Seducing Pune Girl Nisha – Indian Sex Stories

It was always on the way to my office in Pune that I saw this beautiful lady standing on the bus stop waiting for the bus. I always wondered why such beautiful girls don’t take lift from people like us who go in our car to office all alone. It was around a month crossing the same bus stop and spotting the same lady there waiting for her bus. I suddenly started developing an attraction towards her. I would purposely slow my car just before reaching the bus stop and would stare at her and go slowly. I did not know she noticed me or not but that made me happy.

She was around 5’6” tall, fair, slightly bubbly body with hairs up to shoulder length, wearing mostly Indian outfits generally a saree which exposed her belly region. She was fair, had good shape with slightly bigger hips and good big boobs. She had a confident look on her face and looked very simple. Although married I still developed a crush on her and my curiosity developed as the days went by. One day I decided to know about her and so I waited before the bus stop and kept an eye on her. She was still there at the bus stop.

I had parked my car way behind the stop not to get noticed and could still watch her. Soon a bus came which was very crowded and I saw her struggling to enter the bus. The moment disturbed me as people like us don’t care for beautiful people. She managed to climb the bus and I followed slowly. I was almost near my office and I was praying that she at least gets down before my office comes and so it happened the same way. Just before one stop to my office she got down and entered a building which looked to be having many offices. I parked my car to one side and started following her inside the building. She took the elevator and I hurriedly entered with her.

She looked at me and gave a mild smile as if she knew me and stood still in the lift. The lift reached seventh floor and she got out of the lift. While she went out of the lift she again looked at me and at this time I gave her a slightly bigger smile as if I was saying her goodbye. I went till the tenth floor and then came down and went to my office. I was on top of the world as at least I had got her office address. The full day I inquired from my friend circle if anyone knew anything about her office.

Luckily one of my friends had a friend working in the same office. I requested him that we visit him some day. He agreed and the next day only he fixed the meeting time during lunch break. I was getting excited and the thought of going to her office made me fill with joy. The next day I took my friend and went to their office. It was their lunch time too. We met his friend who took us to their cafeteria. I was continuously looking for her but could not spot her. We finished our lunch and he took us to his cabin and there I saw her sitting on a PC and working. I asked my friends friend to introduce to his staff. He called his colleagues which were 5 of them.

When her turn came she again smiled gently and gave me a hand shake. I took her hand in mine and kept holding it till she finished introducing herself. Her name was Nisha. She was working in that office as a sales executive. My intentions had started taking shape. I had made a start by knowing her. We were getting late and so we left from her office.

Next day as I was crossing the bus stop I saw Nisha waiting for the bus. I stopped my car near her and waived at her. She smiled and said hi. I asked her to come inside and that I will drop her. She refused and said that she will take the bus. I forced her and after many requests she accepted and came and sat in the car. I thanked her for accepting my lift. She was sitting quietly and I was eager to start some conversation. That trip went without any progress and we reached her office. I dropped her and left for mine. After this it became a regular feature of me picking her from the bus stop and dropping her to her office.

Slowly she opened up and we became good friends. She was a married lady about 32 years. She lived in a joint family and her husband was not earning much and so she had to take up this job. She worked hard so that she could take care of the house. She was not earning enough in that office and she had not been promoted for some years now. She was feeling frustrated of her job. Even I was in the Marketing and Policy department and I managed to arrange her job in my office on a better pay scale. She was so thankful to me that she always made a point to appreciate my contribution in her life. A few months passed by and we became very close friends sharing almost everything. Now I knew that she will be ready to do whatever I asked for. I now started to make an opportunity for myself.

The time soon came when once my office asked me to attend a seminar in Goa for a week. I somehow managed to get Nisha’s name included for the seminar. She initially resisted by giving reasons of her family but I managed to convince her that this seminar is important for further promotions. She was left with no choice. On the day of our departure we met at the airport. She was wearing a light yellow saree. She had a peculiar style of wearing saree as she tied her saree very low on her belly exposing her navel and upper hips. She was looking very beautiful and my tool became slightly hard on seeing her in this outfit.

