Seducing Women From Pub To Bed

Hi, wet girls and women.This is harish from Coimbatore. I am 24 and working in private sector.

I went to Chennai to attend a training program in my company\’s new project in Chennai. They provided me accommodation in a well-known star hotel. Because of others from local Chennai so I am only in my room. I liked this privacy. In the night I felt bored so I decided to go to the pub on the top floor.

I dressed up and went to the pub. I am having a beer and looking girls and women. There I saw women looking me. She is looking like early 30\’s and beautiful. She is smoking and looking like waiting for someone. I watched her for nearly 10 minutes but no one joined with her. So I decided to talk with her.

I went near her and askedI – hi. Can I join with you or you are waiting for someone???She – I am waiting for my friend but she will not come. You can join with me.I – you are looking gorgeousShe – thanks for your compliment

I introduced myself to her about my career and lifestyle.She told about her. Her name is Divya and she is 29. Her husband is a businessman and went out for a business trip so only she came today for the pub. She is talking good and feels very friendly. I liked her and she feels comfortable with me. We are talking about our lifestyles and making some jokes and laughing. We had our drinks together. I repeatedly complimenting her beauty. She likes my compliment.She – do you have a girlfriend?I – no Divya. Now only one, it is you.

She – really and laughingI – I am looking for a gorgeous girlfriend like you to share my bed. But unfortunately, you married???She – don\’t worry. You will get good oneI – at least can I have you tonight????She – tonight is enough

I am surprisedI – if you agree I will be with you in bed all nightsShe – naughty boy

Our eyes looking each other without speaking. I kept my right hand on her cheek and move her hair back to her ears. I slowly went close to her and placed a kiss on her lips. Then I kept my both hands on her ears starts kissing her lower lips. She too gave a good response and she kissing my upper lips. She kept her hand on my face and kissing me. We both kissing our upper and lower lips lovely. While kissing I cared her back. We both exchanging our saliva and kissing hot romantic.Then I take my lips from her lips and asked shall we move to my room. She replied let’s go soon, dear.

We opened lift door to go down from the pub.With our luck no one in the lift. After the door closed I am kissing her wildly and she too kissing in the same manner. I am kissing her neck and caring her back. Our floor reached, we soon went to my room and immediately locked the door. We both kissing vigorously and tasting each other’s saliva. We both kissing very wildly and I took her on my arms and pulled to the wall and kissing hardly. I must say that she was a great kisser. Then I removed her dress and now she is only in her bra and panty. She wore a white bra and white panty. She looks like a porn star at that time. She removed my clothes and she made me nude. She was kissing my chest and holding my tool. I kissed her and kissing on her ears and cheeks. She kissing my neck. I unhooked her bra and sucking her boobs and biting her nipples. I am continuously sucking her boobs one another.

While sucking her boobs I kept my hand inside her panty and rubbing it. She is making sexy sounds ahhhhhhh sssssssss ahhhhhhh ya suck it harish haaaaa. Then I kissed on her navel and pressing her boobs. I liked her navel. Then I removed her panty which hides a hairy forest. She told sorry baby I not shaved. I told her that I like hairy pussy then only it will more pleasurable feel. She was wet and her juice coming from her pussy. I am kissing her pussy and tasting her juice.

Her juice was salty and sticky. I drinking it because it is from gorgeous women. She told me that you are lovely I love you. I told her me too.Then I opened her legs and kept my tool on her pussy. I rubbing her pussy and slowly entering into her pussy. It was a wonderful feel while fully entered into her. The time my time increasing speed and loading mine into her pussy. She was making moanings continuously. Then we moving to doggy style. In doggy style, she was screaming with pleasure. We enjoyed a good session and take a rest for some time.

After some time, she takes my tool and stroking it and she starts sucking my tool wildly. What a feel it is. While sucking I am making sexy sounds uhhhhhh haaaaaa haaaaa uhhhhhh do it baby haaaaa. I cummed on her mouth. She sucking my balls. Then we kissing each other. Then she sat my lap and entering my tool into her pussy. Increasing the speed she was jumping and her boobs jumping lovely. I kissed her boobs and her neck. We both fully hard and having it wildly. She kissing on my lips and I too kissed her.

Then we both lying on 69 positions. I am lying on her body. I am sucking her pussy and she sucking my tool. We both sucking each other and drinking our juices. We made a good time on the bed on full night. On the morning we both taking bath together and applying soap to each other. We had a session in the shower. Finally, we exchanged our numbers and chatting regularly till now.Anyone needs any suggestions and help contact me at [email protected]

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