Romping With Elder Sister Sangita

This story is about my elder sister and me. Our family is my father, mother, and then Sister Sangita and I. we are typical middle class family living in this town. My father is worker in the factory and most of the time he is out of home working hard in order to meeting our economic needs. Mother is housewife staying at home all the time busy with her typical housework. My sister is 4 year older than I am. We had normal brother-sister relations. Since I am younger in the family everybody loves me very much. Always treating me as a kid only.

I was normal kid until I passed 13, as you must have known kid at that age having so much interest in girl/ women and their hidden mysteries. I also started to take interest in girls. I would feel electric currant in my short when I see bare flesh of any girl or women through there cloths. At that time I hadn’t known what that is exactly but I liked what I feel. Girls never attracted me at my age but the older girls and women who always arouse me. We were living in this building with small flat of two rooms, Kitchen with bath/WC and hall cum dining cum bedroom.

It was old type of building with big height room so there is mezzanine floor in our living room, which we are using as storeroom. When my father married to my mother they were sleeping in the big bed together. As after having 2 Children eventually they lost their interest in sex and whole family used to sleep in the hall. Father on big bed and mother, sister and me on floor respectively. My father works in the morning sift he used to wake early.

My mother also wakes up early to prepare his lunch and other stuff. That particular day I woke up suddenly early morning. I don’t know what cause me to wake up so early but I couldn’t sleep later on. I just stayed in the bed and was thinking something else. My mother was up and was doing her daily housework. Father was already left for his job. Sangita was getting ready for her college. She just finished her school and started her college. Since college time was morning she used to wake up early.

My school time was afternoon so I used to stay late in the bed. When I woke up I saw Sangita came out from bathroom. She was wearing her normal house dress i.e. skirt and blouse. She started to prepare for her college. Since I wasn’t sleeping I started to observe her. Light was on so I was sleeping with my arm on my eyes and nobody knows I am awake. After finishing her light make-up and everything she just went to cupboard at corner of the room and opened it. She took out her Punjabi dress (salwaar- Kamiz).

She simply started to put that dress. Normally if male people is in the room female used to change dress in the kitchen in my house. But since nobody is there except me (and I was also sleeping) for her it’s not unusual to change cloths there.Although I was very much interested in the girls/sex I never feel like incest thing with my sister. I was watching her just casually from under my arm. Sangita unbutton and took off her blouse and then unhook her skirt, which fell on her feet.She stood there wearing only black colour bra and blue color panties. Slowly she took her salwaar and put it on and then put on her kamiz from her head. Then after close the cupboard and went to do final touch-up for her make- up.

Before many times I have seen Sangita various state of undressing. It was not like I never seen her in undergarments. But that particular time I was observing her thoroughly. That scene was hardly one minute or two. But it’s changed my life forever. First time I saw Sangita not as my elder sister but 17-year growing girl. She was tall 5 feet 7″ or 8″, fare skin (like my mother), long smooth legs, curved hips, flat stomach (big deep navel), and big size breast, which wasn’t staying much in her bra. At that time I hadn’t known whether she is 36-24-36 type or what but what I saw it was definitely exciting. My small cock was hard in my short pant as it never grown that much big before. Maybe it was because I saw something, which I should not see as a brother.

After that day it was my daily morning routine to watch Sangita getting dress for college. Every time now I see her I realizing more and more sexiness about her. I started to think about her every minutes and 24 hours. I was watching her every moment. Although Didi never suspects anything she had same relations with me like big sister. But now I was taking every opportunity to feel her body and curses. Being her little kid brother my sister used to hug me, curses me, wrestle with me etc.

but now I was taking advantage of her affection and fondness. There were so many occasions when I can feel her body or touch her soft fleshes. Now when Sangita hug me I would feel her soft breast and warm body touching me.Some times when I am watching TV lying on bed I would lay on side. And if Didi sits on bed watching TV or reading anything I would just press my crotch to her soft buttock from back. It’s not necessary every time I would get hard-on touching her but just feel softness and warms of her body.

There was small garden near our building and living room’s window was facing there. I used to stand in the window keeping my hands on grill watching out side. Some time Didi would come and stand beside me. She just innocently presses herself on me. My hand would trap between grill and her breast. I never move my hand but just keep in it position. She would move her body talking with me giving me massage from her breast. Some time I would keep my hand by side on windowsill and when Sangita would stand beside me

My hand would press against her crotch. God! I could feel hotness of her pussy there. Some time I would keep my palm outside and feel her pussy with my fingers. It was all look innocents. My sisters never ever suspect I am getting touches from her. She was always like my elder sister. Never ever she realized what her kid brother is doing with her. As few months passed like this I was more obsessed with Sangita. Day night I was thinking about her. In the night she sleeps next to me.

Mother then didi and then me (father used to sleep on bed). We never keep night lamp or any thing on in the night. Room used to be dark as only light coming from street light. You could see everything only after your eyes got adjusted in the darkness. Now I was getting bolder steps. After everybody sleeps in sound I would slide myself near Sangita, we were on our back side by side barely touching. I would then tern on my side facing her, which would cause me to press against her body. I would stay steady not to cause her wake up.

Then after some time I would put my leg on her taking her thighs between my legs. She sleeps very calm and cool hardly wrestle or muffle. Wow! What a sensation! I used to stay like that whole night. Initially it was just putting legs in between Sangita’s legs and take heat from her thighs. After I grew bolder. I would slide her skirt little up above her knees or thighs and feel her bare thighs. Some time I would put my hand in her waist and hug her lightly. She never suspects this also. In the fast sleep it wasn’t unusual to put legs or hand on her or press against her. Before so many time I woke up morning with myself on top of her or my head resting on her breast or something. She would think her kid brother sleep just innocently. During middle of the night also if she wakes up and found me on her.

She would just sleep again in same position or if it’s not comfortable to her then just shift me on my back. But she never suspects anything. During that period I had my first orgasm. One night I was pressing against Sangita’s thighs. My cock was hard like rock. I was horny that time so I was feeling more sensation in my cock. My hand was around her waist. Slowly I lift my hand and place it above her left breast. Wow! It was so soft… yet firm. I didn’t move a bit just keep my hand on her breast feeling her softness.

