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Hello ISS readers …. I would like to introduce myself as harry. I live in Chennai. I am very much interested in sex since college days. I would always love to have relationship. I am ardent follower of ISS. I am reading ISS for many years. I would like to thank all the writers for sharing your experiences with others. And also the content managers of ISS for selecting and publishing good stories.

This incident happened six years ago…

The heroine of the story is fathima (name changed for privacy). I met her during the second semester of my engineering. Initially I got introduced to her as a fellow classmate. I liked her because she is very good in her studies. I am also very good at studies. I dont talk much to girls. I was selected as student representative. So this gave me lot of opportunity to interact with everyone in class for anything related to common matters.

This made me to chat with her. I liked her by her way of dressing. She dresses well. Whatever she wears that suits her the most. It may be because of her structure and complexion. I forgot to tell about her stats. She is milky white in color. Her boobs is around 36c, height is around 5.5 inches, ass is of perfect size for her height. She is neither slim nor heavy in size. She had an excellent body structure. ( she has good resemblance of actress manisha koirala)

Let me come to story. We planned to for iv ( industrial visit) during second year. We had fun with our friends during travel by dancing to music and watching movies. I didn’t expect that fathima dance for a song. She danced excellently for a song with the same steps exactly for a song that was very popular those days. By watching her dance, my heart slipped a bit. I can very well say that it was a first crush for me on her.

Later I took many opportunities to talk to her. I liked her very much. She also liked me. When I proposed, she didn’t accept because of different religions her family will not accept. But she wanted to be my friend. We chatted for hours through sms. She shared everything about her feelings with me. I understood but I could not treat her as just friend alone.

I tell you guys…. This is very true. Girls want us as just friends.. They talk for hours and hours. They will be possessive on us. But if you want to marry, they wont commit. You will become a fool.

I dont understand their logic. This is reality ….

Later I concentrated on my studies…Passed out my engineering…We continued our friendship till we passed out from college. Later I got placed in mnc. She didn’t get placed. I came to Chennai. I went to my native during holidays. She used to talk with me by sms. She joined in a coaching center which is nearby to my home. I invited her to my home. My parents were not at home. They went outside for a function. She came to my home. She told me that she missed me a lot.She wore red color color dress on that day.

I hold her hands and said I want her to be mine. She kissed me on my cheeks. I could not control myself. I gave a french kiss to her. It made me too hot. She reciprocated me well.

I kissed her all over her face. Even if I think now, my penis is up.

I removed her shawl. I pressed her boobs. I crushed her boobs from outside of her dress. She gave me a long kiss. She was not able to control. We both hugged tightly…I said I love her very much. I would have kissed more than hundred times all over her body. It was my strong feelings that have accumulated for years. I decided to enjoy her to the most. I removed her tops ( top portion of chudithar) now she is in bra and pant . I kissed her from neck to boobs and licked her shoulder and boobs with bra. On the other hand I was crushing her boobs. She started to moan lightly. She held my head and forced me to lick her boobs.

Then I removed her pant.Now she is in black panty and black color bra. I kissed all over again from top to bottom. From cheeks to neck. Bite her ears,licked her armpits, kissed and crushed the boobs with one hand and touching her back ….. Now she removed her bra by herself, and wanted me to suck her boobs. She had pink color areola and nipples are pointed. I crushed her boobs and licked the boobs first. I sucked her nipples for long time. She started to moan. She held my head tightly over her boobs. I gave a french kiss. I sucked her tongue. We exchanged saliva. Then I took another boobs and did the same.

Later I removed the panty. She had a clean shaven pussy with rosy lips. It was wet already. I noticed this when I removed her panty. I licked her from head to toe. Hips, navel. Armpits ….. She had little sweat. I licked those sweats. I didn’t leave not even a single place in her body. We hugged tightly. We both were naked. I enjoyed her by my sight all over her body, we both kissed each other.

Now I inserted my finger in her pussy and pressed the clitoris . I finger fucked her. My cock was up already. It was 8 inches. I want her to suck my cock. But she could not do it, initially she tried but she felt like vomiting so I didn’t force her to suck my cock. I loved to suck my cock.

I was waiting for years to suck her pussy. I opened her legs took her pussy comfortably nearby to my mouth. I started to lick her pussy. She was enjoying and shivering. I licked her for around 10 minutes and drank all the juice. It was little bit salty. But tasty…. I inserted my tongue to the mostof her vagina.

Now I tried to insert my cock into her pussy…She felt pain when I first inserted. Later I applied oil over my dick and slowly inserted her. It went half. She felt some pain . She held my hand tightly….. While I was giving french kiss to her I inserted my dick with one full shot hardly ….. It went in….. She cried by saying ahhhh …. I didn’t stop… I started to pound on her…… She was giving noises like ah… Ah.Ah ….. Ah …. Umm ummm ……

I didnt leave her. My cock was ramming her pussy to the core….She felt pleasure after few strokes. Intially few drops of blood came from her vagina…. Now I was ramming her…I fucked her as if there is no tomorrow….We both enjoyed a lot….. Later I filled her pussy with my cum… As she was in her in safe periods…She allowed me to cum inside….

We had one more session later after our first encounter….

We took rest for some time…Refreshed our selves dropped her at the bus stop to go to her home. She felt very happy.

I am also satisfied with her…Because she was my love for all my years.. I want to do this for lifetime but she gave me an wonderful opportunity to have her. Finally our virginity is lost ….. And fell in to heaven of sex

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I would like to receive feedbacks from readers especially girls/aunties how they feel after reading my story.

Thank you very much for sparing your time on reading my story…..

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