I greeted her and soon we were off to Goa. I was sitting near her and on many occasions kept my hand on hers as the armrest was common for both. She didn’t mind and we reached Goa around evening and the office had made arrangement for stay at the Hotel Leela. We had two separate rooms which were next to each other and in fact had a common door connecting the two rooms which was locked. We took to our rooms and got freshened up. I went to her room to have some chat with her. She too had changed her outfit and was wearing a night gown. I pulled her for her dressing sense and made a remark that when in Goa people don’t wear night gowns. She was embarrassed and told me that she doesn’t have western outfits as she can’t wear them at her home. Anyway she was looking sexy in her night gown.

I made a point to appreciate her beauty. I told her that she looks beautiful in whatever she wears. She was blushing. The hotel was at the beach side and I asked her to come to the beach with me. She was too excited to see the beach that she went inside the bathroom with a dress to change and soon came out in a chudidaar outfit. I looked at her and asked if she really want to come to the beach in this dress. She again told me that she has no western outfit. Anyway we left for the beach.

As the hotel was a star hotel their entire guests were from the elite life style. We reached the beach and enjoying the winds and sound of the sea kept strolling on the sand were discussing about our families. She told me that her husband never took her out anytime and she is always busy in her household work. She was sharing lot of information about her. I quietly held her hand in midway and kept walking with her. She was very talkative. All the time she was only talking and I was playing a supportive role.

After some time she got tired and we sat on the sand watching the sea. There were many tourists bathing in the sea and the females had put on bikini exposing their bumps and boobs. I was looking at them. Nisha spotted me staring at them and started to make fun of me. I asked her to wear such outfit herself and then I will look at her only and that she will look much better than them. She kept making fun of me and soon we were involved in physical tussle and she making fun of me. I caught her hand and lay her on the sand. She kept laughing.

I also utilized this chance and touched her hands, boobs, thighs and many places in this physical tussle. Soon she gave up. It was getting dark and we returned to our rooms. We had dinner and then we chatted for a long time in her room. She was enjoying her freedom. I was cracking Non Veg jokes with her and she seemed to enjoy. It was very late and I asked if I could sleep in the same room. She was speechless and told me that we shall discuss about it the next day and she dragged me out to go to sleep.

Next day we were busy in the seminar full day and it was around 5.00 PM that we left for our hotel. I asked her to buy some swimming costume so that we could enter the water that evening. I took her to a shop and asked her to buy a bikini. She gave me a strange look but bought one on my continuous asking her to buy.

We went to the hotel, got refreshed, changed and left for the beach. Nisha had put on some Indian outfit over her bikini. We reached the beach. I removed my extra clothing and in just my swimming underwear entered the waters. I had not put my underwear below the swim pants. I was calling to Nisha for joining me but she was too shy to come.

After sometime when it was slightly dark she removed her over cloths and entered the waters in bikini. MY GOD….She was looking fabulous in bikini. Her bumps and boobs were rushing to come out. She was looking like a sex goddess. I stood there staring at her. She asked what I was looking and I told her that she was anytime more beautiful than those foreigners. Nisha was in some other mood only. She was fully wet and was enjoying the waves hitting her body. I was watching from some distance. Infact I was scanning her full body, milky white body with sharp curves.

I slowly was moving towards her. I came close to her and started splashing water on her. She too did the same on me. Her boobs were big and moving up and down. Her bikini bra was too small for her assets which were right in front of me. I now came very close to her and pushed her down. She lost her balance and fell in water. She regained and rushed towards me and pushed me in the waters.

We continued this 2-3 times before I pulled her towards me when she was pushing me. There she came on top of me. I held her tight started playing in water. She was also trying hard to overcome me and throw me in the waters. I was holding and rubbing my hand in whatever part of her body came in my way. My dick was fully erect by the feel of her body. She was as smooth like silk.

I was touching her bums and boobs quite often now. She showed no resistance and was in a mood to enjoy her newly found freedom. Her bikini was slipping down and her boobs were exposed many times as our war in water continued. I was now gaining courage and once I pulled her and caught hold of her boobs and pressed them. GOD…they were very soft and big. She must have noticed my intentions but did nothing to stop me. It was dark and difficult for anyone to see clearly what anybody is doing. Nisha was also comfortable because of this darkness and I took advantage of the darkness. I pulled Nisha in my arms and squeezed her inside me and held her in that position. Her boobs were resting on my bare chest. Her breath was heavy. My dick was hard and touching her near her pussy and thigh area.

