Seduced, Licked And Fucked My Hot Cousin Sister

Hello friends, I am Raj age-21, male, from New Delhi & here to share my incredible sexual experience. Perhaps one of the best sexual experience of my life by far. The main aspect which makes this experience so special is that it involves my cousin sister Shruti.

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Now let me begin with the story, Just like every modern, upper-middle class families these days, mine is also a nuclear family residing in urban phase of New Delhi. But we often visit & are visited by members of my maternal & paternal family. My cousin Shruti is the daughter to my mother’s sister (daughter of my masi to be more clear).

Shruti is 4 years elder than me and obviously matured into a hot, young woman right in front of me. Her transformation was never an issue to me until I turned into a grown male myself and Ever since then, I just could not stop thinking about her, I used to try and distract myself from sexual thoughts about my own cousin sister but failed miserably, to an extent where I badly wanted to have her. There were numerous occasions where I would masturbate with her image in my mind and with that, my own cousin sister turned into my fantasy.

Before I begin with the advances of my story let me describe how Shruti looks like, She is 25, 5’6 tall, with curves just at right places and her flawless 34-28-36 is the absolute proof to this compliment. She has a fair completion and black, medium length layered hair which she usually leaves open. She usually wears western casual wear but occasionally flaunts her curves in traditional salwar kameez which makes her look even more sexy. Apart from that, she is a confident, stylish, trendy yet fun-loving girl and always love to be center of attention.

My encounter with this hot ass girl occurred just a few months back when my mom, dad & myself went to meet their family at their residence in Urban Gurgaon since Shruti’s brother Nipun insisted that both, ours as well as their family would meet up with the girl & her family. Hence, we were there to do the honors.

We reached Shruti’s family home at about 11 am where our families greeted each other and shared laughs over snacks.Shruti was not at home at that time since she was working on her morning shift. Eventually it was time for us to leave together & visit Nipun’s girlfriend & her parents. I personally had no interest in being trapped in people discussing marriage and stuff so I insisted on staying back, to which the family surprisingly agreed and left the house in about an hour.

Now, I was alone in their house and instantly I felt a sudden rush of arousal which straightaway led me to Shruti’s room where I could not help myself from peeking into her wardrobe.

Along the hangers were hanging a couple of pairs of jeans, a trouser & a salwar which she might have worn in past couple of days. I could tell that because I sniffed those clothes and the smell was so erotic that it gave me an instant erection knowing that It was the smell of my cousin sister’s assets. This search lead me to her lingerie drawer, to my delight I ended up finding her recently worn panties and immediately started sniffing it to satisfy my sinful urge.

The image of my hot cousin sister was flashing over and over again in my mind and this scenario continued until I heard the doorbell ringing.

I almost panicked to this sound and immediately closed her wardrobe after putting those clothes back in there. Eventually, I relaxed my heartbeat and went to answer the door, It was Shruti, my fantasy, my cousin sister & mind you, she was looking hot as usual in a black Patiala salwar kameez with matching heels, those layered hair dropping along her shoulders and her perfectly lined mascara was icing to the cake, making her look twice as hot as she is.

I greeted Shruti with a smile but she did not settle for that, she hugged me and in response, I hugged her back, my hands were planted on her back. I felt the strap of her bra underneath the palm of one hand while my other hand rested along her waist. Without any surprise, once again I got an erection. Her feminine scent was so arousing, and even if it lasted for a rather short time. I got to feel her soft, perfect breasts against my chest.

She eventually released me from that hug and bolted the door from inside. She immediately started asking about me & my present life to break the silence while both of us made our way to their living room.

I usually am an easy-going person but that moment, I was having a really hard time carrying on that conversation. However, I can not be blamed since I just got an intimate hug from the girl I always fantasized about. Eventually, she freshened up and offered me to join her in her bedroom where both of us started watching TV. However, I was occasionally staring at her juicy figure while she was leaned against the bed. After a while, I saw her sighing and closing her eyes, to which I immediately asked her “What’s wrong” and she immediately replied “Nothing, I’m just tired that’s all”.

