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Hi, this is Choco(pen name), from Bangalore, this is a real one, with no toppings to this sex story, this writes up may not be long. If there are any mistakes in this sex story, please apologize and give your feedback in the below email id. Please don’t ask any personal details of anyone mentioned in this sex story. I will not give and will not share any information about me or the person involved.

I am 38 and working in an MNC. I am not muscular or thin, I have an average body, with an average endowment of an Indian, but thick and hairy chest and thighs.

I met Gayathri through one of the sites and we started to talk friendly and we shared of lot things in common.

Gayathri was an unsatisfied working woman, whose hubby was working somewhere and having an affair with someone else.Once we were very comfortable, we decided to meet and I drove to her city since I had some official work. And since we had already spoken and shared our pics, we were able to recognize each other.

We decided to go a temple and then book a room in a star hotel. About Gayathri, she 5’5″ and had appropriate curves.

She was really beautiful than in her pics. 36c boobs and a nice butt. We were kissing and holding hands all through the drive.After visiting a temple, we went to the room we had booked and we relaxed listening to some songs she liked and was kissing. She was a music buff, which turns her on.

Sometime, later she started to take off her shirt and gave me access to press her boobs and our tongues were fighting with each other.

I pressed her butt over the jeans and put my hand in her panty and cupped her butt, and slid my index finger in her ass crack.She was wet like hell and had drenched her panty. In a jiffy, her pants were off and she wanted me to fuck her.

I wanted to tease her more and was fingering her and kissing her body and started to suck her boobs and nibble her nipples lightly, for which she moaned ah.

And went down a bit and kissed her thighs and kissed. While pressing her pussy mound, I slowly moved forward to her inner thighs and gave a peck and kissed her, her pussy was glistening with her juices.

I slowly licked her slit from bottom to top and chewed her clit with my lips, for which she pressed my head into her cunt, I understand she was having her orgasm and let her enjoy the feel of my face, though I was literally breathless.

Now I know, its time and took a condom and wore it on my dick and without entering, I was teasing her by rubbing my dick on her clit and pussy lips. She started to moan and shout and begging to put it her in pussy.

After teasing her for more than 5 mins, I slid my dick in and her pussy was tight like a virgin.

I slowly started to pump and as soon as I started to pump, she had her orgasm again and her pussy muscles clamped by dick, all her cum were on my dick.

Without stopping, I started to pump her and rammed her for 10 mins and she had 3 orgasms in the meanwhile and moaning ahh. Haha oh, which was turning me on and on.

At a point, she said that she is done and wanted to get it over. But I turned her and made her stand beside the bed and bent her in doggy and entered from behind and rammed for 5 mins and shot my cum in her pussy.

And we both fell on the bed and slept like for a while. Had a bath and she gave me a splendid blowjob like a pro and took my cum in her mouth and swallowed.

Again she was in mood and started to arouse me with her kisses on my nipples and licking my ribs and navel, in no time, my cock was hard as rock and she wanted to ride me, I said ok and she took my cock and put in her pussy and started to jump, and it was glorious sight to see her tits bounce up and down, while she was fucking me hard, and I held her ass and supported to ride me, when was tired, I started to pound her from below for 5 mins and took missionary and fucked and came on her boobs. She rubbed my watery cum on her tits and licked.

And that night we had 3 steamy sessions and fucked like mad. She was wild though she looked like simple and petite.

Next day before leaving she said that she wanted to suck my cock, but before that wanted her to be sucked and slept on the bed with her legs spread wide like eagle wings.

I slowly kissed from her toe and thighs and her inner thighs and pussy mound. Rubbing her pussy mound, I put my lips and kissed her pussy. And started to lick her juicy cunt, which was salty but tasty.

I tongue fucked for almost 10 mins and she came twice and loads and loads, wetting the bed. And we took 69 positions and she started to suck me while I was tongue fucking and rubbing her ass hole, after sucking for 10mins, I came in her mouth and held her head tightly. She said she liked cum and tasted, we kissed again and made her taste her own cum, thought of making her taste her own cum, made my cock to raise and hit her pussy crack in between her thighs, I slowly slid my cock in between her thighs and fucked in standing positions lifting her left leg for one last time and came her in thighs..

Please send your feedback to [email protected], I apologize for any mistake, as this is my first sex story. If any ladies in and around, like to chat and be friends, you can drop an email. Secrecy will be 100% maintained.

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