Then slowly I squeezed my finger, not much hard, one or two mm just getting feeling of squeezing. First time I touch my sister’s breast so long. I liked that very much. I was so excited that my cock grew its maximum length. It was straining in my shorts and in underpants. I was getting deferent sensation in my cock, which I never felt before. And suddenly I felt like I am peeing. Something came out form my cock and it twitched in my pant. Within a minute I felt coolness and all sexual sensation had gone. I turned and lay flat on my back and after some time I went to toilet. When I saw my underpants I saw some white stuff there. I realized I had my first orgasm of my life. I clean my pant and went back to sleep.

After that I used to take care not to excite too much or get hard-on too much as after it was too messy in my underpants. I got bolder as I would slide Didi’s skirt all the way up to her waist and touch her bare thighs or inner thighs. Sometime I touch her crotch above panties. More sensation I was getting when I touch her pussy from her panties. God! It was so hot. It spread heat like she was breathing from pussy. I could clearly make out fold of her pussy through panties. Some time panties would stick in between her pussy lips.

Like that I was feeling my sister’s breast and pussy in her sleep in the night. She never knew what her kid brother was doing with her. I was enjoying this play with her around 4/5 month. I was taking every possible care not to know her or anybody. But it has to be end one day. One night I was feeling Sangita’s breast while pressing my cock against her thighs. Suddenly she woke up but didn’t move a bit. It was dark in the room so I couldn’t realize that. She felt that her kid brother’s hand on her breast and his one leg between her legs trapping her thighs.

She thought that in deep sleep he must have came on her. She just stayed like that as she was in deep mood of sleep so she didn’t move him from her. His weight was on her so she was feeling little uncomfortable that cause her to stay wake up. Suddenly she felt his fingers are moving on her breast. She wasn’t sure but she felt like barely he is pressing them. Also she felt some thing is digging in her thighs from between his legs. Horror spread in Sangita’s mind. My god! Is he feeling my breast?

Is he erect pressing against me? She wasn’t sure she just stayed like that, dumb found. After some time she felt that he moves his legs from her and his hand from her breast. She felt that her skirt is moving up her waist. Suddenly she realized his fingers on her pussy. Oh my god! Oh my god! He is touching me there. My kid brother is touching me there. He is touching his sister’s pussy. She couldn’t believe this. She didn’t know what to do. She just stayed calm. After long time he turned and stayed on his back.

He didn’t move afterward. He must have slept. Sangita thought about that incident and doze of after some time. Next day Sangita thought about last night incident. She wasn’t sure what was happened. So next 2/3 days she kept quite and observed my night activities. Then she realized sure I was feeling her up. At first she thought to tell mother about it. But how could she tell mother that what her little brother was doing with her. And if she tells mother and mother would tell to father and after don’t know what will happen?

Father may hit him or worse to kick him out of house. Sure she didn’t want to happen anything like that, as she loves me too many, off course as a kid brother. She justified that in this age of puberty boy’s get attract to female body even though she is his sister or mother. She read about that so many times in books. She thought she would confront me afterwards and kept quite. Slowly Sangita realized my all activities like watching her getting dress in the morning or feeling her touch hugs around the house.

Feeling her body while standing in the windows or sitting on bed. Secretly she found that exciting too. After all she was just 17, exploring herself. Although she was going in the college and having so many male friends, it wasn’t easy to relate with anybody sexually. So she thought about me, her kid brother as safe partner for her sexual exploration as nobody is going to know about that. (You might be thinking how I know what she was thinking about Me. simple! She told me later on when we intimated together that what she felt or thoughtwhen she realizes about me etc.) Slowly Sangita started to enjoy my exploration about her.

She even started to give me full access to her body. Morning when she would change dress for college she would take little more time to get dress giving me more chance to see her body. She would hug me or held me time to time even if there isn’t any specific reason. Or while standing in the window she would pressed her more on me giving me feel of her boobs or crotch. In the night also she started to co-operate with him by keeping silence or raising her skirt already up or anything. She really enjoys now her kid brother’s obsession. And she wanted him to proceed further now.

After all this whole things happening between us as if nobody knows about it. I mean I was doing with her as if she doesn’t know and she was giving me all opportunity as if I wasn’t aware. Didi wanted to enjoy this game with her kid brother more freely. She knew I’d not go any further unless she encourages me so she decided to take next step. One day we were standing in the window talking about school and college. Mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner. As usual Didi was pressing against me and I was feeling her crotch with my hand on windowsill. Sangita suddenly change the topic and asked me in low voice, “Sonu, your eyes looks so sleepy all the time.

It seemed that you’re not sleeping well in the night” As I heard that I got confused and mumbled, “Unn. What Didi?” “I think! You must not have enough sleep in the night, Sonu” “What do you mean, Didi?” “You know very well what I mean, Sonu!” she smiled mischievously. “What Didi?” I still acted like innocent. “Oh come on Sonu! Do you think your elder sister is stupid or what?” I realized that my secret is opened. Slowly I removed my hand from her crotch and looked her in the eyes.

She said further, “I know what you were doing with me up to now and where you were touching me. I know what you think about me, your elder sister. It’s disgusting you know my kid brother is doing this to me. Think what’ll happen if I tell to mother and father.” Saying that she smiled devilishly and went in to kitchen. I tried to stop her but she didn’t listen me. I was dumfounded. Moreover scared now. What’ll happen now? Would she tell mother and father? What they’ll do? They’ll kick me out from house or what.

All the time I was scared and tensed. I tried to talk with Sangita couple of times but she ignored me. After when Father Return I was more terrified. I tried to avoid everybody, as I knew that anytime they would confront me. By the time we sat for dinner nothing happened. I was surprised when I found that every time my eyes met my sisters she would smile teasingly. What she’s planning? Why she didn’t tell to father? What is in her mind? I was so confused that I hardly eat anything. Night after everything finished we slept as usual.

As I hit the bed I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I knew that there is no way that I could do anything with my sister again. My enjoyment was all over now. Almost 6/7 month I was enjoying with didi’s sleeping body. I tried to sleep but couldn’t as I was missing my night game badly. I stared blankly in the darkness. Suddenly I sensed some movement on my left side. I turned my head there. My eyes were adjusted in the darkness that I could see everything clearly. I realized that Sangita, who was sleeping around two feet away from me, now slide near to me.

