Sapna From Facebook To Master Bedroom

Hi All, I’m from Bangalore age 24 working in MNC, forgive if it’s little long or boring. I’m no superman to have 12inch dick or fuck continuously for 3hrs. It’s real story. pretty new to this writing but always been a active reader from many years. I still remember those days all night reading stories and telling in home that I’m collecting notes for studies.

Lol coming to the story this happened between me and my gorgeous lady. I am sorry I don’t wish to disclose her name because she said she is not into revealing her name. We can call her as Sapna, in her 30’s even the creator won’t accept she is in her 30’s now.

Her hubby owns a business proper bangloreans, fair skin tone, soft as cotton candy, chubby bubbly gal, with lip gel she makes everyone go crazy.. Everyone in her locality will be waiting on 4th cross for her arrival that’s when she takes a walk. Ok let’s get in to the story.

I work for a reputed MNC, 24age when everyone is busy in working flirting with girls, I was not even aware what I’m gonna do in life.. lol, I met Sapna in fb she was so gorgeous her smile dimple nose ring made me fall immediately for her.

Sent her a friend request but dint get any response texted for few days waited for her reply. After a week she accepted my request and sent me hi. I was literally flying without wings. We started basic talks became little close and asked her

I : why you accepted my request after a week what took you so much time.

She : no one will accept the req immediately, she took time to see my patience. She was looking ay my fb posts, my texts and frequency the way I texted.. I almost passed her tests.

Lol I almost fainted by hearing it.

After few months of casual talks n few meets and we started our sex chats

I : Sapna what is your size

She : xxl

I : tell the number

She : 40

Wow that’s really big.. what is the color of it tits

She : cheee go I’m feeling shy, all if you ask in texts what you will do in real

I : was wow.. muuuah so when are we gonna meet..

I : you know what all I will do.

She : what dress you are wearing

I : sent my pic with shorts and bulge

She : you naughty.. and she sent her pic in green T-shirt and night pants

I : jerked by seeing that she was no exception I still wonder why girls like pink color.

On a particular day we decided to meet on may

Her hubby was on trip with his friends and her son was in grandma home.

A perfect time for a perfect kiss and fuck.

I reached the next day morning at 10 she asked me to get down in Gopalan mall.

She came in her Fiat and picked me and asked whether I want to ride, I said I don’t know to drive car but I can ride her. She gave a smile and started to drive.

While driving I touched her hands and thighs played few romantic Telugu songs.. Specially from Michigan Id Edo bagunthe.. she was like what Mr full mood ah.

She asked me to open her door gate to park the car, when I returned she had the two top buttons of her shirt open.i had a clear view

I had asked her nude pics but she said she was not comfortable with sending nudes as it’s not safety. I respected her feelings.

I said yes it’s too hot and gave her kiss on cheeks she slapped me lightly n said let’s get in.

Her house was like heaven

I gave her a formal hug she gave me a juice I took a sip from the glass which she had.

She : stop being crazy

I : show me your house

She found the my intention and smiled

She : showed me each room and at last we returned to hall.

I hugged her and kissed her forehead den we both had smooch and made her sit on her sofa

Removed her pant kissed her thighs I’m a big fan of huge thighs, pink panty as I guessed kissed over her panty

Touched her pussy lips

Removed her panty smelled she hit me with a blush

Kissed her pussy and licked and fingered for 5mins she was going crazy and shouted let’s get into room

It was her master bedroom I was licking her pussy again she asked me to fuck I licked and fingered she came in 10mins den I licked and smooched and started to fuck we fucked for 30mins with gap so that I don’t cum before her she said she is about to reach I started fucking hard she came. She pushed me aside I was confused I was about to cum but was thinking why she did this.

She said thanks I never had a session like this. My hubby used to fuck me and he used to go to sleep he never cared for me. But I fingered and made her cum again and she touched my dick. With a satisfactory smile on her face.

I remember she saying she is not a bitch she won’t touch my dick nor take it in mouth I said ok because I respected her feelings as well so I said I also not into ass fucking to which she said she is not either.

Now she touched my dick I felt an electric shock and she jerked and I came in a min she licked it.

I closed my eyes and kissed her she said she liked the taste of her cum when I previously kissed her with her cum so she did the same to me now.

We both were playing with each other I touched her boobs, I removed T-shirt and bra was biting her big boobs wow lovely black tits she licked my chest it was new and I liked it.

Later she moved my hand down my boy was hard she stroked few times and moved down and took in mouth.i was on heaven I cummed we took few mins rest and after sometime we fucked twice again then we both were tired den around 8 we ordered food from biriyani zone. I told I love leg piece she smiled and said naught.

Later that night I fucked twice she was completely tired she slept that when I found she was the most gorgeous gal kissed her cheeks and she had a grin while sleeping.

The next day I left we don’t get much time to fuck her hubby is back and she is from famous locality so can’t roam much also we talk in call and once she sent her nude with is note love you.

She said thanks for making my life beautiful.

I said I would like to write it as story she scolded and cried that am I going to create problem in her life. I explained it’s safe. She trusted me very much so she said ok. The first copy I showed to her she was happy.

Sorry if there is any mistakes

By the way my name is….

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