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Thank you so much, dear friends for tremendous response for my last sex story. Sorry girls I am here only for married ones. Only married unsatisfied ladies shall connect for satisfaction.

Starting with sex story, I received several emails after my first sex story, one of the users was Tanuja from Pune. She is an IT professional working in an MNC. She emailed me as for how she liked the story and so on. On which I started chit chatting with her through emails. After 10-15 days n several emails, she asked me for my number. I happily gave n then our WhatsApp chatting started in full swing.

Tanuja is a very very orthodox lady with high emotions. But at the same time, she has a very keen urge for sex. She wants to explore more n more sex drills which she cannot enjoy. Her hubby too is an IT professional but on site in Gulf, comes once a quarter that too for a week n again leaves. Tanuja carves for sex but is highly unsatisfied. After several chat sessions, she started opening about her story. We soon exchanged our photos n were mutually happy about each other’s appearance. She is a lady with hip line jet black sexy thick hair( my weakness). 34b sized melons. 38 hip. Overall sexy sensuous looking aunty. She has a 6 yrs daughter.

We soon met at a CCD and were extremely happy to see each other. After having chat for almost 1.5 hrs she invites me to see her house. Intentions were clear enough. On asking abt her daughter she told she is at her grandparent’s house. Tanuja lives in a plush society in the wake. She has a grand 4 BHK twin bungalow. All her servants were given holiday. She made me sit in living. Soon she prepared a banana milkshake for both of us. Sipping it she started showing her grand home.

Once we reached their bedroom she came very near to me and said this is the place u make my juices flow. In no moment I smooched her wildly, but she rejected saying not like this. She asked me to wait in living till she prepares. I was wondering what the hell was she preparing…. after 10-15 minutes she gave me call n asked me to come inside. As soon as I opened the door a hunter hit me in dark. After realizing what actually happened I was shocked to see her with leather black bra n panties. Tanuja wanted to role play the session.

It was my life’s first and I was excited. She had a worn a dark red lipstick with open hair and readily seen her sexy in shape boobs. She was smelling awesome. I held her face forcefully and started kissing her all over, soon she came to senses and asked me to do what she says. She wanted me to just enjoy whatever she wanted did. She slowly undressed me kissing my whole body. She was happy with cock size and started sucking like a greedy slut. She was stroking her mouth with very very tight lips.

Within no time I came directly in her mouth which she hungrily swallowed but in next move, she spits all my juices on my face and then licked my entire face with her sexy juicy lips n tongue. I was more than satisfied with this session n fully prepared for taking her on a wild journey. But she had some other plans. Soon she came up with hand folds n tied me up on a chair. She made me undress her bra with my teeth, my rocket was in full power n erect. She then removed her panties n say over me. My tool was touching her deep inside n then she started stroking. Ohh my god, she was very very rough n wild, biting me all over. After 10 mins she came n made me come. It was my life’s best shot.

She then started sucking my tool n cleaning all the juices. Within few minutes I was ready with a erected tool. She now turned back adjusted her love hole n started banging. I was helpless n only shouting in pleasure. Tanuja too was very wild n rough. She stopped only after she came twice. My tool too was tired now. She went inside bathroom leaving me tied. Her face was just blushing with satisfaction.

Then it was my turn to show my skills. As soon as she unfolded me I grabbed her waist n started kissing all over. My saliva was all over her face n boobs. I made her stand, came on knees and started sucking her red hot vagina. She was moaning n shouting with pleasure. She came within few minutes. Her juices were so hot n sexy that I could hardly spit it out.

Then we started with our sex sessions deep n too much inside each other. I made her sit on pillows n inserted her pressing her boobs almost like a beast. I was smooching her so hard that her down lips were bleeding. Tanuja was literally shouting ahhhhhh after every stroke. Her moans were making me crazy n tool was getting hard like a red hot iron rod which was banging her with full force. My hand was pulling her sexy hair firmly which was adding to her pain n pleasure. She was enjoying every stroke. Soon I came n she fell on the bed.

She was a perfect host and took care of my energy levels by providing me with dry fruits n milk at regular intervals. We both banged each other with all most all Kama Sutra poses. We both enjoyed doggy with her long hair in my hand the most as we were doing it in front of the big mirror and facial expressions tempted us to the core. She was very very happy to have obeyed her. She was a real sex bomb in bed.

Thanks for reading my sex story. All this happened only because of ISS.

Thank you so much, ISS

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