Seducing a married friend Samruddhi in Mumbai

Hello friends, this is the real story of how I tried to seduce a married friend of mine (again). I am Piyush, 26, from Mumbai, 5’9 and with an average body and 6-inch cock. Back when I was studying, I had a friend with benefits. Her name was Samruddhi and I used to call her ‘Sami’. We fucked a lot in our college days despite both having a gf and a bf. That was because we understood each, knew each other’s dirty kinks and accepted as we were.

She once confessed to me, while being drunk, that she loved me. But she didn’t remember it later and I didn’t bring it up to avoid awkwardness. We decided to keep fucking until one of us got married and stop after that.

We fucked a lot in college, and even after that, we kept meeting each other and continued with the benefits. But, after a few years, she got married, not to her boyfriend, but to an arranged marriage with a random man. We used to talk via text, but rarely. I got a feeling that she was not happy with her married life and decided to go see her in hopes of breaking the, ‘no sex after marriage’ vow.

I knew roughly which area Samruddhi lived in. So I went there on a Monday morning (when her husband should be at work) and texted her that I was nearby for some work, and if it was ok, I would like to see her. My married friend was ok with it as I was visiting as just a friend.

So I went to her place and got comfortable in the living room. We talked about random things for some time, but I noticed a subtle sadness on her face whenever I mentioned her husband. I sensed my chances of seducing my married friend growing.

Then, out of nowhere, she said she will make tea for us and ran to the kitchen. After a couple of minutes, I tiptoed to the kitchen, hugged her from behind and breathed into her ear.

She was surprised and tried to get free of my hands, but with minimal effort and results. She said, “Piyush, this is wrong, I am married and we shouldn’t be doing this.”

I still didn’t let her go but turned her around, grabbed her face by the cheeks in one hand, looked into her eyes, and said, “Sami,(to remind her of the good old days) I want you. I don’t care who you get married to or who you love, your body is mine.” Without waiting for her reply, I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her close. She started breathing heavily, and I kissed her. But she didn’t kiss me back.

I slowly started to feel my chances of seducing my married friend falling. I didn’t want to fuck a woman while she just stood there. I wanted to make love to her like the old days and not force fuck her. But as I was about to stop, she put one of her hands on my back and the other behind my head and started kissing me passionately. Bingo!!

I had her now and I decided to make her my bitch again. We kissed passionately while feeling every inch of each other’s bodies with our hands. I pulled her saree up and rubbed her married pussy over the panty, undid her bra and bit one of her nipples and pinched hard on the other. She went mad. Her pussy was dripping wet and she begged me for my dick. But I decided the make her want more!

I lifted her, made her sit on the counter, and spread her legs. I slid my married female buddy’s panty to the side, inserting two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit hard with my thumb while biting on her neck. I knew how to push her buttons and I did just that. Sami’s eyes went white and she started shaking. She came, wetting her panty and her saree. Then she rested her head on my shoulder and hugged me tightly.

After some time, when she came to her senses, tears rolled from her eyes and said, “You don’t have any idea of how much I needed this. My husband fucks me but barely. I don’t feel the connection or the passion that I do with you. I love you and you were right. No matter with whom I get married or whom I love, my soul and my body will always belong to you.”

I was happy, I kissed her passionately, with love, and pressed the huge boobs on her slender body and huge ass. I slowly lifted her ass and made her sit on the counter, spread her legs and kissed her wet pussy. I tongue fucked my married friend, bit her clit and sucked on it while pressing her boobs. I ate her like I was hungry for ages!

Samruddhi was horny again and begged me, “Fuck me Piyush, fuck me hard, make me feel like a woman again, I am all yours to use’.

So I wetted my dick with my saliva, kissed her tightly and put my dick in her cunt in one swift blow. She let out a loud sigh, “Aaahhhhhh!!!”

But that was what she begged for. After some time, she got comfortable and started rocking her ass on the counter to fuck me harder. After some time, I was about to come. I stopped and pulled her off the counter, turned her around, and put my dick from behind. She bent backward to kiss me while I was rubbing her clit with one hand choking her with the other.

I violently fucked my married friend. She forgot her husband and just wanted me. I held both her elbows and made swift hard strokes with my dick. Her boobs were bouncing freely in the air. That was a sight to behold.

Samruddhi began squinting from all the fucking and the clit rubbing, which flew all over the counter, including the tea she was making. She said to me, “I want you to cum inside mee.. Ahh ahh..Ahhh.. I want to.. Ahhh.. Carry your child… ahhh.. Cum inside me.. Ahhh..”

But what good was a pregnant fuck buddy? So I turned her over, made her sit down, and came over her face and boobs. She was slightly disappointed, but she liked this too. She collected the semen from her body with a finger and licked it while looking at me.

This woman knew how to tease me, and she was using it. I was tempted for another session, but it was time for me to go. I was happy to have my fuck buddy back and we kept fucking secretly till her husband found out.

What happened next is another story. I thank you all for reading my experience and you can reach me at [email protected] for any feedback.

See you all next time.

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