Saali Seduction – Part 3

What she said next really turned me on.

She said,”Jiju, make me your slut today. I am all yours’

I gave her a nasty smile.

I asked her,”you know who is a slut? And what would I do to you to make you my slut?”

She replied,”Jiju, I know what it means to be your slut.” She smiled and bit her lower lip, staring at me like a slut.

I told her,” You must be hungry. Let us first eat something. Get dressed and come to dining table.”

Niharika replied,”Jiju, will you fuck me after having food? You will make love to me na? Like a princess. I am yours Jiju. But please don’t hurt me. I want to enjoy being fucked for the first time in my life”

I smiled at her and said,”Niharika, I have already told you. You are mine and I will do anything that I want to do with you. You have to obey me. I am your master today. Also, I don’t make love. I fuck. And I fuck hard. While you may want to be treated as a princess, you are only a slut to me. And sluts are to be fucked hard. But I can promise you one thing. This would be the best fuck of your life. It may hurt you a lot, in fact it will hurt you a lot. But you will enjoy also. Now come on, get dressed and come to the dining table.”

Saying that I went out and served the food that my wife had already prepared before leaving for her office. I also served it for Niharika. Soon, Niharika came to the dining table, dressed in shorts and t shirt. As she sat, I handed her plate to her. While she was eating, I got up and gave a squeeze on her boobs from behind. She was not wearing any bra. I asked her, “why no bra?”. She replied,”whats the use of wearing it since you will anyway remove it while fucking me.”

I inserted my hand in her tshirt and pinched her left boob nipple hard. She screamed in pain. I told her,”be ready”.

I finished my food before Niharika. I went In and took out my wife’s lingerie set from the cup board. It was a transparent black nighty with white bra and panty. The bra was so small that it would barely cover Niharika’s nipples. The panty was such that it would only cover her pussy from the front and the pantly only had a string at the back which would slip into her ass crack. Thus, the panty would leave her entire ass exposed to me, while only covering her asshole.

As she finished her food and came to the bedroom, I gave her the nighty, bra and panty. I told her,”Niharika, go to the bathroom and take a bath. Clean your private parts nicely – no smell should come from you pussy or asshole. Clean them well. After bath, wear this night and bra and panty and come to the bedroom.”

Niharika went to the bathroom and started taking shower. She took about 15 minutes to bath and clean up herself. While she was bathing, I also removed my clothes and was only in my underwear now. Soon she came out, dressed in the white bra and panties which barely covered her private parts and wearing a transparent black nightly over the bra and panty.

I told her,”You look like a real whore, slut. “

She smiled. I told her,”get on the bed and lie down. I will also come on the bed. “

Both of us went on the bed. She was lying down on the bad on her back. Her face, boobs and pussy facing me.

I wasted no time and got into action straightaway. I started kissing her on the lips. I turned her towards me and started kissing her deeply. My hands were moving in her hair. I inserted my tongue in her mouth. She started responding and kissed me back deeply. She also entangled her legs with mine. Her boobs were now pressing against my chest.She broke the kiss once to catch some breath. But I did not allow her much time and pulled her lips towards me and started doing French kiss to her.

Soon I started moving my hands all over her body. I moved my hand on her ass and spanked her buttocks. Then I moved my hand to her ass crack. I slid the string of panty which was covering her asshole and rubbed my finger on her asshole. After rubbing my finger for sometime, I suddenly inserted my index finger in her asshole.

She screamed in pain, but I continued kissing on her lips and so her scream could not come out. I tried to insert my finger deep in her ass hole, but could only get half my finger in as her ass hole was very tight. I moved my finger in and out of her asshole for some time.

The again I made her to lie on her back. I removed my underwear and my dick sprang out. It was hard as a rock. I wanted to make it harder. I removed her nighty. She was only in her bra and panty now. I got into a 69 position then.

She was lying down on her back. I got on top of her in such a way that my dick would be near her face and my face was near her pussy. This was a 69 position with male domination. And this position gives the man a good position to push his dick deep down the girl’s throat.