She was covering herself with chadder (sheet) from top to bottom. I felt cold touch of her hand on my hand and before I realised what is happening she pulled my hand under her chadder and put on her breast. It was kick you know! My elder sister was putting my hand on her breast. I was afraid and started to sweat immediately. I was so dumfounded that I didn’t move my hand a bit. Sangita must have sensed my shock as she put her hand on me and started to squeeze her breast with me. So! That’s that reason why she didn’t tell to anybody.

She likes what I was doing with her and she doesn’t have any objection. In fact she wants me to play with her, to explore her. When I realized that how can I stay behind then? I started to knead her breast vigorously. She removed her hand from me and let me fondle her more freely. I was in heaven. Before I was feeling my sister boobs secretly, fearing she would wake up. But now I could feel her breast more freely with any fear in mind. I didn’t remember what I had done with them exactly. I knead her breast, squeezed, pressed and etc. etc. all the time Sangita was calm and steady allowing me to play freely with her breast. I was hard like rock. My cock was throbbing in my shorts. After some time when Sangita had had enough with her breast she guided my hand to her crotch.

She raised her skirt all the way up to her waist under the chadder and placed my hand on her pussy above her panties. I started to play with her pussy, more freely. I was cupping her, pinching her moving my hand up and down her slit. Didi was hot down there. I realized that her panties started to get wet. That was surly new sensation for me. Before whenever I felt her pussy she wasn’t getting wet as she was in deep sleep but now when I am feeling her defiantly she was aroused as she started to leak her juices. That was making me also wet as pre-cum started to ooze from my cock. Suddenly Sangita placed her hand on my hard cock above my shorts. I was shocked as first time she touched my cock.

She started to move her hand up and down on my cock, which was throbbing because of her gentle touches. That sensation was too much for me as I sensed that I would come any moment. Didi must have excited too also as I sensed her body was shaking lightly. She pressed her other hand on me, which was cupping her pussy and pressed forcedly inside. I felt wetness on her panties and she relaxed afterward. I realized she came in her panties. I was so hot realizing her orgasm that I explode in my pant. Didi sensed my orgasm also.

Every time my cock would twitch she would press it tightly. We took our hands off our bodies and calm down gradually. After some time I went to toilet and cleaned my underpants. God! So much cum was there in my pants. When I returned and sleep back Sangita also went to toilet afterward. Defiantly for the cleaning etc. by the time she returned to bed I was doze off, as it was too much for me. Next day in the house whenever I met Sangita’s eyes she would give me mischievous smile and shyly I would lower my eyes. At one time when we got some privacy she said to me, “So Sonu! How are you now?” “I’m OK Didi! I thought you were angry with me. Thanks for not to tell father and mother.” “Did you enjoy last night?” she asked.

“Yes Didi! I thought I would never ever get chance to feel them” I replied her shyly. It was big surprised when you he took my hand and put you’re… I couldn’t say anything further. “Put where Sonu?” she asked mischievously. “There! On you’re…” “Oh come on Sonu! Don’t shy! Tell me where I put your hands?” “On your boobs…” I said smilingly. “On boobs only? Where else also?” “On your pus… pussy also” “There you’re!” she smiled and said, “If you’re touching my breast and pussy then don’t shy to take name of those part. Ok?” I nodded shyly.

“To tell you truth, Sonu. I also enjoy everything. Only we have to take care that nobody should know about this. We can have more fun like that. Tonight more surprise will be there for you.” She said smilingly and went inside.Whole time I kept guessing what the surprise she might have for me. At night everybody slept and in the midnight Sangita slide near me. Taking that as a signal I slipped my hand on her breast under the Chadder. She let me fondle her boobs for a while from her blouse.

Then she took my hand and slides it under her blouse from bottom and placed on her bra-cupped breast. That was much better as one layer of cloth was reduced. I kept fondling her both breasts above her bra. Fabric of her bra was so thin that I could clearly touch her erect nipples. Some time I would pinch them with my fingers, which would cause her to twitch. While I was fondling her Suddenly Sangita raised her back and brought her hands under her back. Then she unhooked her bra from back. As she unhooked I felt her bra loosen front of her breast. She then brought her hand front and put my hand on her bare breast pushing her bra up.

Wow! That was amazing! Feeling Sangita’s breast without any restriction or cloths. That was my fantasy. I kneaded them, squeezed them, and pressed them. I would play with her nipples with my fingers. I don’t know how long I was playing with my sister’s boobs. I was hard and so much excited. After Sangita slide my hand down on her panty-covered pussy. I started to play with her pussy then. Again another surprise came. While I was feeling her pussy she hold my that hand then push her panties aside with other hand and place my hand directly on her pussy list. Man! That was kick! Feeling her bare pussy.

I felt her public hair around her pussy. I didn’t know what to do that I just kept moving my hand on her pussy lips. She was already wet so my fingers were slipping there. To my surprised! Sangita holds my two fingers and slides them between her pussy lips until half of them went inside. She showed me how to finger her and when I took rhythm she removed her hand. I kept fingering her and she started to produce more juice there. Now she slides her hand on my hard cock. She kept fondling it for a while and… One more surprised??

She slipped her hand inside my shorts and underpants and holds my cock. God! It felt sooo good when she holds my cock. It was heaven when she started to move her hand up and down on my cock. That was amazing! I was finger fucking my sister’s pussy and she was jerking her brother’s cock. Every time when my hand touch hard knob above her pussy lips she would twitch her body lightly. I realized that must be very sensitive part of hers. I removed my fingers from her pussy and started to play with that knob above her pussy lips. That was too much for her. Her body tensed and she holds tightly my wrist. I kept playing with her and at last she came.

Her orgasm was powerful that my fingers and hand was wet with her pussy juice. When Sangita’s orgasm subsided she started to jerk me faster and I couldn’t hold anymore. I explode and came in my underpants and in her hand.When my hard cock stopped twitching and got soft she removed her hand. I wasn’t sure but in the darkness I saw that she brought her hand to her mouth and leak my cum from there. Her head was covered with Chadder so I wasn’t sure whether she really did that or not. As usual afterward we went to toilet to clean ourselves one after another. Around two-week Sangita and me kept going this night enjoyment. Mean time whenever we had privacy we talked about our night game.

She told me that it was awkward to undo her back hook bra every time. So she buy new front hook bra. Now it was easy to unhook bra and freed her breast. Also instead of pulling her panties one side and holding it there I started to slide my hand in her panties from top waistband. So I would able to play with her public hair also and when she orgasm most of her pussy juice would soak by her panties without wetting bed sheet. Now Didi also started to play with my cock more freely while sliding my shorts and underpants down.

