Secret Sex In Public Place

Hi, guys!! I’m Krish, 26 from Chennai. This special story is my debut at the beach and trusts me the experience which I felt was better than having sex in five-star hotels!!

I’ve had sex many times with different women but this beach experience made me once again feel like I’m losing my virginity and having sex for the first time. Partner of my story is my own staff who is not just my staff. She’s in her early 30s working for the company for last 2 years. How the sexual relationship was constructed will be coming later as that is all regular stuff. The biggest difference in this story and other stories are:A Beach,B Mud,C Secret sex,D Public place,E Plenty of fresh air,

F All side open and the list may go on. By my lengthy story and your strong imagination, you’ll surely get the mood, feeling but I’m that sure that will be only 10% of the real time fun!! One should actual experience such amazing moments and share such stories with all.Coming to story: I give full respect to my staff by calling her madam not because she’s elder to me or we are just fulfilling each other’s need but because I generally give respect to all women.

I have 3 encounters with the madam and the last one was in theater and car. At that time when we were going theater via beach road, the beach sex hit my mind but I wanted it to keep a surprise for my madam. Mam was very particular about dates and our one month anniversary was nearing, falling on a weekday. One day before I asked her to wear a saree for that special day. She wore saree, I picked her from a neutral venue. We skipped the office and firstly went to a temple. There I bought her jasmine flowers outside the temple and made her put on her hair. The wonderful aroma of Jasmine was further adding sexiness to her beauty. Then I directly took her to the Beach and parked my car there. Borrowed friend’s Innova as it was bigger and safer than my car. She was firstly shocked by car then next shock was the beach.

She’s was equally confused. Readers who are not Chennai people and never visited Chennai beaches, this is for them. Chennai has the world’s second longest beach.

REAL STORY STARTS-We’re driving on the beach side with AC off and windows down, taking the cold sea breeze. It was an amazing feeling right from the start. I parked my car facing the beach. Turned on the AC started to kiss my madam in her cheeks. She quickly responded by bringing her lips to mine. We both started very slowly and calmly. We also had no time and kind of restriction apart from the place being a public place. Quickly she drilled her tongue into my lips, tasting them then my teeth and then my saliva filled tongue. I was equally going restless and softly started biting her lower lips this went on for few mins. Then we stopped and thought to shift back but my plans were different. Just to keep here words, we shifted back. There I started smooching from her neck to ears to lips to everywhere. Doing it the car was not for us so without wasting any time, we adjusted ourselves and proceeded further.

Describing about us- I’m wheatish with an athletic but not gym body. And she was wheatish too but a little fluffy. She had an amazing pair of tits which was what taking my focus on them in early days. I still don’t know about the size and can’t simply guess but can make you imagine by comparing those tits with a small sized tender coconut. Those natural tits were hard, curvy ‘V’ shaped but not ‘U’, always stiff, never facing down (during fuck). Mostly I play with them. Coming back to the story. Hardcore smooch was on parallel I started playing with her boobs and further taking my hands to her panty. She was not wet but her nipples were kinda erect. Then her gift for me was straight away blowjob. She didn’t remove any of her clothes and straightaways attacked my dick. Earlier, many times she gave me BJ n HJ but always after putting the condoms. But as the anniversary gift(I guess), she this time directly took my semi erect shaft inside her mouth. She had the knowledge of the kind of BJ I liked. She was never a pro in sucking but neither poor as all the time she would make me cum within 5mins that too at a very slow pace.

Guys, that feeling of getting BJ for the first time without condom+the sucker knows how the dick likes to get sucked can never be explained merely in words. She was sucking it with lips without using tongue and alternatively using tongue without using lips. This was like all-in-one pack for me. Her tongue was always like icing the cake on my dick. She also choked at times but never stopped in spite of me refusing her to suck as it was her first time in my dick without a condom. She was in no mood to stop and was in full swing taking half inside at medium pace. I was also liking it to the core.

My feeling was on cloud 9’s cloud9 ie. Cloud 81. Before cumming in here mouth, I stopped her thrice but don’t know what was wrong with her and right with me, she wanted to everything for me. LOVE OVERLOADED. After taking the cum inside, she immediately spat in the tissues and cleared everything from her mouth. After giving such a wonderful gift to me, she thanking me for making that BJ happen. What? I was like dumbstruck. Time for return and energize, we stepped out of the car and started walking toward the shore which was some 400mtrs away from the parking. Went near the water, sat beside and again started lip kissing which is common on some beaches.

That kiss was just heaven for both of us. Water in front, seated on mud, all three side Mud and open place and huge sky in the top. To add sweetness, the cold sea breeze was also there. And that was just heaven for both of us!!!! There may be people around us or in a radius of 100mtrs but all were busy in the own world (couples). I had already given such a lovely moment to her put I felt that I too had to relive her. Then we looking for a place to hide from one side and we got one. There we sat(can’t lie down). Locked my madam in between my legs in her stomach, in sitting position only on.

Starting smooching again. Used my lips and tongue to made her wet both from inside and outside and I knew rest would be done by the breeze. After about 25mins unlocked her from my legs and started entering her panty and pussy. She was hesitating a bit. But we were not in a plan to undress or anything OBVIOUSLY. Made her cum second time with my magic fingers which I learned from my friends. Then I washed my hands and we moved towards the parking. I felt, effort from my side was less and she deserved much more for that 4mins BJ. So we jumped in the back Street straightaway. She was like why? I said I’m 1 down and you’re 2. She understood and she was ready but I said I want your lead by 3:1 by my tongues effort. She was happy. I sat down. She gave me to access my spreading her legs.

Guys after 2 shots, her vagina was stinking +tasting not great but for the sake of that wonderful BJ which I got earlier, I would do anything and moreover, I gave her the commitment of 3:1 with the use of tongue which literally made her happy, I sucked and tongue fucked her vagina. Kissing, sucking, licking and tongue fucking was happening altogether because I could not do the same thing at a time because I could not tolerate the smell more and more. After few minutes I used my tall finger at a rapid pace to make her cum sooner and parallels rolling tongue around her nipples. Soon she cummed, we cleaned ourselves and the car and ended that session there but not the journey which was heading towards lunch. Yeah, all this happened from 9-12.30PM which is known to be a common time in Chennai beaches. Plenty actions followed post lunch which will be continued in the next story. I promise I’ll write it short and crisp..

Pardon me for my mistakes. At least once all should have the beach(public and not in summer) experience. I swear that won’t be your first and last and ya of course I’m not telling you to go naked and start doing all positions. Whatever is possible is only possible in seating positions.

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How your identity wants to hidden, in the same way, mines also will be hidden as I’m not 200% sure about you. So others don’t give it try because I’ll not entertain you.

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