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Savita and Puja were enjoying some newly bought sexy underwear in their hotel room when they heard a knock on the door. It was Sasurji. He looked very worried. Ashok who had gone out with the boys for a drink was missing. He had gone to use the bathroom after a few drinks and not returned.

Savita was very upset. While Sasurji and Puja went to help the others Savita stayed back just in case he returned to the hotel. While she waited in the room her phone rang. “Hello mam your husband has been arrested and the captain of the police station would like someone from the family to go down there right now”

At the station Savita found out that the reason Ashok was arrested was because he was caught red handed being sucked of by a prostitute. The cops had decided to book him and deport him next morning. Shocked Savita could not believe what she was hearing and she begged the officers to let her speak to him.

One of the officers called mark agreed to help such a pretty lady. He was immediately hitting on Savita and she knew it. Despite her anger she wanted to hold on before she said anything until she bailed Ashok out.

Mark showed Savita to Ahsok’s cell. “This way mam, it is a small station and its late at night so its just you your husband me and my friend” said the officer with his hand grabbing Savita’s juicy ass.

She reached Ashok’s cell “ I am sorry Savita, I was drunk, I am truly sorry. I cant imagine what you must be going through right now. Please officer isn’t there someway you can let me go” Ashok immediately apologised to Savita.

“You cheated on your beautiful wife so may be the punishment should be the same” said the officer as he asked Savita to wait outside while he spoke to Ashok.

Savita waited outside for them to call her back and wondered what was going on between them, when suddenly she was summoned.

Ashok informed her of their conversation, “Are you crazy Ashok, I am your wife” Savita exclaimed in shock. “Please do it for me, I know you are the most loyal wife and technically this will not be cheating if I make you do it” explained Ashok.

Savita still confused and not sure what to do re questioned Ashok’s judgement. He asked her to relax and pretend he was the one touching her the whole time and asked her to remember the time they role played with him being the burglar.

“I will be imagining you the whole time Honey” said Savita with a kiss to Ashok.

Suddenly Mark and the other officer are grabbing and squeezing Savita all over. She is truly embarrassed. While she has bedded many a man she had never done something like this in front of her husband,

“You were just going to see me naked officer. You should not touch me”

“We can stop if you Husband wants us to”

Ashok asked them to carry on and told Savita it was ok by him. The officers were squeezing her tits hard and this was turning Savita on a lot. She found the whole experience of doing this in front of Ashok to be very kinky and this thought turned her on a lot more.

“I am going to kiss these officers Ashok. I am sure you kissed that dirty slut too”

“Yes but I was drunk” claimed Ashok.

“That is no excuse to cheat on such a pretty lady” said Mark in an angry voice as he grabbed ashok by his collar.

“Yes Ashok, just watch what I do with these 2 officers” Savita said in an angry voice as he let on of the officers grab her from behind and lick her neck.

She then turned and stuck her tongue down one of the officer’s throats as their tongues explored the depths of their mouths and as their Saliva mixed. Savita said “You are great kisser officer are you going to strip search my pussy down there”

Marked joined in and kissed Savita deeply even better than his friend “ You are a beautiful woman Mrs Patel”

“Please call me Savita. Today I am not Ashok’s wife. Just a horny woman with her 2 lovers” said Savita as she undid her top to free her pair of tits. The best pair these officers had seen in a long time. Perfectly round, perfectly juicy and large enough to make any man as hard as rock by just looking at them.

Ashok embarrassed still thought Savita was pretending to enjoy this. Little did he know that his slutty wife was truly enjoying every bit of the attention and the touch she was getting form 2 strangers in front of her husband.

“I know we said we will just see you naked. But I doubt any man can resist and stop after seeing this sight and I hope you do not mind if we change the terms of the arrangement” claimed mark as he and his friend dove into her breasts and started sucking her nipples.

Shocked Savita did not know what to do. She tried to resist but men sucking her breasts is the biggest turn on for her and she could not help but moan loudly.

“You are such a slut enjoying this in front of your husband”

Now beyond the point of no return “Come on officers do not stop now” Savita claimed as she laid another kiss on to Mark’s friend while he sucked of her breast.

“You guys are turning me on so much. I wish my husband could please me like this” Savita said winking at Ashok. The wink made Ashok believe that this was all just an Act and that his wife was pretending to have fun.

Soon the teasing and the fondling moved into the cell right opposite to Ashok’s and on to the bed in that cell.

“Ahahah ahahah ..all this fondling is making me horny and we have gone so far already . You guys might as well fuck me” Savita said out loud.

Immediately the officers agreed and dropped their pants “ What a great Idea Savita, why don’t we start with a blow job form those juicy lips of yours”

“No I did not mean that” Savita tried to explain but seeing those hug cocks right in front of her she stopped fighting.

Suddenly she heard Ashok “ Yes Savita Fuck them, Fuck them hard” and saw him take out his dick and being to jerk off

“ Are you really enjoying watching me get Fucked” Savita asked in a shock. The officers knew that their drug was working with Ashok and they were enjoying this situation.

“You do not have to worry about anything dear. We roofied your husband. Be as naughty as you want. He won’t remember anything that happened tonight” claimed mark as he began to rub his hard cock between Savita’s soft breasts.

“Both officers now were using their dicks to tease her breasts and slapping her nipples with their cocks. Savita was so turned on and could not stop moaning loudly. “The heads of their cocks poking against my nipples is getting me so horny” thought Savita as she began to suck Mark’s dick.

As mark thrust his huge dick into Savita’s mouth, his friend began work on her pussy. She was so wet she practically begged for the officer’s big cock to tear into her cunt and satisfy her.

But the officers were not going to give in so easily. They wanted her to beg for it. “Yes officer please fuck me and satisfy this juicy wet pussy”

“Ok which cock do you want first”

“Why choose officer I want both your cocks to fuck every hole in my body” said Savita

“What is Savita really going to fuck both these officer” thought Ashok

What will happen next? Will Savita satisfy both officers? How will Ashok handle this? Will he remember anything the next day?” Will Ashok continue to enjoy seeing his wife being fucked hard or will he stop it and rot in jail?

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