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If you guys follow me you must have read my last story “My friends wife on a holiday” with me and Sasha my friends wife. Sasha is damn hot a girl I love her to the core.She has 36 size boobs she is very very fair and pink I love her underarms her short skirts she looks amazing her long black hair her black eyes her eyebrows she is true beauty.

After our trip Sasha called me up one day she wanted to have oral sex with me that was her fantasy I told her sure baby I too love you so much that for you anything.

We planned that when her husband was out of station on a business trip we will meet so we planned to meet and one day her hubby went out of town for working at her house at night we met. At 11 pm I entered her house she was looking like a true sex bomb an angel from heaven only made for me.

She wore a Satin wine color spaghetti night dress she put some nice lip stick skin color glossy she wore heals she kept her hair open her navel was seen as we met we hugged and kissed our salivas met and we smooched for 15 mins slowly and gently. She said Roh pls let’s not waste time I need Oral sex from you. I have missed you like crazy no one can satisfy me more than you Roh. I picked her up in my arms took her to the bedroom she had lit the rooms with candle stands and satin bed sheet with rose petals like a honeymooners paradise with amazing fragrance she made the whole ambience and I was already so turned on by the kiss that I just threw her on the bed and started kissing her cheeks.

I kissed her like on her whole face from head nose lips cheeks chin ear eyes. I took one ear in my mouth and sucked for 5 mins that turned her on.i bit her lowers lips sucked them slowly inserted my tongue inside her lower lips and gums then I sucked her upper lips and inserted my tongue again in between her gums.then I took her tongue in my mouth and sucked her tongue I rotated my tongue all over her face making her go crazy wild.

Sasha took my shirt out and threw it on the floor and kissed my neck area she bit me on my nipples and started sucking my nipples she rotated her tongue on my nipples and sucked it slowly which turned me on like crazy. Then I opened her one side boob from the dress she wore and pulled it out took my hands on it pressed it and started to rotate my tongue on her nipples for 10 mins I sucked her and played with my tongue and her boobs licking her inside the valley she was so fair and pink inside that I just was enjoyed she became full red inside cause I sucked her so well. Then I started to suck her boobs like a baby and did that for 20 mins.

Then she pulled me on her we smooched again for 5 mins and then we opened each other’s clothes Sasha was like Better then miss universe or miss world she was so fair and pink in skin that I just started to lick her whole body like a candy floss. From fingers to hands to under arms to neck to below the ears to legs to thighs to her navel to her upper vaginal area she was so turned on she closed her eyes she was trembling.

Then I turned upside down and reached to her pussy and my cock touched her face she immediately started to kiss my cock and it sides and I started to explore her pussy. I kissed the pussy then I inserted my tongue a little to taste the aroma and locked it from above like very slowly she did the same with my cock. My cock grew double the size of what it was so hard and long that it searches her mouth and I pushed it inside she started sucking it like a baby. I entered my tongue deeper inside searched her g spot and started to lick it then I open her leg a little and spread it with my tongue and hands I opened her vagina it was so pink inside I loved the smell and color I just pushed my whole mouth inside and started sucking it like flavored ice I went on and on she was letting her juicy fluids out I went on digging inside with my tongue and sucking every bit of it she took my tool in her mouth and sucked it blew it took my edge and rubbed it with her tongue I was in seventh heaven.

I spread her pussy more and inserted my whole mouth inside and went deep inside she cummed and all her juices were over my face she squirted and I was trying to drink it all my face was like all sperms over I pushed my dick inside she swallowed my cock in her mouth and I too cummed she removed my cock as she was getting choked and I threw out on her face we turned and looked at each other and started smiling we kissed with cum all over started to lick each other’s cum on our faces and smooched again for 15 mins and slept nude that night.

Sasha one heavenly beauty we love each other like mad she told me she likes such mad stuff with me as she loves my cock size she gets satisfied by which. She doesn’t like her hubby as he is not wild in bed and she doesn’t get satisfied by him.She wants to try chocolate over my body and suck every bit of it her fantasies drive me crazy she never looked as if she can be so Wild. Leave your comments or fantasies or love stories at [email protected] need any help

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