Nisha had predicted this I suppose and she stood firm in my arms. I slowly moved my lips towards her and placed a gentle kiss. She responded by opening her mouth slightly and letting me feel her lips. It was all over now and there was no chance that Nisha could stop me now. I once again placed my lips on her and she too responded back. I pulled her lower lip in my mouth and started sucking it and she too was offering the maximum that she could. Her tongue, my tongue, our lips were all sucked, bitten and madly involved in the kissing.

I slowly placed my hands on her bums and started squeezing them. I slid my right hand inside her panty and reached her ass crack and started rubbing there. She got more excited by this and held me tight. I was going slowly to enjoy her maximum.

My fingers were rubbing her ass area and lips were busy with her lips. I placed my left hand behind her back and pulled her inside me. My right hand middle finger was right on her ass hole and I was gently fingering that area. I knew now that Nisha was mine and I am going to have fucking rocking days ahead. It was getting darker and after lots of kissing we left for our rooms. I entered Nisha’s room with her and closed the door and locked it from inside. I caught hold of Nisha and pulled her on me. Pulling her head towards me I again placed my lips on hers and started wildly kissing her. In a flash my hands reached her boobs and I gently caught them in my hands over her bikini and started gently rubbing them.

We continued this for around five minutes and then we slowly moved in the washroom by holding each other tight. I put on the shower and we stood below the shower kissing and hugging each other. I slowly unbuttoned her bra bikini and removed it in a flash. She was now topless. She rushed in me on realizing what I had done and held me tight. Her Nipples were hard and were poking my chest area. I was madly kissing her shoulders, Hands, Neck, cheek and wherever I could kiss.

Now I turned her around and pulled her towards me with her back resting on my chest. I cupped her bare boobs in my hand. My God….they were so big….and soft. Her Nipples had become very hard and I rubbed them gently. I was slowly and gently massaging her boobs and kissing her behind her earlobes. She was becoming restless. Suddenly I realized her Hand reaching for my dick. She was trying to put her hand in my swim underwear but as she was not facing me she was finding it difficult. I pulled it down completely and there came my hot erect rod out swinging left right. Her hand reached my hard dick and she started rubbing it gently. It was the best time of my sexual life that I was having with Nisha. My wife never gave me such pleasures. The shower was adding to the already erotic heated environment.

Suddenly Nisha turned towards me and started rubbing her wet boobs on my body. She was still holding my dick in one of her hands and rubbing it. She bent down and her boobs reached my dick. She slid my dick in between her bobs and started giving jerks. I was on cloud nine. I was watching her sexy milky wet body standing still and letting her enjoy me. She then again moved up and this time I bent down and pulled her bikini panties down. She had a hairy pussy. Although I like clean shaved pussy but Nisha’s pussy smelled great. I placed my face in her upper thigh area and started placing small kisses in this area till I reached her Pussy. I rubbed her pussy lips with my fingers and she started moaning …. ahhhhh … aahhh hhh … ahhhah hahhh ….The shower water was still flowing down her body and reaching my mouth. My finger reached slightly inside her pussy and I started fingering her…she was enjoying everything I was doing….

I wanted lot more now and I put the shower off and lifted Nisha in my arms and walked towards the bed…placed her gently on the bed….both of us were fully nude….I stood near the bed staring at her nude body…she was staring at me….I quickly jumped in the bed …over her….held her tight and we hugged each other very tight and started rolling on the bed…..Her bubbly body was very soft. After some time we stopped rolling and my mouth reached for her nipples…..

I slowly took the nipple in my mouth and wetted it with my saliva and started sucking it….and pressing the other boob with my palms….She was getting excited with my sucking…..after sucking one boob for a long time she offered the other one…..I was enjoying her boobs and sucking them gently but firmly making them wet with saliva…….Her boobs had filled my mouth completely…as she had very big boobs I made her sleep on one side and I lay besides her facing her boobs….with my hands I brought her both boobs together and joined both the nipples and put them in my mouth….this made her mad and she was offering them more and more to me…..

