Sandya, Lonely Housewife Spent Ten Days Kamathipura As Prostitute

Hi all, I am sandya, again with my fulfilled desire story.”. I try to write one more sex experience with same guy and his known persons. But that story did not publish. Let me share one more my sex experience which was my desire for which I was dying to enjoy.

My desire was to get banged as prostitute either in red-light or in prostitute place. I was searching for one good person who can take care of me in that place. Hubby got new job in pune and we shifted to pune leaving my kid with my mother. I was all alone for about 4 months and was getting bored in home staying. Somehow I convinced my husband that I will join for work and attended about 15 interview and finally got job.

Guys this story is little lengthy and please have some patience

Gradually I was busy with my work and had many encounters with the guy and with his known guys as and when I got time. I got new friend who was working in some news channel and he was just in front our apartment house. And unknowingly we both were chatting on dating sites. Actually we planned to meet in pizza hut and both exchanged dress code to recognize each other. He recognized me from long distance and went back to his home because of bad health and messaged me that he can’t meet me because of too much headache and feeling like having fever. And he is at his home taking rest.

After reaching my home I changed my dress and was looking for my neighbor to talk to him. Since hubby was on work, I gathered courage and ranged his door bell, he opened the door and I felt he was not keeping well. I asked him what happened. He said that he is not keeping well. I asked him whether he had lunch or not. He said no… I told him to get refresh so that he can have something… I went to his kitchen and prepared milk which was kept in refrigerator along with some biscuits.

Suddenly there was sound like someone fell down. I went and saw that he was laying on floor nakedly but his dick was standing and trying to hide. I try to wake him up but it was no use. Inside I was very much horny by seeing extra ordinary dick mean to say that his dick when I measured is 10 inch long and 4 inch thick one. In my dating experience I never have seen such a big dick.

I gather some courage and took his dick in hand, started shaking it. Slowly I started playing with it, slowly started kissing huge hot pole then moved to sucking it. I sucked dick for about 20 minutes not sure about time but at the time of releasing his sperm, he held my head and started push my head so that I can take complete dick and he came with huge load in my mouth.

But still he was pushing my head so that I can take it more inside even after he leaked his semen. It went for about another 10 minutes and by that time I drank complete cum. He released me, I got up and started leaving, he held my hand and pulled me towards him, then grabbed me, then pushed me towards wall then started kissing me like hungry dog licking food plate …

I was losing my control, and started reacting to his act. Later he suddenly left me and went to closet and took out the dress and showed it to me. I was little confused, he told me that we were chatting on dating site and planned to meet today at pizza hut and I saw you in the same dress, after confirming that you are the one I left the place and came back to home. Later he played this dram.

He took out some handcuffs with whip to beat and gave a hard beat on ass … He hold my waist harder and lift me then cuffed my hand and leg to bed then took sharp knife started tearing my cloths. First he tears my t-shirt and then pulled my bra, then my skirt, slowly moved to panty and tore off complete. I was laying fully naked.

He bought some tablet, inserted in my pussy started fucking my cunt harder that I started shouting louder … Like ahhaaa … . Ummaaaa …  Uffffaaa … ahhaa …oh .. Ummaa … mmmm … Ahhha ahhaaa…ahhaa … Hhaaa… come on fuck me you fucker … Fuck my hole … Ufffaaa …… ahhaa …

He started fucking me and it went for half an hour and I came twice in that time…he took his dick out and came in my mouth…He released me then asked me to sleep reverse side so that he can beat me with whip … I said sorry for that because it might mark on my body and chance to hubby have doubt on me and somehow I convinced him. Whole that night he banged me and filled my holes with his semen… I came back to home before hubby come home and took bath and made myself clean and neat so that hubby don’t have any doubt on me.

Next whole week he was busy in some crime report and unable to meet both of us. It was almost 10 days. Later we see each other, he wished me and husband that good morning. I came inside home and they were chit chatting. I served tea to both of them. Hubby told him that he is leaving to new york on official work in a month time for about two months and asked him to help me in case I need any support. He said … Ok then took a break and left is work.

On that night he caught me and said honey it’s time to enjoy my dream sex with you bitch. Are you ready bitch to take the pain and pleasure with me? I said ok but at the same time said on one condition. He asked what it is. I told him before I enjoy the pain and pleasure; I want to get banged in red-light area or in prostitute place as a prostitute. If you fulfill my desire I will ready even if you hurt me and my body while having sex…

He thought for some time and called few numbers and talked with his friends, later said, you whore, bitch, slut get ready to be prostitute. You will get fulfilled your dream as soon as your husband get into flight. I said today is the last day I am going to get fucked either by you and husband. After that I won’t active till I become prostitute.