I asked her,”suck my dick, slut.’.

She brought her mouth close to my dick and licked my dick head with her tongue. She circled my dick head with her tongue and was teasing me. I told her,”do as I said slut. Take it in your mouth and suck it. Take it deep”

She did as I said and soon half of my dick was in her mouth. She was sucking my dick, moving her mouth to give me a feel like I was fucking her mouth. But she was not making any effort to take my dick fully in her mouth.

I decided that I will force my dick deep into her mouth. Accordingly, I pushed my dick deep into her mouth and pushed it and pressed it such that it would fully remain in her mouth for a few seconds. She was gaping for breath as I did this. After some time, I pulled my dick a little out and she could catch some breath.

Then again I pushed my dick in her mouth and started moving it in and out, but it went fully in and came only half out. At the same time, I slid aside her panty and started licking her pussy. I played with her clitoris and kissed her pussy lips as if I was kissing her actual lips. I also opened up her pussy lips and rubbed my tongue in there. Soon, I could puch my tongue in her pussy and started tongue fucking her.

She was feeling great and started taking my dick deep in her mouth. We continued giving oral sex to each other for a few mintues. Then when I was about to come, I suddenly pulled my dick out and told her,”I don’t want to come in your mouth again.”

She said, “I know jiju. You want my pussy. Come jiju, fuck me in my pussy.”

I said,”Have patience sweetie.”

As I said this, I removed her panties and positioned my dick on her pussy. I bent down and started kissing her lips. At the same time I started moving my dick up and down on her pussy, such that my dick would vigourously rub against her pussy. Soon she was moaning in pleasure as I increased speed. I cupped her boobs and pressed them hard over her bra. She wrapped her hands aroung my neck and drew me closer. She whispered in my ears,’ Jiju, I am loving it. Keep doing it”.

Saying this, she drew my lips to hers and planted her lips on mine. We did deep lip kissing while I kept rubbing my dick on her pussy and kept pressing her boobs hard. I slid her bra straps down and made her boobs free.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and we kept on kissing. Now I started pinching her nipples hard. As I increased the speed of moving my dick on her pussy, her love juices started flowing and she was really wet. Within no time, she got an orgasm and she shivered when she had the orgasm.

I broke our kiss and allowed her to breathe freely. I bent down and licked her pussy clean.

I asked her,”did you enjoy?”

She said,”this was the best feeling I have ever had.”

I smiled and told her,”there’s much more to come sweetie.”

I then asked her to turn around on the bed such that her ass would face me and her face would face the bed. Then I took two ribbons and tied both her hand s with the bed.She asked me,”Jiju, please don’t tie me up. I am yours. Do whatever you want. But please let me be free.”

I told her,”This is my style and you are my slut. I will do whatever I want to, is that ok?”

Saying this, I slapped her ass hard and asked again,”Is that ok?”

She said,”Ok jiju.”

Then I kept a pillow under her waist so that her ass would be little up, facing me.

Then I took some oil on her ass cheeks and started massaging them. Soon she was enjoying it. I moved my hands and massaged her ass cheeks in such a way that she would enjoy it. Also, I opened up her ass cheeks and started massaging in her ass creck and rubbed my finger on her ass hold.She told,”It feels good jiju.”

I smiled and brought my face close to her ass. I parted her ass cheeks while massaging them . I could now see her glory hole – her ass hole from close. I brought my face closer to her ass hole and slowly released my saliva (I.e. I spit on her ass hole) such that my saliva would flow down from the top of her ass crack to her ass hole.

As my saliva reached her ass hole, I rubbed her ass hole with my fingers . Soon I brought my mouth to her asshole and licked it. I wanted to fuck her asshole, but I did not want to use artificial lube. Lube makes asshole very loose and I did not want her ass to be loose. I wanted it to be tight and wanted lubrication of saliva only to slide my dick inside.So I was licking her ass and also tickling her pussy with my fingers. She soon realized that I had plans to fuck her ass. She begged me,”Jiju, please, please, leave my asshole. Please jiju, not in my asshole.”