That was comfortable for me also to get more pleasure. One day while we were alone Sangita asked me, “So Sonu! Are enjoying our game at night?” “Yes Didi! Too much! Only problem is my Chadder getting wet all the time and you could see dry cum stain on it. It is hard to keep them wothout noticing, you know” “Yes! I realized that Sonu! My bed sheet also getting wet every time when I come. It’s very difficult to keep this out from mother’s eyes. We have to do something for that otherwise we would get caught,” didi replied with worry.

After thinking for a while her face lit up and she said, “Don’t worry Sonu! I have solution for that also. Do one thing only. Tonight while sleeping just announce that you are getting cold by fan air and sleep other way with your legs on my head side and your head on my legs side, ok?” I nodded yes but couldn’t understand what she had in her mind. In the Night as per our planning I announced and slept other way.

I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to feel Sangita’s boob in this position. As per our previous play I was ready sliding my shorts and underpants down and holding my freed cock. I saw in the darkness that Didi slide near to me much closer and down. She pulled me closer on my side. I guess she was also lying on her side facing me. I felt that my Chadder was raise slightly and felt she hold my cock with her hand. She started to slide it up and down on my cock jerking motion. I was hard and excited. She holds my cock at the base for a while and I felt something soft and wet things engulf my cock.

Also I felt warm breath air blowing on my balls. Oh my god! Oh my god! She was sucking, my sister was sucking my cock with her mouth. That thought and sensation force my cock to grow immediately. My cock was throbbing in her mouth.Her suck head of my cock like lollipop then move her mouth up and down taking whole length in her mouth. Feeling of her luscious lips and mouth was too much for me. After around five minutes I couldn’t hold anymore and ejaculate in her mouth forcedly. Jet after jet I shoot in her mouth and surprisingly she gulp it down. Not a single drop she missed and drank my whole semen. My orgasm was so powerful that I exhaust and fell on my back. After around ten minutes I came in sense. Sangita really shocked me taking me in her mouth.

That was most intense sexual pleasure I ever got in my life at that time. I realized I have to return the favor I have to please my Didi in a same manner. I turned and slide my head under her chadder. She was ready as if she knew what I would do or what I have to do. She already pulled her skirt up and slides her panties down to her knees. When I put my head in there she turned on her side facing me and brought her crotch in my head level. I went ahead and place my mouth on her pussy.

Sangita was already wet and I sensed faint aroma of women’s sex. First I lapped her pussy lips like a dog then suck them hard. She pressed my head further locking between her thighs. I kissed, lapped and suck her pussy hard.I even tried to insert my tongue between her pussy lips but it was difficult to insert much in as she was pressing her thighs tightly. It wasn’t long that I realized she’s Cumming. And when she came she drenched my mouth with her juice.Taste of her juice was something deferent, which can be explaining, neither bitter nor sweet. I lapped and make her pussy dry with my tongue then slide out from her chadder.

That night we both sleep peacefully that we were both contented. Next day Sangita asked me, “How was that surprise Sonu?” “Great Didi! That was my fantasy.” “Which one Sonu?” she asked me teasingly, “the one I suck your cock or other you suck my pussy, tell me.” “Both didi!” I replied proudly. “Oh that means you were fantasizing about your sister ha?” “Yes Didi!” I replied shyly, “ever since we started doing with each other I dream about that. Can I ask you something, Didi?” “Yes! Go ahead!” “How did you know about those things…, Didi.

I mean… sucking cock… and these entire thing” “You are just 14, Sonu! Tell me then how did you know about these?” “Me… In school we all boys’ talks about girls and everybody tells something deferent and new. Also…,” I said further shyly, “also some boys has got some magazines…about sex… showing all kind of sex… you know” “Oh! So you’re doing all this things in the school! Talking about sex and looking dirty magazines, haa??” “No. No Didi,” I said hurriedly, “not all the time….” She laughed and said, “Don’t be afraid Sonu! I won’t tell anybody.

In fact we girls also do the same in the collage.” “You mean..! You also saw those magazines?” I asked surprisingly “Off course I did! I mean not so much but one or two. So many girls having sexual relations with boys.” “Like us Didi? I mean… brother and sister?” “No. Not like us. At least nobody told like that but with some boys in the collage.” “Didi! You are so beautiful and attractive. So many guys must be behind you. Have you ever had any relations… with anybody…? I mean not sexually but like love or something…” “No! No way Sonu! Our parents would kill me if I make any relations with anybody. Also its very danger with collage guys. I mean they are not very serious about relationship.

They just wanted to enjoy and after they go to other girls. Also if girl make relations with anyone he share her with his friends” “What! They share the girl??” I asked in horror. “Yes they are! Once girl submitted to the boy or makes sexual relations that he would take advantage and some time blackmail her and compel her to have sex with his friends. “That is horrible didi!” I said, “Please didi! Don’t make any relations with any boys in the collage. I cannot bare that guy sharing my sister.” “Don’t worry Sonu! I won’t do that.

Perhaps I don’t need to make any relations out side when my kid brother is there to satisfy me,” Sangita replied playfully patting my face. “Thanks Didi!” I said happily. After that Sangita and I kept our night sex activities like that for month or two. My father mother never suspected anything, as we were normal brother-sister front of them. Never ever in their wildest dream they would think that their 14-year-old son is having sexual relations with their 18-year-old daughter. We were taking all possible care not to know anyone. In the night while we are intimating by chance if mother or father anybody wake up to go to toilet we would just cover us with our chatter.

There is no way they could suspect that their kids are half-naked under sheet. Only problem was all this game was going on in the night with darkness. Although I have seen Sangita so many time half-naked I was dying to see her full naked or to feel her in the bright light. We were not getting complete privacy that the entire time father, mother or either of them used to be there in the house. I was waiting for opportunity to be alone with didi in the house. One Saturday afternoon I got back from school. I saw that mother and sister were on the mezzanine floor cleaning old stuff. As I told before one wooden loft floor was there in our living room. Normally we use those as a storeroom or to keep things, which we don’t use, daily basis.