I kept sucking her nipples and this time slightly harder….She kept rubbing around my lower back and ass area with her hands with was making me horny… I wanted her pussy juices….so I made 69 position and lay over Nisha with my mouth over her pussy and my dick over her mouth. I placed my tongue and started playing with her pussy….she too took my dick in her hands and started rubbing it…I was trying to put my dick in her mouth but she showed some resistance…….

But I continued to direct my dick over her lips….She started gently kissing the dick tip…..I kept exploring her pussy with my tongue deeper and deeper sucking her pussy juices….she was trembling in excitement….I slowly placed my middle finger on her ass hole and started rubbing it and inserting the finger inside slowly jerking it……Nisha had a big orgasm…her pussy was very wet and juices were flowing out….I kept sucking her juices and finger fucking her ass…..

Slowly I realized that Nisha was taking my dick inside her mouth and sucking it…I put some more pressure and the dick was fully inside her mouth….She started sucking it slowly….I was about to cum….my dick had become more hard in her mouth…Nisha was enjoying the feeling of sucking a dick…I could feel that she had taken dick in her mouth for the first time…..but she proved to be a great learner….soon she was sucking…biting and jerking my dick fast in her mouth…..

We continued oral sex for some time and I realized that I was about to cum…….I changed my position again and laid her upside down….her face facing the bed…..I wanted to take some rest before I entered her pussy otherwise I would have cum immediately…..I Placed my dick over her ass and lay over her and started kissing her back and neck gently……and rubbing my dick on her ass crack….this gave me some rest and energy to enter her pussy…….I then turned her facing me and positioned myself in between her thighs….I was now ready to enter the final stage…..positioned my dick and placed the tip on top of her pussy….slowly pushing it inside….Nisha lay there like a slave eyes closed….

I gently pushed my already hard and fully erect rod inside this time with some force which made her moan….. ahhha ahhh.. aaahhhh …..My strokes were becoming more stronger and so was her moaning…… ahhha ….. oohhh … ahhhhh ….more ….more…..ahhhh… ahhhh…ohhhhhh …… Raj keep fucking me… ..aahhh Raaajjj ……Her hands were on my back and her nails poking at my back……

I kept my pace and fucked her real hard……..She was sweating and I too was wet with sweat but stroking her pussy harder with each stroke….Her pussy was fully wet and my dick was not ready to leave the pussy…..I was lying on Nisha completely and her boobs were being crushed and smashed under my chest …….I took my lips towards her lips and started kissing her and fucking harder and harder……. ooohhh…ahhhhh …… ooohhhh and I was about to shoot my cum … I stroked my last few strokes really hard and took my dick out and shot all my cum on her boobs …….and lay on her as if both were dead…… all our energies were exhausted by now …..We kept lying this way for quite some time and then we got up and entered the wash room……

I started the shower and rubbed her body all over and cleaned and gave her a soft boob massage under the flowing water. She too rubbed my body and we hugged tight under the shower…..Our eyes met and we smiled and kissed again…..she spoke first and thanked me for making her feel so special and told me that she had a complete sex for the first time….I too confessed that I had a great sex with her and that she was too hot….We wiped our bodies with a towel and again went to the bed and lay there holding each other in arms…..kissing …..talking….. rubbing each other privates….. we spent another hour to make way for the second encounter…..this time to last still longer……

I started with her toes….kissing gently from toe to thighs to pussy to navel to boobs and finally her lips…..she put her tongue in my mouth and we were involved in deep kissing……sucking lips and Me pressing her boobs with one hand…….

She now took over me and started kissing me all over…… then placed her face in my thighs and started fondling with my balls….took them in her mouth….. I have a habit to keep my privates clean free from all hairs and so there was not even a single hair on my dick….. so she could suck my balls entirely in her mouth….. I was getting harder by her acts and soon my dick became hard and she quickly started sucking it …… first gently but soon became wild and started eating and biting and sucking like a lollypop ……. I was getting excited….. but wanted her to continue as I was enjoying her advances……. Her nails were big enough and she was scratching me with it ….Nisha was enjoying as if there will be no tomorrow…… She then lay with her back on top and asked me to play with her body…..

