fell down and she thrown me on the bed..She lifted her hands by removing her pallu…on a go the saree fell down.. She has given a pose sexy goddess…

She was all nude.. I can see her shinning body in front of me…Then I got up went near her.. Caressed her face with my hand…Moved my fingers from head.. Slowly to nose then lips…She kissed my fingers…then took my index finger..Into mouth.. Started licking it… took my finger then kept my mouth….Then again kept it in her mouth…Then from her lips to her boobs….I pinched her boobs… she moaned aaahhh…. Then I moved my fingers near to her hip and pressed it hard…She moaned again.. Hugged me tightly…Then she told in my ear… eat me today…She was seeing my face with lust… she opened her mouth for kiss..

When I tried to kiss.. She move d her face away from me.. Was playing with me then I took her near to the wall.. Lifted her.. She wrapped her legs near my dick…We are seeing each other with full of lust.. Kissed each other……It was very mad.. As such as our silva was dropping from each other mouths…..I took her to the bed….Lie on it.. I was on her… our kissing continued……Then she turned.. Was sitting on me… I pressed on her boobs… she was moaning ahahahaha…She lied to me and kept her boobs near to my lips….Then I sucked the nipples of her boobs.. She was moaning loudly…Then she got up suddenly… went down near to my dick.. To it in her hand…. Then she was shaking it as it was 7 inch. Fully erected…Kissed the tip of the dick then she was pressing my balls under it… was paining for me.. Then she kissed all over my dick…And took it in her mouth….It was awesome feeling for me…Then she was playing with the dick.. By making in and out from her mouth…And then she started stroking the dick hard with her hand…. I was in heaven..

She increased the pace but I tried to hold it back.. But it was not bearable for me…She was stroking with hand.. It released my load.. She swallowed the whole thing into her mouth….As a energy booster.. She said ahha…Then again she started stroking gain..My dick raised again..Then moved the dick on her face… she went down… brought her boobs near my dick.. Started squeezing it with her boobs.. She kept her nipple near the entry of my dick..Started rubbing with her boob…Then she removed the skin on the dick.. Little bit.. She kissed it was little bit current shock for me.. .Then I released another load.. As it was on her face….Then she took choc.. Applied it to my dick..Started having it with her tongue…It was cloud 9 for me…Then she came up…Started kissing my face….Kissed my chest… slept on it…I got up she folded her legs around my hip while sitting position..

Continued our short smooches.. Be seeing each other…I licked her face with my tongue.. She did the same.. And smooched…She took my tongue into her mouth.. Sucked it… I did the same.. And bitted at the end… with pain she was seeing my face….Then lip locked her again….While in that position I was measuring her boobs… by squeezing them..Then with lust we dash each other chests..Rubbed the chests… then turned her on the bed…she lied on the bed… I went down.. To her pussy and given a long kiss on it, for this she suddenly jerked, then with my fingers I opened her pussy and kissed it with my tongue again she moaned.. Then inserted my fingers in it and started stroking in and out, she was moaning loud ahha ahhhahahhahahha. I rubbed the silva to her body..

Then started playing with the love hole by my tongue…. She was moaning loud and shivering by the acts…Then I inserted my face into it…She moaned loud and I was moving my face on it and playing with my tongue… she was moaning loud and loaded her saliva on my face… she got up sat on me and kissed me madly.. She said to fuck with my cock… then she took it kept near love hole.. I pushed it further she was moaned loud ahhhhhhhhhhahhh. I pushed again she fell on her back moaning loud… I applied more pressure, her moans increased ahaahahahahhhhaa.. Half of my cock went into her love hole…I slept on her applied more pressure…With this push my cock was totally in..Then I turned her with this she was on me while making loud moans…She fell on me… for the pain…Again I rolled her.. I was on her… made my cock in and out.. She was screaming madly…We was edge of our bed… I got up with her with my cock in her. Took her to wall and kissed her….

With the pain, I kissed her madly….I can’t stop my saliva coming out then I loaded into her…She was exhausted by this time and kissed all over my face… I took her back to bed and we kissed madly…. Slept on her boobs… in 5 min my cock was rock hard.. I took kept at the entrance of love hole, pushed it, she jerked and screamed..She was saying to wait but I did not I pushed my cock hard into her hole…She moaned load… I rolled her in doggy position and I moved my cock in and out from her love whole, she was screaming ahhahahahahahahaha. And breathing heavily, on a go I insert my dick again…I pushed her back on my cock, kissed her back, pressed her boobs madly, she was moaning and I loaded my silva into her…She turned and slipped me on my face slightly and asked why u inserted again.. I told my cock loved ur love hole…She kissed me with mad…

Don’t know when we slept off it was morning… she woke up and has given me a blow job…I ejected on her boobs.Then she went into bathroom to clean… I went into it…Turned her..Hugged she wrapped her legs around me and kissing each other madly…Then we took bath by applying soap on each other…Rolled under shower…and I sat on floor she seen my cock bulge, she took my cock kept near her hole… it went in a single move. I got up with her… turned to her wall and banged her again.. Then we cleaned ourselves and she asked to take to the kitchen…She took bread from fridge and kept one side in my mouth and other side her… wildly we ate it and kissed….Then it took two pieces of bread…put them on her boobs rubbed them she moaned by that act I played with both boobs…Then again she saw my cock bulge… kept a bread piece on it and ate it by licking. My cock is in full size… she asked me to masturbate there itself as she wants to see me like that. I masturbated by seeing her, she was watching my coming out..,

I fucked her almost 6 times on that day, I had pain near my cock. She cannot walk properly due to pain near her love hole, I’m sex starved, she cannot forget the fucking by me, occasionally we fuck in our favorite place.

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