Access of that loft floor was one wooden ladder, which we keep out side in the passage if we don’t use. When I saw that I went up by ladder to help them. When we done with major things mother told us to continue and went down to do other jobs. After some time mother shouted from down that she is going out to purchase something and would be back in hour. She instructed to keep eye downstairs if somebody comes and she left. Now I was alone with Sangita in the house on mezzanine floor. I thought that as a great opportunity. I saw she was sorting some magazines on the table. I went behind her and put my hands on her hips. She kept doing her things ignoring me. I started to move my hands up and down from her hips to her armpits. Seeing no resistance from her I slide my hand front on her belly.

Then slowly I raised my hand under her breast. And finally I cupped her breast with my both hands from behind. didi stopped what she was doing. I kept my hand on her boobs for a while then started to squeeze them gently. Sangita turned to face me. We our eyes met we smiled to each other. She asked me, “What are you doing, Sonu?” “Nothing!” I replied sheepishly, “just feeling your boo… boobs” “What you’re not getting enough in the night?” she asked teasingly. “Yah! But couldn’t hold back when I see them now” “Do you want we get caught?” “How can we get caught? We are alone here. Mother is not down stair.” “What if somebody comes from outside?” she still teased me.

“If anybody came downstairs we’ll know. And if anybody wanted to come upstairs they have to position this properly,” saying that I straiten up ladder at loft entrance and looked at her smilingly. “Very smart boy Haa!” she smiled back to me. “So am I! After all I am your brother. Smart sister’s smart brother” And we both laughed loudly. “Ok now! Don’t talk too much and come here, Kido” I went closer to her. “What you want to do Kido?” Sangita asked me. I kept staring at her breast, which was stood proudly front of my eyes.

“Are you going to star those only or want to do anything?” she said mischievously. I placed my both hands boldly on Sangita’s breasts looking directly in her eyes and squeezed them hardly. She sighed and closed her eyes in anticipation. I kept fondling her breast for a while. “didi! Can I ask you something?” She opens her eyes and looked at me, “What’s that Sonu?” “Can you show me you’re….? This,” I squeezed her breast hard to indicate. “What you want to see?” she still asked me “Your boobs Didi!” I answered. “Why? Aren’t you seeing them before?”

She teased me. “Yes I have seen them before, But with bra only. I mean. I want to see them naked.” I said shyly. “So! You want to see your didi’s breast naked, haa?” “Yes!” I replied sheepishly. “Ok! Go ahead and see them.” Sangita’s said daringly. “Muhhh… Meee… no! You show me” I asked her. “No! I won’t. If you want to see then you have to see yourself.” She said with grinning. “How can I… I mean how can I take your cloths off, Didi?” “Why? What’s difficult in that? Come on Son! You don’t have much time if you really wanted to see those.

Come on!” she encouraged me. I got nervous but I realized I have to if I want. I raised my hand bit then afraid brought them down. Sangita smiled and said, “Go ahead Sonu! Don’t shy.” Finally I raised my hand and placed it on top of her blouse. It’s ladies blouse kind of like shirt with front side hooks. I was trembling and my hands were shaking. Sangita stood there casually enjoying every moment of my situation. Some how I managed to undo first hook of her blouse, after that second and then third.

Back of my hands was touching her boobs when I come between them. At last I undo all hook of her blouse. I paused for moment and looked in her eyes. She nodded for further approval. Slowly I moved both sides of her blouse wide apart revealing those magnificent breasts of hers. She slides her blouse bit down her shoulder to give me more view. Sangita was wearing black colored bra underneath. First time I saw her from so close. Black color of her bra was emphasizing on her fare skin.

She must have excited about whole thing as I could clearly see her erect nipple through thin fabric. Either her bra was small or her breast was big as they were bulging out from all sides. I looked in her eyes. She nodded and said, “Come on! Hurry! Next!” I placed my hand on Sangita’s bra hook between her cleavages. I tried to undo hook of her bra but couldn’t. I tried more but wasn’t succeeding. Hopelessly I saw in her eyes. She laughed and told me, “Come on Sonu! Try again.” “I can’t Didi! It’s too tight.” “Come on! You can.

I’ll guide you ok? Now put your fingers behind the hook…. Ok like that… now pull them both sides while pressing in the middle… ‘Click’… that’s it… you here the sound? That mean lock is open. Now… just slide both side up and down… there you’re…” As I slide it up and down hook opened and both sides of her bra cup sprung out as bra was tight on her breast and I wasn’t holding them properly. After that I move her bra cup and greed her breasts. Man! Those were magnificent! For me those were best boobs on the earth.

Big, firm and so live. With slight move of her body they would jerk. Like you must have seen milk in the plastic bags? Have you seen how those milk bags twitch?? It was just like that. Dark brown aureoles around one inch diameter and in the centre that pink colored erect nipple, like grape. God! That was wow some for 14-year- old boy. I don’t know how long I was just staring my sister’s naked breasts. I came in reality when I heard her voice. “Sonu… Sonu…? Wake up Kido! Where are you?” “uhhhh… what didi…??”

“I can see from your face that you like them very much.” “Yes didi! Those are beautiful. More than what I dreamed.” “Again dream? How many dreams you have Sonu?” “So many didi! So many!” I answered in daze. “Then come to reality and do something with them” she said smilingly. I placed my both hands on Sangita’s both breasts. I started to fondle them. I was so fascinated that I was staring her breast without blinking my eyes and kneading them hardly. She would sigh when I pinch her nipple with fingers. I was hard and my body was shaking.

My lips and mouth was dry due to excitement that I was moving my tongue on my lips to make them wet. Taking that as other sign Sangita placed her hand back of my head and guided my lips to her nipple. As my lips met her nipple she shivered and presses my mouth hard to her breast allowing me to take them full of mouth. I started to suck her breast. I would suck them, bite them and kissed them. With my right hand I hold bottom of her left breast and lift them bit up to suck them more. Involuntarily my left hand guided to her right breast and squeezed them.

I don’t know how long I was playing with her breasts. May be ten minutes or fifteen. Due to my sucking her both breasts became red and were wet with my salvia. Finally Sangita pulled me away from her breast and said, “Enough Sonu! Enough. I know, You won’t get satisfy even if you suck them whole day and night.” I smiled sheepishly. I looked directly in her eyes and asked boldly, “Didi! Can you show me you… down there?” “I know..! I know that,” she said laughingly, “you’ll not satisfy only with top.

