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Hi, guys, this is avir ( [email protected]) back with an another story.I was requested to write a story by my reader ruchi.The heroin of the story is ruchi otherwise can be called as a female version of lord Kamadeva.Let the hero name be Avir.Ruchi, smoothly sculpt the body with clear cut curves and baseless design.34 D 32 36 is the structure in number but your pant will always have a projection when you see her.A dark milky white in complexion and even milk would stare at her color get defeated.She always wears western costumes and it always suits her and doesn’t worry even in saree she looks more prettier.A married unsatisfied girl with his husband as a captain for a so-called container ship.

So obviously it’s according to your guess.An unsatisfied milf ( oh she can’t be called as a milf). She is 29 years old with a son of age 2.I have a question in my mind that,” how she would have become pregnant.okay, guys lets leave that controversial issue and we shall return back to our story.One fine wedding evening there was a classy mature man who was active amidst the slow people around the marriage hall.It was sangeeth of a beautiful couple.It was full of colors and flowers and filled with beautiful fragrance.The man’s activeness were caught by beautiful young women and she is ruchi.The man was inside a nice suite and ruchi was inside a beautiful Banaras saree with her milky navel visible.It wasn’t a low hip but it was sexier.Her hands were full of mehndi and her sculpted body was filled with jewellery. I guess she must have gained more attention than the girl who played the female role in the marriage couple.A golden orange colour saree with a matching color blouse.As it was little drowsy she had an adorable amount of sweat in her armpit.Every formal function were over and as it was a marriage function there weren’t any drinks in the 5-star hotel.The whole hotel was booked for the grand wedding except few bars.

The beautiful lady’s eyes were always on the man and he also felt some blissful feel.Though he was 47 he had a good physique without any extra bulges.He after dancing with many ladies held a hand for ruchi “The adorable beast”.A romantic dance with a beautiful Italian music.She felt the every single touch of the man and the moment when he had a hand on her belly.She was in a world filled with joy.The music slowly came to an end with a loud applause.Both were placed in a corner table.There was an exchange of their boring personal stuff.The man was a divorced mature millionaire.Avir: if you don’t mind can you accompany me for a drink.Ruchi: I mind.Avir: what’s the problem ??Ruchi: Are you asking me to come with a saree to a bar ????.Have you even visited a bar ??

Avir: Oh sorry.i am in a blissful state.Ruchi: so if you can wait until for my dress change. I can accompany you.Avir: waiting isn’t so hard if it is worthyRuchi: Don’t follow me to the room (with a naughty smile)Though Avir knows what’s happening in around him.He came to a realization.But he was waiting for her.She came in a pretty jean and a blue top.She was again a beautiful beast with a civilized look.She was welcomed with a smile.Both of the hand were crossed and entered the flame bar.A beautiful but a bit nerdy bar.The man asked her to order two…

Avir: two sex on the beachRuchi: What…….Avir: what, it a cocktail MamRuchi : don’t play around with meAvir: let me orderThe order was placedIt’s a mix of Vodka, Peach schnapps, Orange or pineapple juice with Cranberry juice.

The barmen were playing around with the drink.Maybe he might be trying to impress Ruchi.Avir wasn’t bothered much.Both of them had a considerable amount of drink and had few conversation.She was drunker than avir.After having a lime juice she was taken to her room carefully by avir.He is a man of class.He was steady even after four shots of multiple cocktails.Ruchi lost her control and after reaching the room. The room was closed she had a vomit which was cleaned by a room service with a filthy and a pitying look by the service men.He was tipped for his work by Avir.She was lying in the bed with her tops revealing her navel and her hands in “T” formation.Few hours passed meanwhile he was having a book taken from her stuff. She woke up slowly and with a staggering walk she went hear him.

She sat on her lap and started crying.Her few premarital affairs were revealed ( to be decent it was her past love).She was like lying like a child on his chest and his hand was around her shoulder.After Avir’s divorce conversation ( it was too short and precise).There was a silence in the room for few minutes with their eyes staring at each other.There was a sex hormonal urge inside them.Both of their lips were nearing and finally, her eyes were closed and a finally a kiss.A gentle one.Then there was a vigorous one as you see in a Hollywood porn.Her hands were fondling over her chest and his was busy holding her.The kiss was broken after the exchange of salivas.Avir’s lips were bearing the marks of the lipstick.She got up and followed him.She went near the bed and started to striptease him.Herp top was removed.

With the mix of the yellow light, her body was shining and her cleavage was bearing few red stripes.Her white bra was proud bearing the beautiful assets.Avir removed his shirt and her pant ( the shirt wasn’t removed full just the button was set free).She went and had a deep kiss pushing her on the bed.Her pants were removed and her panty too.A white panty ( it looked as if it was new).He was astonished on looking her pussy.A clean shaved pussy.It looked like the bends ( midline) in the apple.The pussy lips were juicier than.There wasn’t any color difference.A full white pussy.He had his boxers with his erect cock rubbing her pussy.After few kisses.The beast was released.It was so young and its size may be between 7-8 inches.As soon it was held in her mouth.She was sucking it and playing with it.She licked the tip and it aroused Avir.She was sucking it and her loose hairs couldn’t contribute to the speed of her head. It was struggling to match her speed.He was kneeling down on the bed.After a sucking of 6 minutes, he had loads and loads of cum.Her face was delighted in the taste of it.She drank each and every drop of it.His balls were also gained few attention.

She was pushed down and with his face on her pussy.He gently kissed the pussy lips.He had a crossed lip lock with the pussy lips.His tongue was in pursuit into her pussy.Her pussy was wet mixed with saliva and her juices.his tongue lined her pussy, licked her clitoris, sucked it, bit it.There were few moans mhaaaaah mhaaaah.She had his had held his head.After a hard struggle, she had an orgasm. Her cum was half licked and half were spilled to those lucky bedsheets.He moved towards her boobs with kisses in a horizontal pattern.The beautiful bra was removed by the effect of testosterone hormone.Haaaawwwwwaaaaah.The beautiful milky white legends sorry lesson ( may be a beautiful and big one).Her boobs were brighter than a full moon.Initially, I thought that it was having few white coating but later realized it to be her color.He had his teeth biting the darl pink nipples.

She moaned mhaaaahhhssss.He sucked it like a hungry cow.Her fatty boobs were made pink and his hands were pressing it hard.Her hands were crushing the bedsheet as much she can.After few foreplay and kisses.She licked her cleanly shaved armpit.Her armpit had few strikes of dark line and it was beautiful.It tasted awesome and it was clearly visible from his face and she sucked it hard.Finally, all the foreplay came to an end.Her pussy was made ready for action.His fully stretched penis was striking his pussy lips.Her pussy was teased and she started moving her body in amusement.He finally inserted it and it was a hard time for him as the pussy was untouched or the past 6 month due to a long naval journey.After few struggling insertion finally it reached with a scream.haaaaaaaaaaah.He increased his speed and it was a great fucking session.

The whole bed was shaking.Within few minute he had a cum and in the next session, it was ruchi who had for the first time.It was a creampie.

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