Seducing Padmini By Slowly Feeling Her Soft Body

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I went close to her and told in ears and said, “Next time you do a video call make sure you lock all the windows along with the door. But it was a wonderful show followed with great action.” I looked at her she looked stunned. She saw the open windows and at me.

Her facial expressions changed. She turned red with shock and embarrassment, I waited for few seconds looked deep in her eyes. I held her fingers and told her, “Padmini your husband is very lucky, you have a fabulous body, this secret is between us only.”

She tried to speak to me. But she could not her voice just chocked her body trembled in utter disbelief on her stupidity. I had masturbated once, but now my whole body and blood were restless for Padmini. My dick raged to its peak every time the sequence played in my mind.

The next few days were very awkward. Padmini avoided my presence. She was deeply embarrassed between us, she came only in my absence. It was weekend, noon, my wife was out of the station. I was sleeping. Grill gate was locked but main door was half-open.

Padmini called out my wife. I woke up, but I did not respond. I knew that Padmini’s parents had gone out. Shyam was out for marriage related work, Padmini was alone, so maybe she had come to spend time with my wife. She again knocked the door she asked why nobody’s responding.

I drenched my hair in water wore a fresh pair of shorts and a T-shirt, quickly applied little deo had a quick mouth wash. After a few seconds, I shouted from the bedroom asking her to wait. I rushed to open the door and gate, but I was keener to open her pussy gates.

I was very happy to see her. I asked her to come inside and sit. She avoided clear eye contact with me and asked me about wife and kid. I told her that they have left some time back to meet her mother as she was not well. They will be back only after 2 days.

I told her that it was little urgent so they called her in hurry. So she couldn’t meet and inform her. She was not making eye contact with me, the other day’s incident still playing on her mind. I laughed and said, “Still feeling embarrassed for the other day?” She raised her eyes looked at me and kept quiet.

I don’t know but I could see her that she was too nervous today to be alone with me. But this was not the first time she was alone with me. She was hesitant, she sat there with a lot of uneasiness. She was looking uncomfortable. I was sure she was thinking of an excuse to leave.

I requested her to sit for some time as we could speak. We sat in the living room opposite me on the single sofa. She was replying in singled worded answers to my questions. Slowly after a few minutes, she started talking. I inquired about her to be husband.

I also asked her how she feels that she must wait for a few more months to get married. She said that she was not feeling good about the postponement. I asked her about his likes, dislikes but she didn’t tell anything. I again asked her, but she refused to answer.

But after a brief pause she said that you have seen what he likes. That is what he forces her to do most of the time. Every time she tries to speak to him, she ends up doing this and she was a little annoyed. We were talking on a very delicate and sensitive topic. She was looking at me in a very strange way.

I could not realize what it was but as I kept chatting with her. Soon, I realized that there is something new, some attraction, some common ground and frankness than ever before between us. I could see the lust in her eyes. I changed the topic and started talking about her dressing.

I praised her that she always wore very nice clothes. I said that even today she was looking so nice. The color of her dress added more to her charming personality which was already full of grace and attraction. She was getting more comfortable with my company now. She was liking my flirting with her.

She was wearing a red color top with a knee-length black skirt. She felt a little shy when I stared at her sexy body. She smiled, looked down but she said ‘Thanks’ in a low tone. I continued to tease her. I told her husband is lucky that he has found such a nice, beautiful, gorgeous and so sexy wife.

She was feeling a little embarrassed. She told me, “Vinay what happened to you today. You are totally in a different zone, you have never spoken to me like this before.” I asked her, “You mean I should have spoken to you before like this?” Her body language indicating that she was getting a little excited and liking this talk.

It was making me feel hot and I could feel my dick getting in its groove. I was sure she was also loving it. She said, “No I don’t mean like this. But this is a new topic that we are getting into, Vinay you also have a nice, beautiful wife, in your terms a sexy wife.” She was slowly getting in the same groove.

I quickly replied, “You are no less, you are very hot and sexy,” and again set my eyes on her boobs. She knew that I was looking at them. If she would look down there would be no hiding the sight of my dick now standing firm and hard beneath my shorts.

She turned this conversation towards my martial life. She asked me if I am not happy with my married life. I told her my martial life is fantastic and rocking. But sometimes my wife doesn’t care about my desires. She asked me, “What desires?”

I knew she was discussing with my wife on this subject and knew a few things about us. But still, I told her, “Sexual desires,” and looked at her. She said, “Oh, ok, ok.” She kept quiet The most surprising factor was that she sat there and was very much in this conversation.