I paused for a while and eventually asked if there was anything I can do and she just shook her head. Minutes passed and she finally asked if I can give her a foot massage. As an admirer, there was nothing else I would like to do that moment than getting to touch and rub her flawless feet. “Of course” I responded and sat along side her legs before my hands started rubbing along the base of her soft feet. I started rubbing across her toes and soft base of her feet, and was occasionally looking at her reaction. Her eyes were closed and she was occasionally giggling and telling me that it tickles.

That experience was mouth-watering. I mean literally my mouth was hungry for her. But as the time passed, she fell asleep in that position but I still kept touching and rubbing her feet to my own joy. I looked at the clock, It was 7 PM and it was beginning to get dark, the only light was the dim light of setting sun through the window and I left it that way.

Shruti was deep in her sleep & I took this opportunity to provide wind to the urges that were burning inside me. I slowly pulled her kameez up to her stomach and moved my face closer to the inner thighs, by this time I knew she was in a deep sleep so that made me even more brave with my actions. I slowly placed my hands on her thighs and felt her soft, hot thighs, through the smooth, silky fabric of her salwar. With this I moved my face further between her inner thighs to an extent where my nose and my lips were touching the silky fabric of her salwar, right below her pussy.

I took a deep breath and started sniffing that area, knowing that it was the smell of her pussy. By this time, I was way beyond horny and I kept on caressing her thighs carefully. The joy of getting to touch my cousin sister was too much to contain, But I almost panicked when she changed her position and turned over to lay on her side. The fear of getting caught hit me at that moment itself. Hence, I stopped my actions for a while, after the passage of around 10 minutes. I initiated my actions again as I could not hold myself back. I once again lifted her kameez, this time from behind since her ass was facing in my direction.

This time I took a deep breath and felt a sinful animal inside me taking control of myself. I placed my hands on her ass and started rubbing her flesh through the silky fabric of her salwar. Oh my god ! That ass was pure heaven, it was so dam hot, and I felt like kneading it like dough but I knew I had to keep calm and enjoy to a safest limit. As the time passed my actions took a rather bold turn, this time I moved closer to her and slowly pressed the bulge inside my trousers against her ass.

I can not explain in words how that felt. My dick was so freaking hard at that moment. The feel of her hot, plump, sexy ass in that salwar against my erection was much more than just arousing. My heart was racing and I literally wanted to remove her salwar and fuck her but I was scared. Any guy in my situation who want to play safe would be scared. But the heat of the moment was too much to play safe so I ended up placing my hand on one of her breasts.

Her breasts was supple, soft yet firm like a sponge ball. I slowly started rubbing her breasts through the fabric of her kameez and I could feel her nipples hardening under my palm since she was wearing a thin, lacy bra which was easy to figure out since I was rubbing her boobs.

By now, I could hear her breathing heavy and I could feel her heart pounding, it was a sinful, arousing, as well as a fearsome feeling, I slowly started grinding my bulging erection against her ass while simultaneously caressing her boobs over her kameez. She should have been awake by then and since she wasn’t, I took it as a green signal and started kissing the back of her neck to continue the ride of my lust. My hand was occasionally caressing from her breasts, down to her stomach and with that lack of resistance from her as my green flag,

I finally reached my hand down to touch her pussy over the fabric of her salwar and then came the moment I wasn’t counting on. She woke up with a low groan and turned around to push me away from her “what are you doing Raj. I’m your sister”. she literally yelled at me with that and I could not respond to that, I was embarrassed, scared and you can imagine what might be going through my mind that moment. I was scared of the outcome if/when she would tell this to her parents or my parents. My family life was on a breaking point and I had to throw caution to the wind.