I was wondering that how come you haven’t ask me yet?” “Ok! Go ahead! Same condition! You have to see yourself.” “This time with pleasure, didi!” saying that I placed my both hands on Sangita’s waist. “Sit here Sonu! You’ll get better view,”Saying that Sangita guided me to small stool, which was one foot high. When I sit on that stool, my head was perfectly parallel to her crotch area. She came closer to me, around one foot and stood there placing her hands one my shoulder.I place my hands on her waist again looking up at her.

Then hooking my finger in the elastic of her skirts I started to pull them down. Passing though her waist then her hips then her thighs and skirt fell in her feet. She stepped out from them. While sliding her skirt down my eyes were fixed on her crotch area. Her skirt slides down revealing step by step her blue colour panties. Her panties were tight at her crotch that I could clearly see bulge of her pussy lips through them. Some public hairs were peeking out from side leg bands. She was defiantly aroused, as her panties were wet at the front.

Again I insert my fingers in the waistband of her panties and slide them down. In one sweep motion I pulled her panties all the way down to her ankle. Now Sangita was stark naked front of me except her blouse and bra hanging on her shoulder. First time I was seeing my sister in bright light fully naked. My eyes were fixed on her pussy. Dark black public hair was on the top and few around her pussy, Pink fold of her pussy lips, Deep slit with little knob protruding out at the top. What a sight! I raised my hand and touched her public hair with my fingers.

As I touched her Sangita sigh and hold my shoulder firmly. She was getting hot. I slide my fingers down and toughed her pussy lightly. As my finger made contact with that knob her body jerk involuntarily. I parted her pussy lips with both hands to see that knob more and touched it more. She closes her eyes and started to moan now. I saw her closed eyes and leaned forward to her pussy around inch or two. She must have sensed my breath over there. She opened her eyes and looked down. When she saw my face inch away from her pussy she couldn’t hold it any more. She pressed my face on her crotch while trusting her pussy in my mouth. I started to eat Sangita’s pussy now.

I suck her pussy, lapped her there. I suck hard at that knob, which was most sensitive part of hers I guess. While sucking her pussy I brought my hand back on her buttock and knead them also, it was so soft you know! Kneading, squeezing her ass chicks. She started to hump against my mouth. I insert my tongue in her pussy and dig her there. She couldn’t hold and more. Within a minute she came on my mouth, Wetting whole area. When her orgasm subsided. She pulled away from me. “How was that, Didi?” I asked her proudly “Mind blowing Sonu! You’re getting improved day by day.” “Thanks Didi! You’re so beautiful. I never imagine you look so sexy without cloths.”

Sangita just smiled on my compliments and started to get dress. I was volunteered to dress her up. I hold her panties open to put her legs. When I slide it up covering her pussy. I purposely pulled them above her waist bulging out her pussy lips. Then I pulled up her skirt and before passing up her panties I kissed her pussy from above her panties. Then I stood up and hooked her bra (I kissed them also before that). And at last hooked her blouse as it was before. When I stood up smiling at her she hugged me and said, “Oh Sonu! You’re so sweet! I have to do favour for you.” Saying that she started kissing me.

First time we were kissing like that, not like brother-sister but as a lover. She motioned me to open my mouth and insert her tongue in my mouth. Wow! She really knows how to french kiss! Long time we were sucking each other’s tongue.Occasionally I was sucking her upper lip while same time she was sucking my lower lip. I really like that. Sucking my sister’s luscious lips! As we were kissing us heard door opened at down stair. Mother came in and called our names and I immediately parted from Sangita.

But she pulled me again and kept kissing my lips. “Maa is there, Didi! She may come up.” “Don’t worry, Sonu. She won’t.” And she continues kissing me. Mother shouted from down stair, “Did you finish everything up there or not?” “We are almost finish, Maa!” Sangita answered and knelt front of me. She pulled down my shorts in sweep motion and grabbed my cock in her hands. She looked at me with seductive eyes and put my cock in her mouth. Wow! What a feeling.This was exciting watching my sister take her brothers cock inside her mouth. She began bobbing up and down in a gentle motion.

The only thing that went to my head at that moment was what mother was thinking down stair that what we are doing up. Didi licked my shaft up and down touching my balls with her tongue. She was driving me crazy. She then began rubbing my cock as though she was jerking me off. Sangita was blowing me since long time and I learned during that period how to prolong my orgasm. This really didn’t do much for me and I think she sensed it. Sangita then began licking my balls biting and pulling on the hair. She told me to place my ball inside her mouth as she opened wide. I’m surprised.

She opened her mouth wide and I lifted up my cock guiding my balls into her mouth. As I was doing that she was flickering it with her tongue. As they were in, she began sucking and pulling and rolling her tongue around it.It felt great except for that she sucked too hard and made the pleasurable experience a bit painful. “Auhhhh!” I shouted in pain. “What happened, Sonu? Are you all right?” mother asked from down stair. “Uh..? Nothing… Maa! Didi pulled so hard….!”

I answered looking at Sangita’s smiling mischievously. “Be gentle with your brother, Sangita. Don’t hurt him.” Mother instructed to didi. We both laughed huskily about mother’s comments. She must have thought Sangita was pulling hard furniture or some thing, If she ever known what actually she was pulling. That’s kick you know! Sangita got off my balls and began licking my shaft again. I felt kind of bad also that moment because I was supposed to be working with her and what we were doing? Mother is down and just above her head her daughter was sucking her son’s cock and she never knew that. Sangita began sucking on my cock again and my bad feeling vanished immediately.

I felt like I was in heaven. I grabbed the back of her head and gently and slowly went with her bobbing. I loved it! It was my own sister. She began sucking harder and faster. I had no choice but to cum. I signaled her, sort of, that I was Cumming. She murmured “Uhn hum,” and continued sucking. I dropped the load in Sangita’s mouth. She immediately got up and kissed me on the lips placing her tongue in my mouth. She also placed my cum in my mouth, which I had squirted in her mouth previously. I must admit I swallowed. It wasn’t much, and I could barely tell.

She swallowed more than me I’m sure. Mother must have heard our sighs and grunting as she placed the ladder in inclined position and started climbing up muttering some words about us. I tugged my shorts up while didi started to work on some items besides us. As mother raised her head up above loft she saw we both were busy doing something. Mother came up and helped us to finish our job, complaining about our laziness and slowness. That was only time when we were careless and about to be caught. But afterwards we never risk our game. After that we were enjoying whenever we get chance. This kept going on for 2/3 months. Whenever we were alone we discussed our sexual relationship with each other. We both admitted that we derived endless joy from our relationship.

