Seducing Sexy Mom – The Finale


This is Sexanimal reporting for duty. The finale of how I seduced and had sex with my sexy mom. On her birthday night, we got so horny and we kissed, sucked, bit each others lips. She kissed all over my face. I kissed her neck, licked and bit it. She closed her eyes and was breathing heavily. I kissed till her cleavage. She was scratching back and holding my hair. I knew it was the right time. I went down and lifted her nighty. Kissed her thighs and undid her panties. She was biting her lip.

I saw it, for the very first time. My mom’s vagina, her hot pussy. It was already moist and awaiting my arraival. Her pussy was beautiful with no hair and less smelly. I kissed it as soon I finished admiring it. I put my lips on it, kissed all over her pussy, slowly played with my tongue. Made the already wet region even more wet. Inserted the tip of my tongue first. She held her breath and held my hair. Slowly inch by inch I inserted my tongue. The taste was heavenly. She was so damn horny but I wanted to enjoy this inch by inch. I inserted my tongue into her vagina, she moaned. She moaned “Ahhh!!…yeah!!!”, I kept on increasing my pace.

As the pace of my licking increased the decibel of her moaning increased. She kept on moaning “yesss! Oh God!…. My sweeet boy… Yes, mommy likes it”. I wanted mommy to like and love it more. So began to finger her. I inserted two fingers and finger fucked her pussy. Her moans began began be loud. She almost lost her breath with my finger magic. Her pussy was craving more. This time she wantedly pushed my head into her love hole. I licked her nice and fine. She wanted me to fuck her. Fuck her then and there. Even myself, after all those tongue and finger fuck I became so horny. I was in no mood to take things slow anymore. We both kissed for few mins. We sucked eachothers lips like lovers, totally forgot our mother-son relation.

I removed her nighty and she helped me in it. There poped out her big boobs with dark brown nipples and a big aerola. Seeing it I became a baby, took her nipples into my mouth and I began to suck them. Her mood was increasing and she became so hyper horny. She began to finger her pussy while I was playing with her boobs. I sucked both her boobs, licked them and bite them. I slowly took her hand and placed it on my crotch. She took my cock out of my inner and rub it.

I kissed her erect nipples and slowly kissed her tummy and her navel. After tongue-ing her navel, I went up and kissed her lips. I took my penis and slowly placed it near her pussy. And rubbed her pussy with my cock. Then slowly inserted my cock inch by inch into her pussy. She began to moan loud. We both were so horny. Her reaction when I entered her pussy was so erotic. It made me go deeper and deeper. I increased my pace and strength. She began to bite my chest. We made love slowly and passionately the first time. Unlike the other women I slept with my mom did not speak any bad words or was harsh on me. She sent out genuine moans and there were tears of joy after round one.

Round two, was harder and wilder. My lovely mom was also excited. Now she began to enjoy the lust part of our relationship. The madness and the wildness in sex. I entered her deep and hard, she sent out a relieved moan “Aaah” after every insertion. She kissed me all over, smooched my lips, bit them and began to bite my neck and scratch my back. She enjoyed every moment of the sex this time. I too reciprocated the same, the kiss had more passion and lust this time. The sex was brilliant.

We slept naked hugging eachother like newly weds after their first night. It was romantic and sexy. In the morning my mom kissed me in my lips and wished me “good morning”. I hugged her tight and gave a sexy smooch. The romance was at its peak. I dropped her off at work, came home and i still couldn’t get out of the magic happend the previous night. I had a hard on for the entire day. In the evening, picked up mom and brought her straight to home and took her to the bedroom. Removed her saree and held her curvy hips and kissed her all over. From her lips, eyes, nose, ears, neck, boobs, cleavage and navel. I was enjoying her. But sadly had to stop because it was about time for dad to arrive. So we saved the sex for night.

After dinner, dad went to sleep and mom was in the kitchen, I went in hugged her and kissed her ears and pleaded her to finish soon and come upstairs. She smiled and said “Konja poru kanna (Wait a few mins darling”) and gave a peck on my lips. As soon as she finished work, rushed to the bedroom and jumped into the bed, got all naked and smooched and hugged like mad lovers. Took my cock and inserted right away into her pussy. She said “was waiting for this from the evening” and I said “yeah, me too”. She replied in ectasy “Wow! It feels so good!”. We continued to make love and have wild sex. Today the sex was even more wilder and hotter.

The routine continued from there on. The sex got better, wilder and hotter as days passed. My mom began to dominate. She rode me like a wild cougar. She began to sex talk during the day time at work. She co operated with me to try various positions. She even attempted a blow job. The sex was awesome, we loved eachother.

One day, in a evening we couldn’t wait until night for sex when dad was home. So we had sex in the bathroom. We took shower together, applied soap to eachother, I fucked like a mad dog in the bathroom. One day, she gave me a quick blowjob in the kitchen while cooking. When dad had to leave a couple of days out of town for work. We had sex almost everywhere in the house. Right from hall to kitchen to dad’s room to dinning table to terrace to bathroom. Those two days we were completely naked and was fucking around the house. The sex was amazing.

After a few weeks, I had to go to Bangalore for a wedding. So mom was so sad and she missed me like anything. But in bangalore my sexy chithi welcomed me and was awaiting my arraival for months. We both had sex as soon as i reached her house. And she was wilder than before. She wanted me to fuck her in all possible positions and also in her ass. The sex was fantastic with my chithi in bangalore. Whereas my mom missed me at home.

I told chithi about my sexual relationship with mom, she was shocked and did not believe. I then showed her all the texts and pictures. She was amazed and congratulated me. We had all these conversation while having sex. After the heavy dosage of sex. We finally went to wedding for what I came for. Chithi dressed in a transparent silver saree with a red blouse. She was hot as hell. Even though I had non stop sex from the time i arrived. I could not stop myself getting turned on. “She is such a siren” I said to myself and began to imagine the sex I am gonna enjoy once we reach home. She was like a bollywood celebrity. She glamed up such a way to turn on every man in the wedding. Without my knowledge I began to rub my cock imagining banging my sexy chithi at night. Meantime, my thought somehow went to mom and I couldn’t resist having the thought of fucking these sexy sisters.

All of a sudden, I got a desire to somehow have a threesome with my mom and chithi. Woah, the mere idea excited me and made me so horny.

From there on I started to plan my threesome with the sexy sisters – my hot mom and sexy chithi.

To be continued…

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