I know I would only land myself into trouble if I force my actions on her. I also knew that the trouble would be no less if I stay quiet like a creepy pervert & do nothing about the situation. I knew for sure that my cousin sis was an open-minded girl so I confessed her about my feelings “Shruti, I never meant to offend you, I am sorry. Maine bohot try kiya control karne ko but you are just so hot and I have been fantasizing about you since a long time. I tried to stop but could not”.

That was my confession & she was speechless, rather shocked to hear it. The dim light now faded away and we were there laying in the dark. The clock was ticking and none of us moved or said a word. I apologized to her once again to break the silence and all she said was “koi baat nahi”.

I was confused but at least relieved that she wasn’t as furious as I thought she would be. “You are the sexiest girl that I know and have ever touched, sis”. No guy in the right mindset would say that to his cousin sister in such a situation but I was just too ahead to be tamed. The response I got from her this time was a brief laugh “Stop it, I know why you’re flattering me now” She said. To this I responded by asking “Why am I flattering you now sis?”

“Don’t worry, I will not say anything to anyone”. She responded in a rather cool tone as if she was fine about what happened. “That’s not why I’m flattering you, I’m just being honest”. I responded to continue the conversation, I was really hoping this conversation would lead somewhere. “Well thank you then Raj, shukriya.” She mumbled to me while this time I moved closer towards her “Anything for you beautiful”

My fear, hesitation and shame was long gone by now and this time, in her full senses I placed my hand on her waist and pulled her closer to my side. “What do you think you’re doing?” She stated while I ignored her question and immediately sealed my lips to hers and started kissing her lips passionately while my hands started caressing her back. She partially kissed me back but immediately stood up from the bed. Obviously I followed her footsteps and turned her towards myself and once again kissed her lips while both of us were standing in her bedroom.

This time my hands squeezed her ass through her salwar and she groaned into my mouth. She was a still hesitant but she was not resisting so I kept on kissing her juicy lips. By this time, I was feeling positive that I would have my cousin sister that evening. My hands were roaming allover across her ass, I was occasionally squeezing the hot ample flesh of that hot piece of ass with no resistance being provided by Shruti.

After kissing her lips for some time, I initiated further and started kissing her neck. She shivered in response and for the first time tried to get away from me But instead of backing up, I placed my hands on her breasts and started squeezing, fondling them over her kameez while I continued to kiss her neck. Following this move, I felt her hands on my shoulders, her petite fingers were holding onto my shoulders. I trailed my lips down to her cleavage and gripped the side base of her kameez firmly.

All of a sudden I pushed her kameez up and removed it without any hesitation from her side. “Raj we shouldn’t do this, Ye galat hai yar.” These were the only words to escape her mouth. But clearly, they weren’t enough to convince me to stop. Instead I pressed my face between her cleavage and immediately unhooked her bra to reveal her 34 size, perfectly supple, perfectly firm breasts. I took no time to grab her boobs and as soon as I did, I started squeezing them madly and that was when she released her first complete moan.

I squeezed one of her breast and started sucking roughly on the nipple of her other breast, switching occasionally between both of her light-brown, hard, juicy nipples. The taste of those nipples was just so delightful, sinful and much more arousing than I ever expected those nipples to taste. Her aroma was arousing me even more and I just could not contain myself. I continued to suck those hard, juicy nipples one by one, and toying with them as much as I wanted to.

After that I started to go down, kissing all the way down to her stomach, her navel and as soon as I was about to touch her salwar, She pulled me up and whispered in the dark “bas Raj, it’s enough please”. But somehow, it aroused me to move further and I kissed her passionately and whispered against her lips “Just getting started sis. Abhi to shuruat hai”.

With that statement I moved down and literally buried my face between her thighs and pressed my face onto her pussy over her salwar. I could smell Shruti’s pussy through her salwar and I can not explain how arousing and intoxicating that smell was. In return I heard Shruti moaning in response to my actions and that lead me to untie the knot(nara) of her black satin Patiala salwar which I immediately removed. My hands reached between her thighs and touched her pussy through her panties.

