Seductive And Sensuous Devika Miss

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Devika Miss said, “Vinay, I have left my mobile in your house, I am so sorry.” We looked at each other, I told her, “No problem, you relax. I will go back and get your phone.”

She was very apologetic and said, “I am so sorry Vinay. I am troubling you so much.” I asked her again, “Are you sure you have left it at home, not at school?” She said, “Yes I kept it on the tea table. Let me come with you, anyway, there is no work.”

She forgot it purposely. As I turned the car around, I said “Hmm, ok we will go back. We will have coffee anyway. Even I don’t have any work for now.” She was waiting for this, I guess.

She said, “Do you drink Masala chai? I would like to relax for some time with a cup of tea. I usually get this back pain and leg pain. A cup of chai soothes and relaxes me.”  I looked at her and said, “You look healthy and fit, Madam. Do you have back and leg problems?”

She looked at me and said, “I get back and leg pain due to my upper body weight. I have put on a little weight.” I looked at her boobs and said, “You just look perfect. Yeah, maybe your upper baggage is a little heavy. But honestly, you look very sexy.” My eyes resting on her heaving melons.

She said, “I know that and I am happy with my body, just need to reduce few kilos. That will help, but men like this baggage, isn’t it? They just don’t miss a chance of staring at it.”

“Who will not like to stare at those, they look fantastic and not only staring but men do a lot of imagination thinking about them.”

She said, “Chi, you are a dirty man, just shut up.” I said “Ok, but anyway that is a fact. What else relaxes you, have you tried massages” I asked her. She smiled, “Yes I like, but I don’t like females giving me a massage. Massage from firm hands followed with a cold shower is always relaxing.”

I said, “Yes, we like a massage from women and you like from men, nude couple shower is always exciting.” She said, “Couple Shower depends on who is in the company, but certainly not a massage center.” I asked her, “How about my company?” She said, “Let me think, I told you I like tall and little mature men.”

We entered our apartment premises I told her, “I also like those sizes and shapes, I guess 36.” I did not look at her this time as I was parking my car. She said, “Just close to that 36c, and how about yours?” I said, “Measure it yourself, you won’t be disappointed.”

We reached home. She had kept the phone in charge right in front of her eyes. How could she miss it, I wondered. In the meantime, the wife called me to inform me that they have settled on the train. She kept her bag aside, sat on the sofa, closed her eyes with her head relaxed on the sofa.

I went to the kitchen to prepare tea. I looked at her from the kitchen and I could see the perfect shape of her boobs her cleavage visible. Her heavy breathing moving her boobs up and down in lovely tandem. Her saree was totally in disarray as she sat there.

She spread her legs, sat there relaxing. Only a small layer of saree covering her boobs as she let then loose for my view, her saree stuck between her boobs. I kept the tea and quickly changed to shorts and T-shirt nothing inside my 7” thick dick woke up making its moves inside.

As the tea started to boil my body also started to boil. In no time I had a raging hard in my shorts. I could not take my eyes off her as she slept there like a whore. She gently opened her eyes to look towards me. She saw me staring at her, she closed her eyes again.

She came to the kitchen to ask for Moov spray. She said her back was paining. I got her the pain relief spray, she sat on the sofa trying to spray it, but she seemed to be struggling. Tea was ready, Devika looked to me as hot as the boiling tea.

Neither she covered her open cleavage and the view of her boobs, nor she seems to be bothered about it as she picked her cup of tea. We finished our tea in no time. I sat opposite to her and asked her, “Shall I help you?”  She said, “If you can spray and rub it little it would be great.”

I sat behind her, she pushed her hairs aside, turned her back towards me. In a very low seductive voice, she said, “You untie the knot and spray it here.” I did not speak a word. I moved closer to her, slowly untied the knot of her blouse. There was only 1 hook on the back of her blouse.

I pushed her saree aside. She pulled her saree completely in the front. Her bareback in front of my eyes. She again turned back looked in my eyes, I kept my finger on her back moving it slowly. I spoke in her ears, “Is it paining here, or here.”

She said not here, she held my finger moved it to the edge of her blouse, she said, “Here.” I did not wait for her permission anymore. I slipped my finger inside her blouse, applied little pressure there. I asked her here. She said, “Yes now it’s paining everywhere.” She kept her hands on my thighs as she spoke.

Breath and heat and contact of the skin the seductive smiles. Slow murmurs it was all so engrossing. The enormity of sexual feelings revealing itself in the tiniest of gestures. The most delicate sensations between us. Suddenly it struck me that she was not wearing a bra.