He was confused then I said I want my cunt be tight and going to take some treatment to make sure it is very tight hole and get banged as fresh maal. I don’t know what happened to him, he said you are real bitch and love to be your slave forever. And hold my ass tight and gave good bite on my boobs. He made me naked in few minutes and banged me harder for whole night like anything.

I was very much excited as and when day was going … . Husband and I went to airport one day prior and stayed in hotel near to airport in mumbai. We had sucking and licking fun along with fingering and ass fucking on that night. I ringed my neighbour next day morning and informed him about flight timing and place to meet. We met about 6pm in the evening and took me to the place called kamathipura in mumbai.

While going to that place he told me about one lady called leena (name changed). In her home I am going to be prostitute for next three to four day till she gets her money back which she invested on me and she paid 5 lacks. I showed your photo and told about your sex appetite.

She was ready to pay 10 lacks after seeing your pics and hearing about your sex appetite to you for life time sult but I said about you desire and she can use me for three to four days and at the same time he told her that he and his friends will be there as a security in that home. We reached her place and I saw about 5 guys standing near her home. He introduced them and told that they are into same business no need to worry about getting trapped. I took money to give them for not trapping you.

We went inside, leena has come from room, she was dam good in personality, she is about 5.9ft height, fair, well maintained structure about 50 years old lady. My neighbour introduced me to her, she came to me and said, yeh to ekdum rapchik maal hain … And said … Again I am telling you that I will pay you another 5 lacs, if you leave her here… he said no for that … And said if you want to earn more money you can keep her here for 10 days and I will take extra money from you. She said how much another 5 lacs … I was getting scared that I am going to trapped in this prostitute business.

My neighbour said sell this bitch for huge money not for thousand rupees…she said in return…yeh to sone eke anda rakne wali murgi hain…isko koi marega kya … And asked him…how many days you are going to here…he said whole 5 days … Chalo teek hain … She came to me and said…agar tume randi ban na hai to muje ake mil baad me … Main tume raani ke taraha rakungi aur is kote ka rani banavongi … I said… I wanted to get fucked as randi, bitch or prostitute whatever you call in ur language … If I like to be randi… I will call you … She laughed and said … Randiyan lundo ke bulava deti hain aur muje tera chut to dekna hain … Taaki main tere aur tere chut ka photo nikalke rich people ko bej sake … .I saw my neighbour face he said go ahead …

Sali raandi banana ke liye ayi ho to kya uska muha dekti ho……chal dikavo tere choot … He asked her gurds to make me naked … .I was in saree … .All 6 guys including my neighbour came to me made me naked … She saw me from top to bottom and again gave offer to my neighbour for which he said no… I was happy for that … .She asked some lady to come and make me ready with some medicine which she called as kamashakti and some juice of some leaf …

Later few girls took me inside and made me ready with some randi look by applying makeup … One photographer has come inside with leena and took photographs of mine… I saw those and felt something amazing photos … I was looking like hot randi who maintained well structure. Photos were taken half naked where my one well shaped breast was hanging out and other was inside my blouse. And she made me spread my leg and bend myself to back and took my pussy pics……one photo with 4 guys, two pressing boobs, one fucking my mouth and the other one licking my pussy. She took her laptop and saved clips in that and she showed some of her regular client who is in search of nice maal and asked me to choose.

I was not able to believe my eyes by seeing well settled peoples pics in her contacts … I have seen pics of police, local politicians and business mans and many more good reputed people. I said choose those who won’t show any mercy while getting fucked… I took some massage so that my pussy get become tight … Muje sirf randi banan hain… nothing else … She said to me that she will fix 30k as charges to fuck me …

Then she sent mail to some of her contact choose by her with my photographs … And she sent a message to those asking to check their mail … .In next ten minutes she started getting call and she had little conversation like ekdum rapchik maal hain…tum ko itna kushi degi ke tum log bul na pavoge…bla bla …  She started giving appointment, also said about 30k charges, if not satisfied 50% paisa vapas, if you satisfied and want her to enjoy one more time charges will be 50k and got about 25 dicks for me. She said to me one thing tume gabrane ki koi zaroorat nahi kyunki sab log family wale hain aur tandurust hain kisiko koi bimari nahi … .