I could barely wait to touch her pussy so I immediately slipped my hand inside her panties and for the first time ever, I touched my cousin sister’s pussy. She still had her pubic hairs in her genital, pubic area. I started rubbing her pubic haired pussy and she was moaning, and sighing in return. I still remember how I used to imagine touching her pussy in my fantasies and nothing more satisfying than achieving my fantasy with my cousin sister Shruti.

I continued to rub Shruti’s pubic haired pussy roughly, possibly as roughly as I could and her moans and shivers along her legs were telling me that I was rubbing her cunt very roughly and I did that for quite some time, then I immediately removed her panties and started licking her pussy hungrily. Shruti’s pubic hair could not bother me or stop me from eating my sister’s vagina

For me it was a delight, a fantasy, a dream come true and the salty taste of her pussy and her sensual moans were my rewards. My hands were roaming all over her bare, hot, soft flesh of her ass while I was eating her pussy for a rather long time. “aah..Make it quick please, Jaldi koi aa jayega”. She whispered out to me between her moans.

To this, I stood up and pushed her onto the bed. I immediately removed my shirt, my trousers & my boxers. My dick was thick, hard and throbbing in anticipation, waiting to finally fuck Shruti’s pussy. I eventually leaned over on top of her, to which she tried to closer her legs for a couple of times to stop me from entering her. But I was determined not to give up after coming this far.

Finally I pushed her legs apart and guided my thick, hard cock between her pussy lips and eventually pushed it halfway into my Shruti’s tight, wet pussy. She was tight, really tight. “ohhh my god” she moaned really loud this time and I continued to push, force my cock further into her tight pubic haired cunt, stretching her walls & her cunt lips out across my thickness. Shruti groaned out in pleasure and for the first time, she herself started kissing me, our tongues started fighting each other for dominance as we started exchanging saliva through our passionate kiss.

I could now feel her soft petite hands running all over my back while I finally started thrusting my cock into her pussy repeatedly and she was gasping, heaving and digging her sharp nails on my back. My hands were occasionally squeezing, caressing the hot, soft flesh of her milky white thighs while I accelerated my thrusts and was now fucking her harder, thrusting my hungry, hard cock faster and deeper into Shruti’s tight, wet, slippery vagina.

I continued to fuck her in that position for a while but then I pulled my cock out of her and turned her over for her to lay on her stomach with her ass facing up towards ceiling. I immediately leaned over her and slid my cock in her pussy from behind and immediately started fucking her vagina from behind, my hands slipped underneath her to cup her boobs while I was ramming my cock vigorously into her pussy. The perfect, ample flesh of her ass was bouncing, shaking with my every thrust and the sound of my skin slapping against her flesh made the moment even more intense.

Shruti was moaning uncontrollably, her crazy, loud moans were even driving me to the edge yet I continued to pound her slippery cunt. In the middle of those thrusts I noticed her shuddering and trembling “oh god don’t stop. I am cumming baby don’t stop” She whispered between her seductive moans and I obeyed by trying my best to hold myself back while delivering those rough, long thrusts into my cousin sister’s vagina, pounding her through her climax.

As soon as her senses calmed down I once again turned her over with her back against the bed and got again leaned on top of her.

Without any further second of delay, I again slid my hard cock inside Shruti’s dripping wet pussy and started fucking her roughly, vigorously in missionary position, Slamming my cock harder, faster and deeper into her hot, wet vagina while she was now occasionally kissing my chin, my neck and my lips. I continued to fuck her for as long as I could and finally a sudden rush of ecstatic pleasure took control of me to which I finally pulled my cock out of her and started jerking my erection off and eventually I started shooting my thick load of cum allover across her stomach, her navel and her hairy pubic area. This was the best sexual experience of my life.

To be continued..

I will post my further experiences real soon.

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