Savita Bhabhi Episode 77: Working Overtime

Ashok was working late at the office. To his good luck which seems to be in such a high spirit after he got the Audi at such a low price, his boss Mr. Batra has given him a special project – one which has made Ashok work over-time.

At home, being a good and dutiful wife, Savita bhabhi was done preparing hot food for Ashok to help him ease the stress of working late. It may look selfless but Savita had her own plans.

“Although I am concerned about his mental health, I also hope that he nibbles me before savoring my fresh cooked delicacy”, she thought as she selected the saree after bathing.

Savita’s body was as nude as the day she was born except she wasn’t a little baby anymore. Her voluptuous boobs could easily satisfy the thirst of a grown man if only she was lactating. Her body had no speck of hair except for the hairs on her wheat-ish pubic mound. The neatly trimmed pubic hair looked like a royal crown on the queen.

She finally selects a turquoise chiffon saree and wears it without anything underneath it. “Think I’ll skip the panties if Ashok wants a Quickie.”

She was dropped at Ashok’s office by Alex. Ashok’s boss Mr. Batra was talking with his another girl in the lobby when Savita walked in. Her D cup boobs were struggling to free out of her blouse. The bra itself did very little job holding those titties together and now it was just a matter of time.

A spark touched Mr. Batra as soon as he laid eyes on her. “What a lovely surprise! This beauty is perfect”, he thought.

“Can I help you, Miss?” He asked walking close to her.

“Sorry. It’s Mrs”, she said proudly. “I am Savita, Ashok’s wife and here to give him freshly cooked home food”.

Mr. Batra stood speechless for a second but being a woman’s man, he corrected his posture and said: “Ah Ashok is busy with a project but since it’s dinner…”

“Geeta”, he called. “Go and tell Ashok his wife is here.”

“Sure”, the lady replied annoyingly.

“Come with me”, Mr. Batra started walking towards his office. “You can wait in my office.”

The office was marvelous. Savita stood in awe admiring the interior design. Looking at her sparkling face, Mr. Batra said, “This office happens to be a small perk of owning the company!”

“Ashok’s boss?”, Her eyes lit up with question silently.

“So how long will he take to come down?”, she asked. Lots of different thoughts were running through her mind.

“Not quite early for sure since it is a prestigious and important project”, he replied calmly. But there was a certain spark in his brown eyes and a smile curved on his dark lips.

“Can I get you something while we wait for Ashok?”, he asked.

Savita bhabhi smiled in agreement. He walked over to the other side of the posh office room and took out a bottle of wine and showed it to Savita, “This?”

“Sure if you are having one,” she replied politely.

“I’ve been dying to taste this bottle of French”, he said as he poured the wine into two crystal clear glasses.

“Bharat Bhatra at your service.” He said holding the glass to her.

“Why? Thank you.” She took it as he held it to her, for a split second their fingers touched and something sparked in Savita’s body.

‘Cheers,’ He proclaimed. The short clanking of glasses filled the room.

They sipped silently. Savita looked around as she took her sip. The wine was rather bland and woody but she liked it then her usual fruity and flowery flavour.

Her eyes caught sight of a professional DSLR camera mounted on a tripod stand on the corner of the room. It looked spotless and dust free which suggested it was used frequently.

“So Bharat,” She said pointing her face towards the camera. “What kind of Photos do you click?”

“Oh, Portraits and to be honest I only shoot the beautiful women.” He said calmly but it was firm. No wonder he owns the company.

“Since you are here..” He walked over to the camera placing his half-empty glass on the desk. He took the camera with tripod and placed in front of him. “Allow me to capture your beauty.”

“Me?” Savita asked in bewilderment.

“Of course. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” He commented.

Her cheeks flushed with shyness. Savita was never a woman who felt shy when someone complimented her looks but there was something about Bharat and his compliments.  Savita finally agreed and Bharat started to take photos.

“First, Pose with the Wineglass with a wink on your eyes.” He said from behind the camera.

Savita did as she asked. At first, the poses were unnatural but as the count of photos increased the tension decreased and the poses became so lifelike and not to mention it turned a bit erotic. Her facial expressions were itself enough for a man to get hard and cum twice all in a few minutes.

“Why don’t you show a bit more of skin?” Bharat commanded.

Without any hesitation, she dropped her pallu a bit and sat on the sofa with her fair cleavage fully in all its glory. Maybe it was the wine that made her totally comfortable and not to mentions she can’t say no to Ashok’s boss and Who knows this might help win her promotion for Ashok.

“Like this?” She asked. Her cleavage was heavenly to the eyes. “You look perfect,” Bharat replied.

After a couple of shots, “Maybe nude photos?” He asked.

“Of course since this is art.” She replied and immediately she sat on the sofa like she was waiting to be ducked in Doggie style and pulled her petticoat up revealing her hairy but juicy public mound and big and fleshy ass.

Bharat was surprised to find she had no panties but felt proud that he is clicking her puss which was unreachable a few moments ago.

Bharat took pics of her puss mound as she posed in different ways. She ever spread her labia revealing the pink canal to heaven. He zoomed at it and he could see it wet and dripping with excitement.

In the next couple of minutes, she posed with her blouse and bra off. Only her saree was tied around her waist. She looked like a sex goddess ready to give any man the pleasure of a lifetime.

“Look what you’ve done?” Bharat finally said pointing his hard on struggling to come out if his formal point. “But I apologize.”

She giggled with a spark in her eyes. She kind off felt proud of herself.

“I’m so sorry Bharat.” She said as she crawled on all fours near to Bharat leaving the saree to fall to the ground.

“Maybe can I help?” She asked standing on her knees with his hard-on pointing towards her but still covered by his pants.

Will Ashok get himself helped? Find out what happens in Savita Bhabhi Episode 77.

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