Satisfied A Married Woman In Bangalore

Hello to all the readers this is a true story which happend just 3 weeks back with a lady I was in touch since a month..

I am varun and the angel of this incidence which happend is sanjana(name changed) . She is 29 year old married women staying in bangalore only.

About her she is a fair 29 year married women but no kids as she was not satisfied sexually and she was a sex hungry lady.She is from a descent family and she also stays in bangalore

I had posted several add s on locanto about myself but I had posted it just to have some fun I had just mentioned my email there. After a long time I got a mail from a unknown lady she introduced herself as sanjana, told she had seen my add on locanto and intrested in me and she asked pics of mine on email I sent after 2 weeks we got close and finally decided to meet in cafe coffee day near by navarang..

As we had exchanged out phone numbers and seen each other in whats app chat it was not difficult to identify her .

At 12 noon I was there after sometime she came wearing a red sari and was looking damn very beautiful she turned me on but I was speechless after seeing her in real. After coffee we went to her house as there was no one that day as her hubby was always away on business and but the actual reason was her hubby had just a 2″ cock which she told later..

After entering her house she was from a good family only seeing the pics in her house, she immediately locked door and brought some snacks again for me and started touching me. She soo had her hand on my thigh also she had seen my 6″ inch dick was already standing like a tower .

She touched it on my pants and started rubbing and got crazy rubbing.

I also did not want to miss my chance she came closer and started kissing deeply with her hand on my pants.

I also started pressing her boobs her nipples wer also hard.

I started removing her sari and she was busy kissing and started to put her hand inside my pant

I untied her blouse and she was wearing a designer bra her size was 36 big tits.

I later started kissing all over her neck and came to her tits

She was turning crazy and we headed to her bed room already half naked

She made me sit on her bed and removed my pants and inner wear and stated blowing my cock

It was the best blowjob I have ever had seriously she was sucking like a professional.

Suddenly she said

Sanjana- I wish you were my husband.

Me- I asked her why?

Sanjana- my husband s cock is just 2 ” and she was totally unsatisfied with it as he cummed very early

She gave me a blowjob for nearly 30 mins and took my cum in her mouth I later untied her petticoat. Her inner wear was all wet and her pussy was leaking.. Now it was my turn I started pressing and sucking her boobs and came down to her wet pussy. I started sucking her pussy lips and started fingering her pussy she had a organism within sometime and she squirted on my face later she said sorry

But her cum was damn very sweeet and I loved it

Later she could not bear anymore and told me ” varun fuck me hard fuck me I am your bitch today” . Till now her moans were already high I neglected her moans continuously and she again started screaming varun fuck me hard ummmm I cant bear anymore..

Later I inserted my cock into her pussy it was a bit tight I had to push my cock hard and I was surprised to see few drops of blood also .

She cried for sometime but she enjoyed later and started screaming fuck me deeper varun I want you deep in my ass tear my ass

She was very wild by now .

We fucked for almost 45 mins and she also had multiple organisms by now which I was able to feel later she asked me to release my cum inside her pussy only..

Again she sucked my cock hard and dint even waste a single drop of my cum

Again we kept kissing each other for sometime on her bed and I was continuously sucking her tits and was enjoying her boobs in my mouth .I started biting her nipples within sometime she got horny again

And now she wanted to try doggystyle and before that she again started sucking my cock and she made it hard, not to forget she gives a very goof blowjob

She later turned back in doggy style and she was totally a hungry bitch I started fucking her again she was moaning loudly she had totally lost her sense by now she was moaninv loud u m mm ummm varu nnnn more deeper varun… She kept on telling my to go deep and she fucked nearly 15 mins in doggy style only

Later we tried anal 69 manymore

I was the best fuck ever!!

We had bath also may be she had decided to fullfill all her old hunger today she was a naughty lady even during shower we kissed and I fucked her in shower also that too after she applied soap over herself

She only made me bath after bath she licked my whole body and I also liked and kissed whole of her body it was a amazing experience which I cannot even dream again

We walked naked to the dining table had lunch together kissing and sucking after lunch again she wanted to fuck me the last time before I leave

She is still in touch with me and we have secret sex frequently almost she has been calling me every week

Any comments please mail me at:[email protected]

I will be waiting to see your replies friends

Married ladies feel free to give me your replies.

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