Seducing my innocent neighbour sister Bhuvi

Hi, this is Vinay from Bangalore. This story contains a series of things that happened in the pursuit of seducing my neighbour sister. Please be patient and enjoy these real events.

We are a typical South Indian family of three, myself and my parents. I and Bhuvi were neighbors from childhood. She was born when I was 4, and we have been neighbors ever since.

She used to call me ‘Anna’ which means ‘brother’ in Kannada and she used to tie rakhi every year during Raksha Bandhan. We grew up together and everything was normal till she turned 18. I was 22 by then and was fascinated by her beauty, she started to develop her cute boobs and I never missed a chance to peek at her cleavage.

Her nipples used to poke through her tight top in the chilled weather of Bangalore. I started masturbating daily thinking about her, but I couldn’t find a way to tell her how I felt. This continued for a few days.

We had to shift to Belagavi because of my father’s work and I didn’t get a chance to see her for a long time. Still, we stayed in touch through calls but she had a brotherly feeling toward me, which made things even worse.

Her father was really strict, and she was not allowed to have her own mobile, which made things even more difficult for me. I could only speak with her whenever my mom spoke with her family. Gradually, I forgot about Bhuvi and went on with my studies.

At the age of 24, I got selected by one of the IT companies in Bangalore and I had to undergo 6 months of training in Hyderabad. After 6 months, I got placed in Bangalore. Since we don’t have any relatives in Bangalore, my parents advised me to stay in Bhuvi’s home for a few days until I made other arrangements.

My mom accompanied me to Bhuvi’s house, I saw my neighbour sister Bhuvi after 5 long years. She had put on some weight and her boobs were a lot firm and bigger. Her ass was so perfect and I was in heaven just looking at her.

I and Bhuvi exchanged numbers and I stayed in her house for a week but nothing much happened in her house. I started chatting with Bhuvi regularly but nothing was fruitful. I was too afraid to make a move since she used to treat me as her brother.

One day, she had an ethnic day in her college and she posted her pic on WhatsApp status. She was wearing a black saree, she had light makeup and she was looking too hot. I just complimented her and jerked off to my heart’s content.

I was getting restless and as the days passed, I couldn’t control it anymore. I started to text her by taking a new number. Most of these conversations happened in Kannada, I will translate them into English.

Me: Hi, is this Bhuvi?

Bhuvi: Yes, who is this?

Me: Hey, I am Vinay’s friend Rajesh. I took your number from his cell, Please don’t tell him.

Bhuvi: Why do you need my number?

Me: You haven’t seen me, but I had a huge crush on you since you were in school. I saw you recently and felt like sharing my feelings with you.

Bhuvi: Sorry, I am not interested.

Me: Please Bhuvi, let’s at least be friends.

After a lot of pleading, she said,

Bhuvi: Ok, but don’t expect anything more.

I started chatting with her daily and we became good friends. I wanted to take this to the next level.

Me: Hey Bhuvi, I saw you in a saree near a bus stop while you were going to college. You were looking cute.

Bhuvi: Thanks, so you were stalking me?

Me: No yaar, it was accidental. Hey, can you send me some pics in the saree? Please don’t say no.

Bhuvi: I have only a few pics.

Me: Fine, please send them.

She sent her pics that she posted on her WhatsApp status. I was really happy and turned on.

Me: Sorry, I told you that you look cute, I was wrong, you are so HOT.

Bhuvi: Chee, idiot. You share your pic.

Me: I will meet you soon. So, please be patient.

Bhuvi: Hmm, then?

Me: I want to ask you something, but I am scared that I might lose your friendship.

Bhuvi: It’s fine, ask me.

Me: Ok. Promise me that you won’t get angry or avoid me.

Bhuvi: Ok, I promise you. Now, tell me what it is.

Me: Sure?

Bhuvi: Yes.

Me: What’s your bra size?

Bhuvi: Chee, you are shameless.

Me: Please Bhuvi, I want to know, please.

Bhuvi: Why do you want to know that?

Me: I will tell you frankly, I have masturbated many times thinking of you. It would be nice if imagine the size of your boobs.

Bhuvi: Chee, you are really shameless.

Me: Please tell me, Bhuvi.

Bhuvi: What do you think it is?

Me: 32?

Bhuvi: Nope, it is 34D.

I couldn’t help but imagine those awesome boobs of my neighbour sister Bhuvi.

Me: Wow, your husband is gonna be so lucky. I have only one more thing to ask you, please.

Bhuvi: What else? How many doubts do you have? It’s enough.

Me: Please Bhuvi, one last thing, already I am getting a hard-on, please don’t say no.

Bhuvi: Chee, ok ask, but last one.

Me: What’s the color of your nipple?

My cock never felt so hard! I couldn’t believe that I was having this conversation with my neighbour sister Bhuvi. I was waiting for her answer with excitement.

I will continue the story in my next part. Stay tuned for the next erotic part.

I hope all of you enjoyed reading the first part even though there was no sex. But it was needed for the actual incidents that followed.

I request you all readers to comment and mail me your opinion regarding the story. See you all very soon.

You can reach me at [email protected] regarding my stories.

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