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Savita, Shobha and Ashok were headed towards Ashok’s ancestral village to attend Ayush’s wedding.

Savita and Ashok were in the front seat of a car. Savita wore a red saree low cut; Ashok wore a t-shirt loosely hung and trousers. Shobha was in the backseat and wore a jeans and a tight striped tank top along with the sun-glasses.

Shobha, who was very excited about the village visit said “Thanks for inviting to this village wedding bhabhi.” “I was born and brought up in the city so I’ve never been to a place like this”

Ashok smiled and said “I’m glad you came along Shobha. It is Savita’s first time here too” “She’ll have you for company”

Kunal uncle, his wife was standing to greet them. Savita bent forward to touch Kunal Uncle’s feet when he said “Bless you, bahu. I’m so glad you came all this way to attend the wedding.”

Kunal’s wife said “How could she not attend it? She’s the one who convince Ayush to agree for the marriage” “He told us all about how you convinced him by showing the importance of marriage.”

Savita smiled shrewdly and thought “Haha… I hope he didn’t give you all the details of my special convincing methods.”

While Savita and Ashok were busy with the elders, Shobha was being shown around the village by the younger girls of the family. There were three girls, two of them wore salwar kurta’s and the last one wore a half saree.

The day goes on and Savita is treated like the guest of honor by Sarpanchji.

Just then Ashok feels ignored and said “Wow uncleji.. Everybody here knows about Savita. You must really talk about her a lot”

“Haha.. She is my favorite bahu after all. Can’t a sasur dote on his bahu a little?” “Now, you two go to your room and freshen up

And bahu, pack up some clothes for an overnight trip”

Ashok was surprised “Pack? We just arrived? Where are we going now?”

“There’s a temple in the next village, where new brides go to pray for a happy marriage.

Since it is Savita’s first time here, I’m going to take her there. We’ll be back by tomorrow.

Savita smiled to herself “You devlish old man.. I don’t think I need to pack any clothes for this trip at all. I’m sure he’s planning on fucking me all night long.

So when Savita left with Kunal Uncle, Ashok met a childhood friend who was in thirties.

They sat on a charpai, held a glass of lassi half- full.

Ashok grinned “Haha.. nothing beats the taste of village lassi.”

“Yes, remember how we us during the summer” “She used to get tired of making lassis for us all day.” His friend, Karan said. “So Ashok, how’s life in the big city? Is everything good at home.”

Ashok said in tiring tone “Yeah.. everything is all right..”

“What’s the matter? I could always tell when you were hiding something from me.”

“Haha.. alright. Yaar, its just that workload at the office has increased a lot” “I come home exhausted every day.”

Karan, stood up and pulled Ashok’s hand “Come with me Ashok. I think I know the solution to your problem”

“Arey.. let me finish my lassi first.”

They land up in Ayurveda Kendra – Vaidya Guruprabhu

“I don’t believe in all this Karan.”

“Sshhhh..err… Guruji. This is my friend from the city. He complaints that life has become too hectic form him there.

Do you have something that can help him?” said Karan

Guruji in white dhoti said “Ayurveda has a cure to every problem. What he needs is a pill that will re-energize the body through the body through natural means.

Guruji turns and head and calls for his servant “Go and get the bottle of ‘yauwan sanjeevani from the store and be quick about it for once.”

Servant gets confused “Duh.. Did guruji say ‘yauwan’ or ‘yaun Sanjeevani?” he held the two bottles with similar colored pills in his hand.

Guruji hand overs the bottle to Ashok and said “Take one pill one hour whenever you feel too exhausted” “But don’t become too dependent on them. Take them only when really necessary.”

Ashok thanked “Thank you, guruji.”

Later in the evening, Ashok popped a pill into his mouth while he held a glass of water and thought to himself “I’m so exhausted from driving all the way here.” “Let’s see if the ayurveda medicine actually works.”

Ashok sat on a sofa, alone, a bottle of whiskey on the table along with a half full of whiskey. He thought “Ahhh.. I can feel that pill taking effect. My whole bofy feels invigorated.”

Just then Shobha entered calling out “Bhabhi… bhabhi.. Look at my dress..”

Shobha wore a half-saree with no pallu, a tight blouse making his boobs popped out.

“Oh Ashok Bhaiya, I wanted to show bhabhi this new village dress.”

Ashok, by watching Shobha in the sexy dress and with effect of that pill thought “Wow.. She is so beautiful! I Wonder why I never noticed how hot Savita’s teenage friend is?”

“Savita is out to visit a temple with Uncleji.

Sit and have a drink Shobha. You don’t have anywhere else to be right now. Do you!?” Ashok offered Shobha a drink which Shobha agreed happily.

“I’ve always wondered why you hand out with Savvi, She’s so much older than you.”

“I really respect Savita Bhabhi. She’s such a smart, confident person.” Said Shobha while she thought “And we also share a love for sex but I can’t tell you about that.”

“Mmm… I’m so tired right now, the girls here are used to walking so much but I got exhausted today.”

“Haha..Its such a coincidence that you said that. Here, I got this Ayurvedic medicine from the local vaidya try it.”

“No. I don’t want to try out an unknown pill.”

“Come on. It’s all natural there won’t be any side-effected.”

“All right Bhaiya. I’ll take it.”

Half an hour later the pills start taking effect on both Ashok and Shobha.

Sobha thought to herself “I don’t know why but I’m starting to feel real horny. Is it because of the drinks?”

“What’s the matter with me? My cock has gotten so hard. I must stop staring at Shobha’s sexy body.”

“So Bhaiya, what do you think about this dress. Do I look good in it?

“You look like an apsara in that dress, Shobha.”

“Why, Thank you bhaiya. That’s the best compliment that I’ve heard today.”

“You are a very sexy girl Shobha. I’m sure all the guys in the village must have been staring at you all day.”

Suddenly he stopped and put his hand on her thighs. Shobha thought “What has gotten into Ashok Bhaiya? He’s never flirted with me like this before.

But.. It’s making me so hot to hear him talk like that.”

Ashok’s mind is getting dirty “Why am I having such dirty thoughts about Shobha? I’ve never been so turned on. Even with Savita.

I want to rip that sexy dress off her body.. I.. I.. can’t control these urges.”

“I think its time I went to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow.”

“No… I want you to stay the night”, said Ashok while catching her waist and hand.

“Mmm.. you look so tempting tonight. I want to do so many things to you..”

Shobha is stunned at Ashok’s reactions “I need to stop this.. but.. Oh Damn.. I’ve so trusted on by this.”

At the same time, Guruji realises from his servant’s confession that he had given Ashok a pill that’ll increase his sexual urges.

Meanwhile… Savita and Kunal Uncle checks-in Hotel Decent.

Kunal said “Wow Savita, you are definitely the best bahu that a man could wish for I’ve missed you a lot.”

Savita welcomes him wearing a sexy pink lingerie – a sexy bra and panty “I’ve missed you a lot too, Sasurhi? Why don’t you come closer and show your slutty bahu how much you’ve missed me.”

Savita is enjoying with her sasurji at hotel Decent.

Where Ashok can’t take his hands off Shobha?

Will Ashok and Shobha dwell in the sexual urges raised by pills?

Will Savita and Ashok know each other’s secret!?

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