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Hello all of you, I have been a great fan ISS for last 5yrs now, I have been regularly reading stories here and love to read all your experiences, after reading a lot of your experiences I have decided to share my real story which happened just a week back wherein I got in touch with a lady In her mid 30’s, she came in contact with me through website. Before I start let me tell you all about myself, I am RAJ basically from Gujrat but for last some years I have been staying in Hyderabad. I have a tool that can satisfy any needy women who is sexually unhappy and needs satisfaction, all the contact information are 100% safe and secure.

The lady who I met, her name is Madhavi, she is in the mid 30’s, she contacted me through WhatsApp and we started causal chatting which went on for weeks, she used to sometimes do sex chatting too. oops sorry, I forgot to describe her. She has a beautiful fair and clean skin, a little bulky but right amount of flesh is the right places. Her stats 36 32 36, she can make any man’s tool to salute her, she always wears saree below her naval and deep cut blouse both front and back.

It all started on a Wednesday last week when we were chatting in the morning and I was free in office, all of a sudden she asked me if we can meet up for lunch at some place, as I was free I accepted her request and we decided to meet in eat street a famous food joint in Hyderabad, being afternoon and summer season it was not crowded,

I reached there a little advance and selected a seat which is a little isolated and no much disturbance from the other people and was waiting for her.. seeing her for the 1st time I was really excited and also tensed as to how to go about, she arrived and we met formally and settled talking to each other, had some food and it was like 2 pm, when we decided to depart, she requested me to drop her to her place, I was obliged to do the same and we walked to the car, once we started she requested me to park the car is some lonely place, as soon as I parked the car she placed her hands on my thighs and started to rub slowly reaching my tool area and started to kiss me. I was a little taken back by the sudden act of her and started to respond to her kiss, we were lip locked for about 20mins and I was caressing her back and also sometimes pressing her boobs over her blouse.

We broke the kiss and she said she wants to be with me and wants to enjoy till evening. So we quickly booked a hotel using stayuncle app, and we started to head towards the hotel, all the way to the hotel she was bending down and giving me a blow job. Trust me guys she was so good in blowing I can’t tell u.. it was getting difficult for me to control.

We reached the hotel, completed all the formalities and we headed towards the room. The moment we reached the room, she just closed and locked the door and came a gave me a big hug and we were hugging each other for and caressing each other, we again got into a lip lock for about 10mins, then we catch up with our breath and we both were breathing heavy, then I slowly started to undress her removing each piece of cloth and kissing her. In few mins she was standing in front of me in only her bra and panty and she was looking like a sex goddess, then she undressed me and again started to give me a blowjob, she was doing it like a pro, I was in 7th heaven as he was taking my whole 6inch long and 4inch thick dick in her mouth till her deep throat, I was about to cum and told her she started to suck me fast and I unload the whole load in her mouth and she drank every drop of the same and licked me clean, now it was my turn, I removed her bra and started to kiss her boobs and lick her nipples like a baby and with the other hand I was squeezing her other boob, the changed to other boob and kept sucking, slowly moving my hand down to her pussy which was already dripping wet and she was moaning loud as soon as I touch her pussy.

Then I slowly moved down to her pussy and it was clean and dripping wet. Slowly I kissed her and then started to lick her pussy and she was moaning loud, her moaning increased with every deep lick that I placed on her pussy, and the with a sudden jerk she had her orgasm and I licked her clean, she started to ask me to put my dick in her pussy as she can’t wait anymore to feel me hard inside her, I made her lay straight on the bed, spread her legs and placed myself in between, to tease here I again started to lick and she was holding my head tightly in between her thighs and was asking me to continue to lick and she had another orgasm,

she was now asking me to enter her as she can’t wait anymore, I placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy and slowly gave push and she was so tight at this age, the slowly I started to do the in and out movement and then with another thrust I out my complete dick inside and then started to do in and out movement, she was so hot and wet inside and she was jumping her ass and enjoying the same with every push I made, after fucking her in the missionary position for about 20mins I asked her to get in doggy style, by then she already had another orgasm, once in doggy style I entered her pussy from behind and we increased my speed and she was enjoying the same for fucking her in doggy for about 10mins I was about to cum and asked she requested me to cum inside her and then I increased the speed and unloaded in her pussy,

we both were tired and we just slept like that for 20mins hugging and playing with each other and then she again started to lick my dick and we got into 69 position wherein I was sucking her pussy and she was giving me a blowjob we were ready again for the next round.. we again fucked in different position for about 30mins, then we went to washroom to clean ourselves wherein we again had a round of sex again under the running shower and then we cleaned each other and can out.

We laid in each others arm nude for some time to take rest and then we dressed up and check out from the hotel, I dropped her home and went off, she later messaged me that this is was the best sex she had in her life, her husband is not able to satisfy her and she has been starving for such sex till date.. she was so happy…

Post this meeting we had another meeting which I shall share in the next time… readers, please excuse me for mistakes in the story, as this is my 1st story.. readers pl share your feedback on rk2091980@g Any ladies or females who need satisfaction or friendship please reach me on my email.

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