I knew anal fucking was going to be very painful for her and I did not want that she screams in pain and my neighbours get an inkling of what is happening. To curb her voice a little, I took a sex toy, which had a ball with ribbons on its both sides. I got up and put that ball in her mouth and tied the strings holding the ball at the back of her head. Now she was not able to speak anything. She was trying hard.

I looked into her eyes and told her,”this is just to ensure that you do not trouble the neighbours by shouting when I fuck you. Don’t worry, you will enjoy it. Remember, I am your master”

She realized that she may get more pain if she doesn’t obey me and hence she accepted what I said. I got back and started licking her ass hole again.

Soon, it was well lubricated with my saliva. I inserted one of my fingers in the asshole and she screamed in pain,”oooohh… jjiijjuuo johhhh ooohhhh”

I ignored her and started fucking her asshole with my one finger. Soon one finger made enough space for it and was freely moving in and out of her asshole. But I wanted more space, so I tried and pushed my second finger in her ass hole. It was difficult to get two fingers in as her ass was tight. But I forced hard and also inserted other finger in her asshole. She screamed in pain again.

Soon, both my fingers were moving freely. My dick was getting restless now and I decided that it was now time for final action.

I took out both my fingers. Her asshole had opened up a little, but still it was very tight. Now I again licked her ass hole and since it had opened up, pushed my tongue in her ass a little. I tickeled her ass with my tongue for a while and then got up.

My dick was hard as a rock, almost 8 inches long. I spit on my cock and applied my saliva on my cock. I again spit on her ass hole.

I positioned myself on her ass in such a way that I can go deeper into her ass once I insert my dick in her ass. I held her ass cheeks with my hands and placed my dick on her ass hole.

I pushed my dick and it did not go in at first. I put more saliva on her ass hole and pushed my dick again. Slow, the head of my dick went inside. It was an amazing feeling. I had never had such feeling. I bent forward and pushed my dick hard.

Again, another two inches went in. I had almost three inches of my dick inside her asshole now. She was screaming in pain and was desperately trying to free herself up. But I pushed harder and with one thrust, inserted almost 6 inches of my dick in her asshole.

I slowly started fucking her ass. It was a great feeling to fuck a virgin, tight ass and that to of my saali. As I stroked my dick, moving it in and out in her asshole. Her ass slowly adjusted to it and I was now freely moving my dick in and out in her asshole.

Soon, her pain eased a little and I felt as if she was moaning in pleasure. Soon, I moved forward and thrust my dick further in. My dick was now fully in.

I increased my speed of fucking her ass and removed the ball from her mouth. She was gaping for breath. Tears welled up in her eyes as she told me,”JIju, its paining.”

I kept fucking her asshole and brought my face closer to her face. I turned her around and told her,”You are a darling slut. Cooperate with me, you will enjoy.”

Saying this, I planted a kiss on her lips by turning her face sideways. I also cupped her boobs from behind and I pressed her boobs hard and pinched her nipples.

So I was fucking her ass hard, I was pressing her boobs from behind and was also kissing her lips, while her hands were tied up. Soon, she started enjoying it and started moving her ass to allow me go deep in her ass.

I increased my speed and pinched her nipples hard. As I was about to come, I broke the kiss and started going deep in her asshole and moving fast.

Soon, I could no longer control myself. With a deep thrust in her ass hole, I came, I came so much and I shot all my cum in her asshole. As I came, I pinched her nipples hard. She was in pain, tears in her eyes but she was smiling and was moaning in pleasure. I realized that my hard fucking had satisfied her lust.

I removed my dick from her asshole and my cum flowed out of her asshole. She took some of it on her fingers and gulped it down her throat.

She smiled at me and said,”Jiju, you are my dream man. I never thought anal fucking would be so much fun”.

I told her,”Sweetie, there’s much more to come. Remember, you are my slut”

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