We had great fun, especially in the night. Once or twice we touched on the subject of taking it further, but nothing materialized. Every time I would ask Sangita to go further she would refuse me. According to her it was fun to be intimated with her brother in oral sex. But she wasn’t agreeing for actual intercourse. “Didi! There is only one thing left for us to yet experience,” I carefully broached the subject one evening. “What is that,” she asked. “You know what it is,” I said. “Well! We’ll cross that line when the time is right” she said, adding “till then.

We have to be satisfied with our present situation.” I did not push the subject any further, but her reply was certainly slightly more positive than she had ever been in the past, opening the possibility ever so slightly, whereas previously she always stated firmly that intercourse would never be a possibility. We never had chanced to be alone in the house for long period as our mother/father never go for holiday or anything. Even though if they go always either of them was present in the house.

If mother goes to visit our grand parents at village father would be there and if father goes somewhere out station mother would be there always. I was eagerly waiting for right time and that time came in the next month.My mother’s close relative died in the village and mother has to go there immediately. First time mother/father was going together leaving Sangita and me alone in the house for 2/3 days. That was chance I was waiting for. Sangita and me keeps glancing each other while helping them for their baggage and promising with our eyes about further enjoyment.

Mother was giving instruction to her about daily housework and other things, also me about staying with Sangita and not to go out some where. I assured her that I’d take care about everything along with Sangita (winking at didi). Father/mother left in the afternoon. I went with them up to bus stand and sent then safely. When I returned back, I saw Sangita was preparing lunch. I didn’t disturb her and stayed in living room, watching TV. We had lunch together talking about other things. After lunch She finished washing dishes and everything and came in the hall. She went to the dressing mirror and started smoothing her hair.

Seeing her in relaxed mood I went behind her and embraced her. I started kissing her neck and earlobe. She closed her eyes moving her fingers in my hair. I move my hand from her belly to her breast and squeezed them for a while.Then I turned her and open her dress tops and bra. As usual I started playing with her breasts. After a while I went down sliding her skirt and panties down and eat her pussy out. She came after some times. Then she knelt and slides down my shorts and gave me one wonderful blow job. When I came in her mouth she licked me clean and stood up. She embraced and kissed me, as she did a number of times before, with our tongues exploring each other’s mouth.

Only this time we were embraced in naked condition. I suddenly became aware that due to Sangita’s hugging and kissing my cock started to erect and was pressing right against the entrance to her pussy.I realized that if I pushed forward, I would enter her, which was on the verge of happening. For a moment it flashed through my mind to do so and get it over and done, since it was within my control to enter her. We stood quite still for a few seconds, although it felt like eternity, both fully realizing the situation. Both of us kept up the pressure, with my cock continuing to push hard against her pussy, opening up the lips slightly. I could feel flesh upon flesh. Neither of us said anything; I could feel myself breathing heavily in sheer expectation.

Both of us stood dead still. The only other thing I was aware of at that moment was the heat of our bodies, and my breathing I looked up, staring into Sangita’s eyes, my rock hard cock remaining where it was, right at the entrance to her canal. This was the nearest we have ever come to. Didi also realized the tension of this moment, not saying anything, not making any move, just holding me. Suddenly doorbell rang. Sangita moved her body back quickly, removing the head of my cock from her pussy. She gathered her cloths and told me to get dress and answer the door while she runs in the kitchen to get dress.

I tugged my shorts up and went to open the door. When I saw from peephole I found one of our neighbours standing outside. I opened the door and greeted him. He enquired about my father/mother and I told him about sudden family demise. We talked for a while and after he left and I closed the door. I sat on the bed and Sangita came and sat near me. She heard everything from inside so she didn’t ask me who was there. We were sitting silently there for a while then I put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her closer. “You know Didi, when your were pushing against me, I really thought I was going to enter you,” I said. “Did you really want to do so?” Sangita asked.

“There is nothing I want more than to feel me inside of you, Didi,” I replied. “We have experienced just about everything apart from having intercourse.” “Don’t call it intercourse, Sonu. Let’s call it making love,” she said, “I love you, Didi and you are the first girl I really wanted to make love to. In plain words: I desire you; I have desired to make love to you, and specifically you, for a long time. Let’s do so, please…Didi” Sangita then admitted that our earlier experience when I stood with my cock at her pussy made her realize how much she also wanted to be getting me inside. Although I did not intentionally position my erect cock against her pussy; it just happened that way. “”Okay, Sonu! We are torturing ourselves, not admitting to the inevitable.

We’ll make love, since us both wish it….” she said. This was the moment I have been waiting for quite a long time: her agreeing to us “doing the act,” crossing that forbidden line. “To tell you truth, Sonu,” Sangita said, “I had been thinking to do that for a long time. I mean we had so many opportunities in the past when we could have done that quickly. But I wanted our first time to be memorial. Not in hurry and fear in mind that somebody would come or we would get caught. Like the moment before when that neighbor disturbed us.”

“We have 2/3 days ourselves all alone, Didi. We have to make worth this time. I can’t wait any more.” I said her in desperate voice. “I know Sonu. I know,” she slapped me playfully, “I’m also dying to do that, but not now.Late night will be right time as nobody will disturb us at that time.” “Then we’ll celebrate rest of the day having fun, Didi. What about going out for movie and dinner.” I happily suggested her. “Sounds good to me, Sonu. We’ll go out in the evening. I’ll make some shopping also.”

Sangita replied. “What shopping, Didi?” “Something special for you, Kido!” holding my chicks she stated, “pleasant surprise!” “Wow! I am dying to see that ‘surprise’, Didi.” “Wait until tonight, Sonu. Now let’s have some afternoon nap. If you really want to enjoy whole night.” Saying that she lay on the bed. I also lay near Sangita. I wasn’t sure whether I could sleep thinking about night events. But eventually we doze off peacefully. We wake at 5:00 PM and got ready to go out. Sangita didi wore tight short midi with tight T-shirt above.

