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Sasti Masti

“Bunty Saab, main aapke pair dabaun.” I asked, waiting to serve him.

“Pair me moch aayi hai. thoda daba do.” He replied, seeming too tired.

I happily entered his bedroom and made myself comfortable on his big bed.

I was wearing a beautiful, tight red chudidar and my body parts looked tempting. The neck and the back were deeper than usual. I wore the dupatta high upto my neck to show-off my cleavage and the big gap between my boobs.

I held his ankles and stretched the legs. Very softly I lifted his lungi and exposed the hairy legs. He looked at me in shock. I began pressing the legs one by one. After sometime, I changed from one leg to the other.

And while I did it, I turned and my back was shown to him, the tight zipper and the shape of my buttocks showed to Bunty. He moaned as I pressed on his calves.

Then, he kept his hand on my back and caressed it. I turned around and met his eyes. He saw me turn and smiled. I blushed. Within a second’s time, he unzipped my kurta. My black bra straps were exposed to him.

His hands came on my shoulder and turned me around. I put my hands on my eyes and covered them. He may have felt some heat in his cock by seeing my back.

He made me lie down and removed his shirt. His muscular body was more attractive than my husband’s. He pulled on the strings of my pyjamas and then removed it from my legs. I’m fair and my thighs are milky white.

I turned away and didn’t want to meet his glare. He pulled on the elastic of my floral red panties and moved it away from my body. My naked cunt lay there for him to smell and taste and do whatever he wanted.

And he did… All the pleasures that a man wanted to have from a clean shaven cunt. He did. He smelled, opened, kissed and licked me all over my pussy. I moaned and screamed in ecstasy.

And then he turned and slept facing my cunt. His big cock was directly in front of my eyes and my lips. We were in 69 position. As he licked my pussy, he encouraged me to fondle and take his cock.

And I too took it… All the pleasures that a woman can have from a mature cock. I did it. I felt, rubbed, pulled, kissed and licked on the entire length of it. He screamed to show how delighted he was with my act.

We both enjoyed the other’s private parts for about half an hour.

I was famished by then. Exhausted, I pulled away from him . He lifted my red kurta from my head and saw my breasts. the only cloth remaining on me was my black bra.

I slept on my back. Still, I was shy and blushing and covered my eyes. My clean shaven armpits looked delicious to feel. He removed all his clothes and covered us with a bed sheet.

For the first time, he kissed me on my neck. I had surrendered to him. I wanted him to put the entire length of his cock and pound me, grind and squeeze me.

And he did… He gave me the pleasures of being screwed to the core. He took my body royally and fucked me twice. Bunty Saab is my boss.

He felt my boobs. He shook, squeezed, milked and licked on them.

He seemed to love the shape of my body. my lovely curvaceous waist, the taut nipples, the flat stomach and pitted navel. He kissed. I moaned and pleaded to stop. But he was mad in lust.

His cock was a pole that pointed north. He shoved it into my thin small pussy and stroked so many times. I had never been explored so well, and for so much time by my husband. With my husband, sex only lasted for a few minutes.

He licked my ears and the gap between my neck and shoulders. I felt ticklish and tried to push him away. He stopped.

Then I looked at him in the eye. In lust. Something inside me wanted him to continue. This time, I held his neck and pulled him to kiss him. Our lips met. I tasted his lips and bit him. My hands strongly held his head. In revenge, he held both my hands above my head and licked my neck and my shoulders. Oh my… It tickled like mad. It was a moment of ecstasy.

Soon, it was over. I moved out of the bed. Naked. I walked into the bathroom and wore my clothes. I looked in the reflection. He had left love- bites on my boobs and my shoulder. And it was dark.

When I came out, he apologized.

“Kalpana, mujhe maaf kar dena. Maine tumse zabardasti…”

I covered his mouth.

“Aap aise mat boliye. Aap mere boss hain. Agar thodi der ke liye mera badan aapke kaam aagaya to is me koi baat nahi.”

He was still feeling sorry.

“Par main kuch josh se tumhe daba diya. Tumhe dard bhi hua tha…”

I smiled at him.

“Ye kya keh rahe hain, Bunty Saab. Aap kitne mahino se malkin ko miss kar rahe honge. Itne josh me aapne mujhe choda. Mujhe zara dard hua. Phir badme acha laga.”

He is 42 years widower. He has his office within his apartment. I work under him as receptionist.

He sighed, ” kya bataun? Teri malkin ke guzar jane ke baad, main raat ko bahut tadapta hoon. Phir ye idea aaya, ke ek secretary ko naukri deke…”

“Bas Bunty Saab. Main samajh gayi. Aaj se main aapke liye tiyar rahungi. Aap bahut acha marte hain. Mujhe bahut acha laga.”

He smiled and replied, “Lekin ek shart hai. Main condoms use karunga. Aur tum apne pati se bhi condoms use karana. Agar tum pregnant ho gayi, to tumhari naukri gayi.”

From that day, I and Bunty Saab are lovers. He has taken me to Goa , Simla and Manali and we enjoyed a lot. My husband doesn’t say anything as I bring him a bottle of desi wine every week. He wants me to continue working here only.

I have been reading stories in ISS for so many months. I thought that my story will arouse your sex-drive. I’m wet now. If you liked it, please write to me on [email protected]. Write ‘Kalpana’ as the subject.

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