I continued, “I wanted to speak to you this from the day I saw you nude from the terrace. That sight is carved in my mind. You look so hot, what a body you have got.” I could read her expressions and she was now fully confused. She almost got up. I felt she would leave.

But she stood for a moment and again she sat on the sofa. I don’t know why, but for the first time, I felt that something might happen. I asked her to tell me more about your man. As an unmarried girl, she had become aware of her own increasing sexual feelings.

She did not wish to turn away from her primary current needs. The action building towards that was making her a participant in it. She started slowly opening about her sexual life. She said after engagement whenever she speaks to him, he asks her only about her body, her sexual likes, dislikes, 80% of the time it’s about sex only.

He likes to only see her body on cam, asks for her nude photos. But never understands how she feels after this conversation. It gets so difficult sometimes as everyone has the same feelings. There is the other feeling of loving, caring and affection too, but he does not understand.

She was pouring her heart out. Oh, was she was starving for sex, this thought started to play on my mind? I was feeling a little nervous as she was speaking about sex. I was feeling lightheaded and very horny. My dick stood to its maximum size.

I felt it would break out from the shackles of my shorts. I was hiding my erection with great difficulty. I was feeling very horny. Suddenly I moved near to her and sat on the sofa next to her. She was a little taken back by my action.  I kept my hands on her hands looking in her eyes.

She said, “No, Vinay, I think this is not correct.”

I said, “Just once and it will remain in these 4 walls between us only.”

She kept thinking and looked down at me. She saw my huge bulge and was a little taken back. I left her hands dropped my hands down and rested on her lovely thighs. I started slowly moving my fingers up and down. Then I looked up at her deep in eyes showing an emotion she did recognize.

“I want you,” I said, and then swallowed hard. “And every time you are near me, your scent, your voice, seeps into my soul.” I got nervous and excited as I told this. Breath and heat and contact and hands on the skin, and smiles and murmurs and the enormity revealing itself in the tiniest of gestures.

The most delicate sensations of a sinful sexual adventure. She was astonishingly getting aroused as I kept moving my hands on her thighs. She did not wait. We moved closer to each other. I placed my lips on her soft lovely lips. Her whole body tensed as my warm lips locked with her lips for slow sensual kisses.

Warm sloppy kisses 2 starved pair of lips were quenching their thirst. We moved to the bedroom kissing each other I once thought to stop this and let her go. But Padmini opened her lips and took my lips in her mouth to suck them with passions and fervor.

She shut my mouth once by that action. I grabbed her in my powerful embrace and there was no looking back and stopping us. Our bodies were tightly pressed against each other. I couldn’t help but get more turned on by the feeling of her soft lovely breasts on my chest.

We broke the embrace. but I was kissing her lips passionately. My hands were on her soft lovely boobs feeling them from the top of her T-shirt. She tried to stop me and looked in my eyes. She seemed to be really in double mind at that time, on what she should do?

I was feeling this rush of sexual tension like never in a long time. but at the same time, we knew it was wrong. I thought she wanted to stop as she resisted. But the intense heat and her sexual awaking took over her senses. She again kissed me.

This time it was more passionate and strong. She moved to almost push me back on the sofa and sat on my lap. I pulled her closer. My powerful embrace and licking of each other tongue passionately made it impossible for Padmini’s warm body not to ignore me anymore.

As my lips were pressed tightly against hers, I started to feel a hot sensation deep within. My hands moved to remove her T-shirt. Our lips melted together as if they were becoming one. She responded to my actions and lifted her hands to pull out her T-shirt and she removed mine.

She tried to speak, and my mouth was over hers again. Suddenly she had a wild thrill such as she had never known. Joy, fear, madness, excitement, surrender to my arms that were too strong, lips too bruising, the action moved too fast. I again parted her lips.

I wanted to slide my tongue against her mouth. Initially, she resisted but then she parted her lips and allowed my tongue deep inside her. My warm tongue slowly entered her mouth. We both were motionless and our hands resting on each other shoulders.

I warmly licked her mouth as she was fighting for some sort of control. She didn’t kiss me back. But she was not stopping me either. I was passionately sucking and licking inside her mouth. she was losing total control over her body and surrendered it to me.

I always liked Padmini, and maybe there was this passion. She was feeling nice, she raised her tongue. When our tongues met in unison it sent a shock wave shivering through her body. She was beginning to take control of her inner sexual urges and power.

She passionately licked my tongue back as we started to deeply lick more and kiss less each other. We forgot all about or families or anything else as we were so turned on by this incredible act of love.

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