Main be akir ek aurat hun main janti hun tume kya chahiye … .Bilkul ghabarana nahi … And said abi tum soja……then she started speaking to the security guys…my neighbour came to me are you going to manage 25 dicks or you need some more … .I said it will be very less for next 10 days … He saw my face and said are you sure that you want to spend 10 days here … Can I take some more money from her … I said ok and also said this time this money is mine…he went and talked to her … .Leena came to me and asked how much you want… I said for additional 5 days I need 5 lacs … .She said teek hain mere raani … And she gave hard cash into my hand I said where I can keep this…she said I will give to you later and took back money …

Till next day evening, my body was massaged with herbals and herbals medicine was given … It was told to me that it will increase your strength in sex. I was waiting for the time of getting banged mercilessly…it was about 6 pm in the evening, one person called rohan, he is a police man came inside with leean and leena showed me to him… I was laying on bed half naked … He came to me and in no minute he took 3 bundles of 100 rupees gave in her hand and said main to iska choot ko panda chata hun aur muje tumare security walonke support chahiye taaki ye randi haat se na phisal jaye … Leena looked me I signled her…he called her security guys…rohan said … .Deko I got huge one…main chahata hoon ki tum log isko ghat se phakad ke rako…main ek hi bar mere lund ko choot me ghusana hai … All came to me two hold my hands and tied to bed corners and two took my leg and made it spread and raised in air … Police man got naked and was my shock it was may be about 6 inch thick and may be 7 inch long … I was little scared and started begging inside myself to leave but my sex urge was asking him to not show mercy.

He came near to me and rubbed his dick and I was shivering because of pain which I am going to face … He saw my face and pushed his 6 inch thick hot rod … I thought for a minute I was dead and eyes were filled with tears and face was asking mercy…but the sadist man was not stopping…and he increased his speed like engine running my pussy … He asked the others to leave my leg and as soon as they left my leg I wrapped him by my leg and act was continued. I came about 2 times in that fuck … He is about to release his semen, he took out his dick and try to show it in my mouth but he was not able to do so…finally he was about to cum I opened my mouth, then he released his huge load in my mouth I drank it and he was very happy that I drank his load.

He threw money on me and called leena and gave here another 10k said I wanted to spend whole night with her but wife is coming back from her native … .Main to try karoonga phir se milne keliye … .Again he gave his dick to me to make it stand but as his dick was so huge I could not took completely in my mouth but I liked it so well that dick got stand up. He said randi are you ready … I don’t like to be slow and steady and without any hint he pushed it again in pussy and started fucking … .It went for about 45 minutes this time he was not able to cum and said yeh to nahi ayega abi chalo choos ise zor se … He gave it to me and the same think I try to suck but hardly I took pink part of his dick and about 10 minutes he again came in mouth…he asked me to not to swallow and called leena then said deko deko is bosudi kaise mere ras ko peeti hain…then he ordered me to swallow slowly. I drank complete cum … . I don’t know what happened to leena she lift her skirt and pissed in my face …  She called neighbor and said kaise randi hain re yeh itna maza deti hain … Aaj me iska maja loongi …

He fucked me about 4 hours and had many bite mark on my body…after some time he left leena came to me and took me to bathroom…she started washing my body with hot water and washed my pussy with cold water and at the same time applied some cream … .Later she washed that too…she took me to bed and it was neat and clean … .She asked me to lay down, I followed her words…she got naked and sat on my face then started rubbing his pussy on my mouth harder like woman rub her cunt when she was riding dick … She does it for about 10 minutes and came in my mouth… I felt amazing…

Then she lay down and asked me to do the same thing… I did the same way what she done to me and I also came in her mouth…but she was not ready to leave my pussy and she was licking it … I was very to leave my pussy and she was licking it … I was very much in need of piss and I told her that I want to piss … She said mere muha main piss karo… I was not interested in doing it but she was not ready to leave me finally I pissed urine on her face and she took my piss in her mouth and spill it on my boobs and pussy then we had some kind of 69 position later we slept together in her bedroom.

I was in deep sleep in the morning may be because of hard fuck by 6 inch thick dick…suddenly I have been drenched with bucket of water and said to randi if you sleep like this, how I am going to earn my money … ??? Wait for next episode … Will tell you in next part about my one of the best fuck as prostitute on road side by three of friends in group……

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