Saheb, Biwi Aur Naukrani – Indian Sex Stories

I am 20 years old.My father is 49 years old and runs a small business, and my mom is a housewife and is 45. We live in Calcutta and are Marwari.My dad has been visiting prostitiues since I was about 10 but about 5 years back when I was 15 and my parents where 44 and 40 respectively our family life took an irresversable turn.

We had a maid named Munmun. She is 36 now but when it all started she was barely 31. She is thin and has nice sexy curvy butt and big boobs. She is medium height and is fair complexioned. She is Bengali and used to wear a typical sexy bong saree to work and tied her long black silky hair in a bun around which she usually wrapped a gajra( jasmine flowers ). She looked little bit like Aishwarya Rai in Devdas as she is fair and pretty and dressed her clothes and hair in similar manner.

My father used to go to office 5 days a week apart from Thursday and Sunday. So he used to get massages every Thursday and Sunday afternoon by my mother. One such day my mother fell sick and was unable to massage my dad so she asked Munmun to massage him. For the next two weeks Munmun massaged my dad till my mom recovered and on a Sunday afternoon as my mom heated up the oil to massage my dad , my dad instructed my mother that Munmun was to massage him stating that she was better at it than my mother. My mother was surprised but did not want to upset my father as he had a bad temper so she let Munmun do it.

This continued and my dad started getting massaged 3-4 days a week. I noticed Munmun used to wear sexy sarees and put make up and stuff the days my dad had a massage. I found all this suspicious and one day decided to look through the key hole of my father’s bedroom while the massage was on.

At first I saw my dad lying in his lungi, his back and chest being massaged and just as I was about to lay all my doubts to rest I was shocked to see Munmun open my father’s lungi, hold his dick and massage his dick with oil. Soon she started sucking his dick gently as my dad held her juda (bun) and then he pulled up her saree and inserted his dick into her vagina. I was horrified at what I saw yet excited and went to my room and masturbated. I told my mom about it and she sacked Munmun.

My dad however was furious with my mother for doing so and gave my mother a beating with a belt and so my mom re-employed Munmun and my father made Munmun a full time live in maid. Munmun and baba( what I call my dad) started sleeping together at night and ma (my mother)who was a very submissive ,obedient wife accepted all this. I used to regularly peep through my father’s bedroom keyhole in the evening after he returned from work and used to see my father everyday being massaged by Munmun in a seductive manner on his chest before his underwear/ lungi was opened for hj or bj till it eventually ended in a session of gratifying sex. Loud moans could be heard till outside the room.

My dad used to come from office with a gajra everyday and tied it on Munmun’s hair bun in front of all the other servants in the house before proceeding to the bedroom for the daily session of sex. Munmun always wore sexy sarees and had make up put on and her hair done up neatly in a bun.My mother soon started being present in the room to help my dad and Munmun. Sometimes I would see my mom comforting my dad’s balls by rubbing it as he drilled Munmun’s vagina.

All this went on for over 2 years and my dad just kept growing more desperate.When I was 17 a turning point came in all our lives. My dad decided to marry Munmun and keep her as his second wife. At the time my dad was 46 and Munmun 33. They got married in a small ceremony at home attended by some friends and relatives. I was embarrassed beyond measure but had to silently accept. On the suhaagraat my mom dressed Munmun up in a stunning red saree with lots of jewellery and kajal and her hair was tied up in a huge bun with a huge gajra( jasmine flowers) tied around it. I saw Munmun and my dad that night as well as he had 3 sessions with her.

I saw my dad have the time of his life as she gave him what looked like the most pleasure filled blowjob ever. I saw him smooch her lips till both of them were nearly out of breadth. I saw him suck and lick her ear in the most seductive manner ever and I also saw him take in the smell of her gajra. I saw him then fondling her boobs and caressing her neck till he finally opened her underwear , and went straight into her pussy as they both moaned so loudly that all the other servants in the house could hear.

Soon they went for a honeymoon and Munmun who he not seen a place outside of Calcutta was staying in a five star hotel. I remember after they returned baba instructed me to call Munmun , Choti ma to which I had to agree. My mom was treated like a doormat. She was kicked out of the bedroom and shifted to the storeroom. My dad gave Choti ma half of ma’s jewellery.

We have a pool in our complex. One day he and Munmun went down, after a while even I went down and what I saw shocked me. Baba was in the pool and with him was Munmun in a silver bikini. I was shocked as my dad never took my mom to the pool as my the only dress my mom wore was a saree. I presumed it would have been same for Munmun but rules had changed for biwi no. 2.

Other people of the complex saw my dad kissing and romancing Munmun as she wore the bikini without any shame. Things became embarrassing as my dad would take Munmun to all the parties and gatherings he was invited to and introduce her as his wife while my ma stood like a fool.

In one party my father smooched Munmun in front of the entire party and I was cowering in embarrassment. I stopped calling my friends over in shame but one day 7-8 of my friends dropped in without informing and as they walked past the living room they saw Munmun lying in my dad’s arms romancing him.

Soon everyone knew what was happening. My nana nani heard and decided to confront baba but baba threw them out of the house telling them not to interfere in his life. Baba regularly bought Munmun expensive sarees , make up equipment and sexy lingerie. I remember one day Munmun wore a sexy red and white saree and her hair was covered in diamond studded hair net over her bun (juda). That day she looked like the sexiest woman in the world.

As soon as baba returned from office and saw Munmun as she gave him a naughty smile he could not control himself and he grabbed Munmun by her bun and took her straight to the room and as I peeped the key hole i saw and could make our that my dad was enjoying like never before.

It’s been 5 years and it is still continuing. My father fucks Munmun everyday and my mother accepts it all. My mother is like s dustbin inside the house cleaning up my father’s vomit when he gets drunk and pukes or wiping his shit from the floor.These events have given me a lot of misery but also a lot of excitement for last 5 years and situations like these I presume occur in more families than only mine. Please share your thoughts.

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