I again kissed her from bottom to top and when reaching near her neck my dick reached her ass and I moved it on her ass crack ….. she seemed to be enjoying this …… I asked her if she had some hair oil to which she took a bottle from near the side table…… I opened the oil bottle and spread it all over her ass crack and massaged with my palms on her bums and in the crack and slightly inserted the oiled finger inside her ass hole and tried to open its entrance…..there was lot of oil on her ass crack…..I kept the oil bottle aside and again started rubbing my hardened dick on her ass crack… I put a pillow under her belly to slightly raise her ass….

I was now rubbing her ass crack and in between my dick was trying to enter her ass hole….the oil had done the trick and whenever my dick came over her ass hole I gently gave a harder push and it was entering her hole slightly…she was moaning slowly….. aahhhhh … ahhhhh …… I kept rubbing my body over hers ……. my dick was fully erect rubbing on her ass and had become hard……by this time I had entered her ass 3-4 times and jerked small strokes inside and Nisha was not complaining….She was now ready for some deeper strokes…… next time I Opened her ass slightly with my fingers and placed my dick tip on the opening and slowly jerked inside till a small portion of dick had entered her asshole …..I slowly lay myself on her body keeping my dick still inside but did not push it further as it would pain Nisha.

I slowly started fucking her asshole with mild strokes to get a better grip inside.The oil had entered her asshole properly and was lubricated well and my dick had also become oily helping me in pushing it further inside….. I kept pushing it inside with each stroke and as it entered deeper Nisha would make louder moans….. Ohhhh Raj ….I love you so much…you have made such love today that I will never forget my life…Nisha kept whispering …… Ahhhh … ahhhhh …. ooohhhh ….by now my half dick had entered her ass. It was really very tight and I was getting hot by this tightening…….. Ooohh Nishaaa …… You are a darling …… Your pussy was great and your ass is too good…….I m loving it……I am going to fuck you all night….aaaahh …. ahhh …… I gave a slightly harder stroke and Nisha shouted aaaahhh ….. Oohhhh Raaajjj …… ahhh its paining but please don’t stop……enter me deeper…. aaahh ….. by now I had almost entered her ass and with a final push I made sure that my full dick is there in her ass…….what a feeling ………a very tight ass and a long and thick dick in it……

Nisha raised her ass higher by pushing another pillow below her to become comfortable…… Nisha darling….. now I am going to fuck your ass really hard…….be patient and tell me if it hurts……she was still in pain but the oil had made the ass walls lubricated and the friction had become smooth……

I slowly pulled my dick out and again pushed it inside slightly harder…..Nisha was shouting …..Raajj I am all yours …..fuck me and fulfill my desires…..I always wanted to be fucked in my ass……..I started with my strokes and like a dog kept fucking her ass… had become very lubricated and I could feel the ease now in fucking….I increased my speed of fucking…..Nisha was continuously calling my name with each harder stroke…..aaahh Raaaj….aaahh Raaaajjj……..Raaj I want you ……..fuck me more…fuck me more……. harder … harder ….. aaah… aaahh …… ahhh ….. she was enjoying sex…….I was now about to cum and I decided to cum in her ass…….

I increased my speed and I had gripped her boobs in my hands and pressing them while fucking her ass……Ohhh….Ohhh….ahhhaa aahh ……… and there it came shooting out of the dick straight in Nisha’s asshole and filled it fully…..I was drained out by now and Nisha was totally exhausted ……….she lay as it is and me too with dick still in her ass and all my cum lay on top of her with her boobs still in my hand holding them tight……..we were finished by now……Two fuck sessions in quick time…….as my dick came to rest position it slid out of her ass…..I went to the washroom …..washed myself properly and came back…..Nisha was in no mood to move………

I came and lay besides her… she moved her one leg on my legs and one hand on my navel area and moved her head on my chest…. I put my fingers in her hairs and moved them gently…..and also rubbing her naked body. Her soft boobs were pressing on me…….She lay there for around half an hour and then cleaned herself and again jumped over me and lay over me…….and started kissing again….we kissed for almost half an hour and did not feel like stopping…..we were tired and decided to sleep for some time as we had to attend the seminar next morning……and decided on having a early morning fuck session……

