Satisfied My Hot Divorced Aunt

Hello, horny ISS readers, this is Karan here back with another sex story. Hope you enjoyed my previous stories. Feedbacks have been good and also I’ve been getting emails for massage and sex chats and they’re happy too.

If you’re interested mail me at[email protected].

I’m sure we can have fun over chats and it will be in complete secrecy. 😉

So, I’m Karan, 20 years old, living in Ahmedabad, tall, athletic, pretty good dick size enough to satisfy anyone.

So this sex story is about how I fucked my hot divorced aunt. It’ll be little long so have patience.

About her., she lives in Junagadh. Her name is Shweta. Fair complexion, tall, big boobs and a cute ass.

She got divorced pretty soon after her marriage and she was young at the time.

We got in touch with WhatsApp and had been in contact for normal hi hello and forward messages.I was horny once and that time I received her text asking how am I.

I was already horny and her WhatsApp DP was her in a top and boobs tempted me and I decided to give it a shot.

I replied back“Hi Shwetu, I’m good. I have to say, you are looking really beautiful in your pic ”

“Thanks, Karan, you look good too.:)”

“But I have to say, you look hot ”She hesitated to reply after that and an hour later she replied

“Thanks, Karan, you look pretty hot yourself and I see you’ve built a nice body.” she replied with a wink

This was my cue.I got it she got interested in such chats too so I while rubbing my dick over my shorts started texting her

“Well, you’re the one with the hot body and sexy figure. I guess it’d be too much of hotness if we stand together or side by side”I too replied with a wink and a kiss.

And that’s how we started chatting about such things and it got a bit regular basis that we’d flirt with each other and sharing naughty posts over Instagram.

The only thing left was some privacy in person.

And the occasion happened after 2 months of these chats and by then we already had sex chat and she had told me.Her desires and had even done video sex being completely naked and stuff.

So on my Christmas vacation, I told my parents to go to Junagadh for a couple of days to see and climb Girnar mountain and will stay at Shweta aunt’s house. She lives there with her mother who is very old. My parents agreed. I texted her this and even she got happy and sent me.Dozens of kisses.

I went for Junagadh 2 days later and went to her house.

Sadly her mom opened the house and welcomed me in and served me dinner after I got fresh.Shweta had gone for a marriage function.

She came back around 11 and I was already in the bedroom at that time and very upset with Shweta and had masturbated out of frustration.

There were two bedrooms.One for her mom and one for her.I settled into her room only.

I wasn’t nervous this time.I was full of lust and wanted to pound on her like an animal.

I heard some sound and I knew she had come. So I stood and went behind of room’s door.She entered it and

As soon as she turned around I grabbed her waist and pull her to mine. And closed the door.

We were in position that my dick was digging in her ass through saree and my hands were roaming on her waist and pressing her boobs and I was kissing her neck and her ear lobes and I removed the pallu and pressed more of her boobs and I whispered in her ear

“You made me wait so long, you’re gonna pay for this, I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you’ll be pouring orgasms all night long”

And then I threw her on the bedAnd I removed my t-shirt and shorts and while then she had removed her saree,

I couldn’t control myself seeing her completely naked and her boobs and trimmed pussy and I just pounced on her and started biting her boobs and kissing her and we smooched for a long time and then I went down on her and rubbed her clit and then inserted two fingers of mine and finger fucked her hard till she came and licked my fingers.It tasted a bit salty.

Then we did a 69 position for a while and she was a master at blowjob and like a pro, sucked me dry and I licked her pussy and ass.

Then I came over her and I inserted my cock inside her and gave it such a hard thrust that she almost screamed my name and I had to put my hand in her mouth

“This is what you get to bitch for making me wait to drill you, now I’m gonna fuck you so fucking hard and make you my wife ”

And I started pounding her and she moved in rhythm, her hands clenching the bed sheets or my hair and she was moaning so much,” ahhhh, fuck me, Karan, satisfy me, my pussy is yours now forever..Fuck me as much as you want ahhhh, fuckkkkkk yesssss, ohhhh yea. ”

Then we did doggy style too and I held her hair and fucked her like a bitch and she then rode me which I find very sexy and I was pressing her boobs and she was going up and down and sometimes slowly and round motion and moaning my name

Then I came over her again and started fucking her with deep thrusts and we both were moaning and kissing and me sucking and biting her nipples and she had legs around my waist and I knew she wanted me to blow my load in her

And I fucked her faster and harder and moaning and sweating and I“I’m going to cum, fuckkkkkk ahhhh,” and she too understood it

And moaned“Ohhhh yeaaaaaassssssss”

And we both released at the same time and laid down exhausted for a while before having another round, this time a bit tender and I sucked her boobs a lot and even gave her a love bite just little over her boobs.

She got married again a few months later but by then we had fucked many times and even after her marriage she still flirts over Instagram.

I guess it’s just a matter of time until she decides to fuck with me again. 😉

So, how did you find the sex story? You can mail me at[email protected]. Any aunties from Ahmedabad interested in massage and all other female ISS readers if interested in sex chats can mail me at the same email id. Your secrecy is a high priority and rests assured, it’d be just between us. Hoping to hear from you soon.

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