She normally never wears this type of outfit when parents are around. I could keep my eyes off from her tight ass and big breast stretching those T-shirt. We went to the market area. While nearing one shop Sangita asked me to go and get ticket of one English movie, which was featuring near cinema Theatre. I glanced inside the shop and found that was one of ladies lingerie shop. I smiled looking her and told her I’ll wait for her in the theatre and headed forward. Sure I saw Sangita’s face was bright red with embarrassment when I smiled at her.

I went to the Theatre and buy two tickets asking specially corner sits. After some time Sangita came there carrying two bags in the hand. I asked mischievously what she buys. But she told me shyly wait and see in the night. We went to the theatre and watched that English movie, which has got some hot scenes also. I was aroused watching those scenes and all the time I was moving my hand on didi’s bare thighs. I would move my hand up inside her midi also some times. But she dug me in the ribs with her elbow indicating not to be nasty in the public place. After movie we went to one of the fine restaurant for dinner. And after we wonder around sea face for some time. I was insisting Sangita to get back home but she purposely delayed, saying that better to get back home when all neighbors’ are sleep.

Finally we got back at home around 11:00 PM. Sangita asked me to get fresh so after she would also get ready for our final events. I went bathroom and had a nice quick bath. When I returned Sangita went to kitchen carrying those bags and closed the door to get ready.I put only my shorts without underpants. I sat on sofa watching TV and waited for her to appear. When she was ready she called my name from kitchen then opens the door and walked in the living room. She was covering herself with thin sheet from top to bottom. She smiled seductively at me. Then said in low voice, “Are you ready, Sonu?” “Yes Didi! Eagerly!” “Then here it is, which I buy today for you, to my lovely brother.” saying that she open the sheet and dropped on the floor presenting herself.

I almost swallowed my tongue when I saw her. Sangita had on a very short black gown that exposed her thighs all the way up to bottom of her panties. Material of her gown was so transparent that I could see her lacy black bra and panties clearly. She had a pair of black sandal with a heel that had to be 3 inches high. Her makeup was applied heavier than ever before. Words cannot explain how beautiful Sangita looked. “My oh my, what a sight, Didi! Please tell me I’m not in a dream right now!” “You don’t have to dream because I am reality here. This is the first time I’ve ever dressed this way, so I hope you like it.” Sangita said. “

I never thought I’d able to see any girl in such an outfit, especially that girl’s would be my sister. It must be costly. Where did you get those money?” “I had my savings in the bank and I wanted to buy and wear this type of things since long time, especially since we started our relations. I know you would like to see me in these cloths. But because of mother I couldn’t buy it before. Since this is our special night and we are alone I thought I’ll surprise you with this gift” Sangita explained to me. “What if mother find this? What you’ll tell her?” “She won’t! I’ll keep these hides from her. And even though she found I’ll tell her these are not mine that it’s one of my friends who forgot here.”

Oh Didi! You look so sexy in this outfit. I wish I could see you like that forever.” “No! No, Sonu! You know that isn’t possible. This is just for tonight or probably for next 2 days. Once mother/father will be back I cannot wear this things.”“Yes! I know that Didi! But you can wear that for me whenever they’re not here?” “May be…!” she said teasingly. “Yes you do! I know for me you’ll do that.” “Yes Sonu!” She laughed and added, “I can do anything for my brother. Anything! I’m yours for whatever you want!”

“I just want to look right now. Just stand still in front of me and let me see you, Didi” Sangita took my hand and led me over to the bed. I sat down on the edge of the bed facing her. I could feel my whole body shaking from the excitement. I couldn’t help but stare. My eyes were affixed to Sangita’s body, especially her breasts. She stepped back and placed her fingers on her gown. She took her time, rolling the ribbon that tied the gown together around her fingers. She was playing with me and it was working. My cock was as hard as a rock.

Slowly, Sangita undid each of the ties all the way down the front. When she bent down to loosen the last tie her gown opened in the front. Her nipples were barely concealed by her black lacy bra. She stood up and turned around to face the other way. She pulled the gown off her shoulders and let it drop at my feet. The view from the back was unreal. She had the prettiest ass and the shapeliest back I had ever seen. Sangita slowly turned back to me and asked, “What do you think so far, Sonu?” “You are my dream-come-true, Didi!” She leaned forward and placed her hands on the side of my face, and then she gave me a long, soft kiss. She then stood up front of me and slowly began tracing her fingers along the edges of her bra.

That black bra was so lacy that hardly hiding her breast. Then she turned around slowly, sort of standing on one leg with the other one slightly out to the side and said, “Please unhook my bra, Sonu!” I did as Sangita asked but when I let go of the straps it did not fall. She turned around and I saw why. She was holding it in her hands against her breasts. She slowly, almost teasingly, began to move the material from her breasts. Slowly she was exposing her breasts before my hungry eyes. Sangita’s nipples mesmerized me.

She must have taken two minutes to get the bra off her breasts. But it was worth the wait. There in front of me was my sister with the nicest breasts. She leaned her head back and reached for the back of my head. She took me with her hands and guided my mouth to her breast. “Sonu, please take your time and enjoy them slowly.” I started kissing them as you would kiss a lip. I moved my mouth all around the tops and sides of her breasts, kissing the flesh. She helped me by guiding her breasts in a way that allowed me to kiss her where she wanted me.

I was in heaven, so much so that I guess I had almost forgot about my cock. I heard Sangita moan “Whoa! Ohhhh my…”, and I looked to see what she was doing. She was looking down at my cock, which was now sticking out the top of my shorts about 1 inch. Slightly embarrassed I moved back from her to try and stuff my meat back in my shorts, but she stopped my hand before I got there. “Let it be out, Sonu! Feeling the need to pay back Sangita for exposing her breasts so openly I sat back, giving her full access to see my cock.

Looking down I noticed cum dripping out of the end. She reached down and scooped the cum with her index finger. Lifting it slowly to her mouth Finally her finger made it to her lips, and she rolled her eyes slightly as my cum touched her tongue.She raised her other hand to her left breast and pinched and squeezed the nipple in a way that I would have thought painful. Sangita looked back down at me and slowly bent down and kissed the top of my forehead, then continued, kissing my eyes, my face and finally stopped at my

lips. Her eyes opened and closed, making her look like she was drifting in and out of consciousness. She lingered at my lips and finally placed her wet lips against mine. She kept going, and before long she was wildly licking at the inside of my mouth. She pulled back and continued, slowly, patiently working her way across my neck, my shoulders and my chest. She got on her knee and pushed me back so I was now lying.

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