Romantic Sex With My Cousin Part – 2

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Well, I don’t want to waste your time I will start the story. Please forgive me if I have done any mistakes.

Well, this happens when we were teens. Let me again introduce the queen of the story. She is my cousin and neighbor too. This incident took place when she was in 12th class. We have an age gap of around 5-6 months. From now onwards her name is Bujji. In fact, we both used to call bey . She has beautiful melons that are in growing stage and her figure is 30c-30-32. I came to know about her figure a few years back. I was very much excited.

Please do read the first part so that you can understand the story well and you can follow the flow.Here is the link

So on that night, I was dreaming many things about her like I’m having sex with her in her home and slow me went to sleep and next day is our mutual cousin’s marriage.

On that day nothing has happened between us. I was very disappointed.

The next scene begins here it was one the memorable never to forget in my life.

Usually, we have some sought of functions in our family mainly after the marriage.So in our culture we usually have reception (kind of party) will be hosted and on that day I got very good chance of handling her. So on that day I along with my other cousins went to her home as she wants to get ready for function and wear the party dress. So I along with my other cousins accompanied with her to her home and we just went to walk as it is quiet near from the party place.

So finally reached her home and we all were sitting in the room and playing and talking about some random things as there is a lot of time for the party . all our parents are very much busy in arrangements and all other stuff and only we are here .

Her brother took one book and told I read this book he told and she grabbed that book and told me I’ll show you one thing in this come with me. At that time we all were on the roof top. As there are 2 rooms on the terrace. So all the rest are playing in the room and we both came out side the room and she was searching for the thing which she want to show me but she acted intentionally as if she is not getting the page( in that book ) .

Here again my naughty mind started working then I took some more courage and place my palm on her boobs and luckily her whole boob got into my hand and I started pressing her right boobs on her top ( at that time she wore salwar kammez) and pressed her boobs for about 5 mins she was busy in searching the page and enjoying a lot( I came to know about it later)

Then I was very curious to touch her pussy , but at that time we are at the open time and thought that some would catch us. I checked in all direction is there any one around us and looking us to my luck no one was around us. then I took some courage and placed my hands on her pussy over pyzama. And started rubbing her pussy, she was enjoying my act very badly and still busy in searching the page( intentionally ) and then I tried to touch her pussy by placing my hand inside her pyzama due to the knot it was not allowing me to push my hand inside the pyzama I tried to loose the knot but she denied so I stopped and respect her feelings and enjyed rubbing her pussy . all this play was about for 15 mins. In this mean time all my cousins are seriously involved in there play. We were enjoying our play.

As we are busy in this we forget that there is party ( you can think how much we were involved, guys think we were feeling awesome as we were just entering into teen ages at that time and you can imagine our feelings and excitement). Then we all got ready and went to the party and here also there is one thing that happened between us as the party is going on all were enjoying the party and every one are busy. But we both and all our cousins are at one corner and watching the party. As I said I’m very naughty then one naughty thought struck in my mind at that time she was exactly at back of mine and I tried leaning on her so that my back can touch her boobs and I successfully done this act in the party. I don’t know who all saw us and who all didn’t saw us but we enjoyed a lot. :DSo the next day is the amazing day in my life and unforgettable day in my life. It is a kind of day to remember throughout my life and here come the chance to see her nude on this day. Let me explain how.

So on this day all our family member went to some function in our nearby village. I was not interested so I didn’t join my family members and later I came to know that my bujji was also not interested and she too didn’t join her family members and her parents told me to go to their home and cook and eat the lunch. I thank god and took my bike and drove very fast to her home and to my unlucky her brother is also there in the home.

I thought today at any cost I have to fuck her and started the move. So its time for the lunch she knows cooking and she started cooking. For that dish onions are required so she requested her brother to cut the onion out side the kitchen so that tears won’t come for us. So I was very happy and went to her and took the move I placed my hands on her (now I touched her nude boobs). Her brother was busy in cutting onions in other room and we both are enjoying in the kitchen. She was preparing the dish and I was pressing her boobs and in between, I was checking whether her brother is still cutting the onions are completed cutting and again came to her and pressed her boobs.

Later she finished cooking and we all ate the lunch and it tastes good. And watching tv while watching tv her brother said he is going out as he has some work so he is going to meet his friend. Then all of sudden I felt happy and my cruel mind started and while watching tv I was drawing the line from her face to her boobs and gave a gentle press. This continued many times and she couldn’t control and told me to close the door and lock it and happily went and locked and came to her and at that time she was on the bed then I made her sleep on the bed.

I sat jus beside her and lifted her top and placed my hand on the pyjama knot and loose the knot and raised her top till the neck along with her inner at that she didn’t wear bra as the boobs are too small to wear so didn’t wear bra , and made the pyjama loose and removed it and along with the panty and then I couldn’t control and started sucking her boobs like anything due to excitement ( as we both are virgin ) and I came top on her and started kissing on her neck and sucking the boobs like anything and I placed my hands on her pussy and started rubbing the pussy and then I hurriedly removed my pant as I couldn’t control my erection and showed my penis to her and she was shocked seeing it and then I took the charge and placed my penis on her pussy and started rubbing it she was moaning a lot Shashi come on fuck me. I wanna feel your dick in my pussy I slowly took my penis and inserted in her pussy it is very tight as she we both are virgin and that’s the time our virginity broke. Slowly I gave a push and blood started oozing out from her pussy and she was crying loudly with great pain and yelling at me to remove my dick from her pussy.

I concoled her saying that bujji aagu ra koddi sepu nuvu baga enjoy chesthav koncham opika pattu ( bujji wait for some time you will start enjoying and pain will go). still, my dick is in her pussy and she is crying in the mean time I gave her a gentle push all my 6inch dick went inside and she cried like anything tears rolled from her eyes and begged to stop. Then I stopped and after some time I was moving slowly in to and fro motion so that she will start enjoying and to my luck she started my act and started enjoying it and I fuck her hole slowly and she was enjoying and as I was virgin I was about to cum very quickly and took my dick and dropped my cum on the floor and she was still bleeding. then I took the cloth and cleaned her pussy and the bed and started rubbing her pussy and made her cum.

And after that I pressed her boobs and kissed her and we got dressed as the time was about 5 pm her brother might come at any time so we dressed up and caressing each other siting in sofa and enjoying with each other parts she was very happy and enjoyed the act and with in 15 mins after we dressed up her brother came and that day we watched the movie on tv and I had to leave as our parents returned back home from the function. And that night we had texted and talked over the phone .

And there is a lot more to say about how we enjoyed the sex after losing our virginity.And the next part continues.

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