Savita Bhabhi Episode 56 – Indian Sex Stories

While re-reading some of the adventures that proved most popular with her fans, Savita realized something:

She looked up to acknowledge the reader and welcomes him into her world.

“I have been waiting for you to come back”

She admitted to have neglected him over the years as she was only focusing on her adventures. But today she was all his.

She slowly got up from her couch. Recalled the fact that her reader had seen her have sex with a variety of men but never by “you” her readers. She slowly but seductively dropped here blue dress on the floor revealing her nice silky sexy purple bra and panties.

She turned away from you and said “Now if you could just help me with this clip”

You, slowly reached out and unbuttoned her bra. She turned around thanking you and her juicy big melons that you have always dreamed about were in your face. You could hardly breathe.

She smiledand asked you to relax and promises you that she will give you all that you have ever desired.

She slowly reached for the tent in your pants and unzipped you. Your large manhood was released from its cage.

She then proceeded to touch it slowly with only her fingers, just to create that bit of excitement. The teasing was not over. As your cock hardened she runs one finger from the base of your shaft to the tip while she is looking straight up at you. Her seduction is unimaginable. Just like you had dreamt about all those episodes.

She saidpraising your manhood “Oh what a big thing you have. What do you want me to do with it?”

“Do you want me to…” and she put your dick between her soft juicy breasts. Her breasts are so huge that you could barely see your dick. But their soft touch feels so nice as she rubs them up and down your shaft and slowly licked the top of your cock.

She then stopped and asks you if you would like to put your manhood into her temple of lust and slowly leans back to part her panties sideways and show you her wet juicy pussy. It is pink wet and as juicy as you have ever imagined.

She also asked if you would like to start with her lips. Her nice luscious juicy lips built for the perfect blow job one that you have always dreamt off. You cannot control, you agreed to start at her lips. She accepted that choice and is happy to oblige.

She first put her face under your manhood:

“I worship your manhood, I want to feel your masculinity on my forehead, on my eyes, and my nose. I want to feel the hair on your scrotum tickle my face. Ad taste your musk which is divine and melts my pussy”

Saying this she engulfed your manhood in one gulp. Her mouth feltso warm and divine. It was like you have always dreamt of.

You cannot wait to experience more.

She took you to her bed room. The famous bed where you have seen many a man and woman satisfy this goddess of lust and now it was your turn.

She laid you down to have easier access to her body. She re began her lustful blowjob with a spit on your manhood. As your tool throbs with excitement she began to suck it slowly then with force until she engulfed your whole dick in her mouth and you could feel the back of her throat and her hands as they massaged your balls that could burst anytime.

Your manhood is so huge that it made her gag but she loved every bit of it. She gently squeezed your balls and knew that you were about to burst. She teases you and your balls by sucking on them licking them. As a bit of pre cum oozes out of your dick.

She suddenly stopped what she was doing and laid on the bed “Speaking of leaks, I am completely wet and ready for a fuck” as she spread her pussy to show you.

But this is a tease. So she immediately closed her legs and went back to playing with you dick sucking it and biting it gently.

“I am not done playing with your thick swollen dick.. I want to first milk you until you almost can’t stand it” All the stroking of your dick has made her really horny.

So she puts on the bed, gets on top of you and moved her pussy lips along your shaft. You so want to shove your thick dick deep inside her and she knows that. But she loved to tease her men and you were not different. So she stopped.

She took some of the juices from her pussy, bent you over and pushed her finger down your ass. You moaned and grunted but enjoyed it just the same.

With one hand on your cock and the other ass fucking you she noticed your dick getting harder and harder so she slowly begins to lick the hole she was just fucking.

Pre cum began to flow form your cock. She began to fuck your hole with her tongue. She knew you were about to explode so she reduced the pace of her stroking you and increased the pace of licking you ass.

You had never felt this before. She flipped you over and began sucking your cock. The way your muscles spammed and quivered, she knew you were ready to burst again. So she changed her mind and stopped her aggression one more time.

You begged her to continue. To give you that one big orgasm. But she is Savita and you will cum only when she wanted you to. She sees some cum being released but knew that your orgasm was on hold. Then with one last rub of your dick you explode all over her face.

“Yummy your juices were delicious. Yes but what? Oh don’t worry you will get to fuck me”

As she drank every drop of your juice form her breasts she guaranteed that she could get you hard again.

She invited you to smell her juicy cunt and pushes you face in it. She covered her fingers in her juices and forced you to taste them. The sight of her pussy, the smell of her juices and the taste slowly but surely worked their magic on you.

She took your hand and made you rub her cunt. Slowly then with added pressure. You force your 2 fingers deep into her pussy. “Oh god yes that spot you are touching gives me the most intense orgasm ever”

“Now make your dick touch that same spot”

By now your dick was rock hard again and might be even harder and bigger than before.

“I want you inside me” she said “ I want to feel every centimetre of your long thick juicy cock!”

Slowly the head of your cock toyed with her pussy. The corona of your cock head tugged on her inner pussy lips. Then it stretched the rim of her pussy and began pushing its way deeper and deeper. Slowly you were completely in. Every inch of your fat big cock stretched then pushed into her pussy as it swallowed every ridge and bump your big dick.

No Savita was completely yours. Yo had her on her back as you rammed her pussy hard. Your hardness and her tight pussy were a perfect fit. As you dove harder and harder into her pussy, her screams filled the room. She started rubbing your balls.

You fell on top of her hugging her tight so that your dick could reach out to every tiny gap inside her vagina.

She begged you to ram her harder and harder. With ever thrust she wanted to feel your sack against her pussy. She was now so turned on and wanted to cum. But she loved to cum when riding her man so she flipped you onto your back and impaled her throbbing pussy with your big wand. She rocked back and forth on her knees as her clitoris grinded against you while also pushing her G spot against you. But when the moment was right she slammed her pussy down onto your big cock and your entire manhood into her pussy.

Up and down and back and forth she rode you like you always imagined. But now she had to cum or she would die. So she straddled up front to put her pussy in line with your face and let her juices splash your face. She was still trembling but wanted you to enter her from behind and be as rough as you could get.

You pulled on her hair as you rammed her pussy like a dog. As you bang her hard and the waves of pleasure once again spread across her body from her pussy she realised that one of her holes was not filled.

She bent forward spreading her ass and demanded you enter it. She could tell by your reaction that the tightness of her ass could send you over the edge but she wanted you in her pussy. So she demanded that you fuck her in whatever position you like as long as you cum in her pussy.

You thrusted her against the wall. One leg in the air you kept ramming her ass hard. She knew that your thrust were getting faster and the moment you always wanted would soon be near. So she took you back to the bed. As you take her back to the bed, your dick gave way and filled he whole with your juices.

She saw you and your dick contact 6 to 7 times before you thrust it back into her warm juicy pussy and keep emptying your balls into her pussy. With each thrust she felt a new wave of cum entering her. So much cum you produced that it poured out of her pussy.

As you fall satisfied and exhausted, she licked your cum of her cunt and swallowed it. A moment you would never forget.

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