I was deep asleep when something on my body woke me up…..I saw Nisha playing with my dick…I asked Nisha if she did not sleep….she pointed at my dick and told that it had become hard and I was sleeping on her backside holding her ….and my dick started poking her and she woke up to find my tool hard and erect …….and she started fondling it……without wasting any time she took the dick in her mouth and started giving blowjob…….my Goddd…. This type of pleasures early morning not even my wife gave me and this babe had become crazy for my dick…..she was sucking the dick real hard…….was playing her fingers on my balls……

I soon came in mood and turned in 69 position so that even she could enjoy….her pussy was already wet and my mouth filled with her love juices…I was licking her pussy and she soon started moaning….. aaaahhh …. aaahhhh … ooohhhh .. aaahhhh … she had already enjoyed my dick meat some time back but was hungry for it again and was really sucking as if she was a professional from those XXX rated films…….her nipples touched my navel area and they had become hard….soon she had orgasm and her full body started trembling…..I kept sucking and licking her pussy….this is the best breakfast anybody can imagine of….and there it was Nisha giving me the perfect breakfast…….I had already had two fucks with Nisha that night and so my capacity also increased and I was ready for a longer fuck…….

We continued in 69 position for almost half an hour and my dick was almost swollen by her sucking and biting……..Nisha too had 4-5 orgasms by now and had slowed down……I then changed my position and wanted to fuck her pussy real hard….my tool was already swollen and as I entered her pussy I gave a strong jerk and it entered her pussy deep inside….Nisha was not ready for a sudden push and she gave a loud moan….aaaahh Raajjj ….. aaahhh … mmyyy gggoodd …….I entered her with full force and started fucking fast and hard……her pussy was wet and my dick was enjoying the deep penetration……my dick was touching her deep in her pussy……

I kept with my pace and moving hard in her…….she was almost finished and lay there still just allowing me to finish……but my rod was in no mood to lose erection……I kept pumping her pussy deeper and deeper…..Nisha was sweating and her full body was wet ……she put her hand on my bumps and was now helping me in my strokes……fill my cunt…fill my cunt she said…..don’t throw your cum out…..fill my pussy…… aaaahhh… aaahh….. Raaajjj you have solid capacity……I have never been handled in such a way…..fuckkkk.mee… ffuuucck meee….harder….haaarderrr….. aaaaahh…. aaaahh….oooohh god……my strokes were making strange noises because of her love juices……….her pusssy was been fucked royally by my tool…..I never knew I had such a great capacity to last this longer but with the type of Nisha ‘s pussy I did not feel like stopping ……

Finally the moment was coming….my tool was about to release the load and it had still become harder and thick…….Nisha knew that I was cuming and she held me very tight……both with her hands and legs around me…….I increased my speed further and the last few strokes really took my manhood to different levels……and with speed the sperms rushed out of my rod and filled her pussy…….I was breathless for some time and I lay on top of her…..both of us were done for the night…….I never ever fucked this way with my wife as I had performed with Nisha……and Nisha too admitted that she had a boring life with her husband who never satisfied her sexually……

It was around 6.30 in the morning……we got up and Nisha stopped me from wearing anything…..she said we shall remain nude till we are in this room…..We cleaned ourselves ….got freshened up…..I filled the bath tub with some warm water and when it was full I lifted Nisha in my arms and took her to the washroom…..she was enjoying all the attention she was getting from me and the way I was handling her……I entered the bath tub and she followed me inside……she lay on top of me with her ass on my dick…..I caught hold of her soft boobs and started massaging then gently……first with both hands then took my right hand between her thighs and started rubbing the area and then fingering the pussy lips…..She was enjoying me…..

We then dressed up and had breakfast and left for the seminar…..with what was being addressed in the seminar taking a backseat and we kept looking and smiling at each other the full day before the day was called off and we were ready for our second night…….we had a fucking great time for those five days before we had to come back and resume our work….but our relationship had reached a new level…..both of us were married and we did not want to disturb our families so we behaved like good colleagues in office so that no one had any doubt on us…….

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