She held my fingers pushed her blouse aside, “Push it a little. This is my favorite blouse. I don’t want it to get spoiled.” She was breathing heavily now. She left her saree to fall on the sofa. I moved closer and kept my chin on her shoulders looking down to catch a glimpse of her hot boobs.

I moved my face close to her hair, sensually breathing and moving my lips. Her lovely body smells. Oh god, it was maddening. I pushed her blouse further down, moved my fingers across her back. She sat there with her saree half disrobed, blouse down to her shoulders.

I said, “I feel your blouse will get spoiled, I am unhooking it.” All I could hear was only a small whimper. She did not speak a word, she waited with bated breath to get her blouse unhooked.

I told her, “You dress very differently, very sexy, very tempting, not the usual types, you are very different, can I ask you something, if you don’t mind.” She said, “Vinay anything that is in your mind, noting to hide after coming this far.”

I knew she was wearing a strapless bra but asked her, “You don’t wear a bra?” She smiled and said, “I do wear, why?” She paused and said, “Oh you could not see the straps, that is making you curious, I like your observation.”

She continued “I am wearing it but does not have straps. It’s called strapless bra, you can see it in some time,” she said. I said, “Oh ok, very nice, but how does it hold them.” She said, “That is too much of curiosity, you will see everything, have patience.”

Her hands moving on my thighs pushing my shorts up. Her hands were moving dangerously close to my raging firm dick. I pushed her hairs aside and made her feel my hot breath on her neck and pushed her blouse down. She did not react I could see the goosebumps on her skin as I started to breathe on her skin.

I asked her, “Can I push it a little more down?” She said, “Yes, little more till you can see what you wanted to see.” I said, “Yes, I can see, its black in color.” I could not control myself and I held her from her chin and turned her face towards me.

A glance of her face. Just half a second’s view. No words, not even a single word her eyes doing the talking. She kept her face back looking in my eyes, enough to arouse every pore of my burning body. I moved further to her lips. Lips as lush as petals painted in soft, tender pink.

She was so close now. Near enough that when she breathed, I inhaled a lungful of her scent. She smelled delicious. I had been admiring her beauty for the past few hours, but it never seemed right to act on it. Somehow, things felt more normal being in my home.

I did not spray the pain balm but kept moving my fingers sensually around her back. It was like the past few hours were just a crazy dream that had finally come true, except. It was only on hold for a while. But it was long enough to act on my feelings. I wanted this woman badly.

Everything about her was perfect, my hunger rose in my whole body. My dick throbbing and burning in my shorts. “Such soft skin,” I said, as my fingers played along both the side of her blouse pushing it down. Driving her mad with desire as heat pooled at their juncture.

Pushing her saree down from her shoulders I pushed her blouse to an extent where it sat along with her bra. My fingers moved to her neck and slowly moving down her neck asking her, “I have been wondering what you felt like here.”

I moved closer to her to gain better access to the soft skin on the edge of her cleavage and boobs. So close to the spot where the most I wanted her. “I don’t know but I am feeling good,” she said.

I said, “Want to feel how this soft, lovely skin will feel against me,” and moved my fingers on the top of her lovely soft boobs. I placed a soft, lush kiss on the column of her neck as my hands moved lower. Pushing her bra and blouse down and feeling her bare lovely boobs.

She rested her head back on my shoulders giving me more access to play with her lovely boobs. I pulled back my hands and in a smooth move unhooked her blouse, in another move I unhooked her bra. I pushed them out and she sat there bare-chested.

I removed my T-Shirt and her hands moved back to hold my neck. The storm was building and it was fierce. My manhood pushed out through my loose shorts, pushing out and making her feel its hardness and heat. Challenging her even beyond her thin saree and thickness of her inner skirt.

It was now standing on just a delicate knot a few inches away from my fingers. I fondled her boobs slowly in my hands and kissed her neck, wringing succulent delight from her every nerve. As I began to move my hands on her boobs. I pushed a lock of her hair aside and dragged my mouth over her throat.

She stiffened, unable to hold back a whimper of pleasure. Her lovely body swayed and jolted suddenly, forcing our bodies closer with the impact. Feeling her waist, kissing her neck in one unsparing sweep of my hand.

I untied the knot of her inner skirt revealing the quavering ripeness of her fulsome navel and lovely ass. After a moment of awe, I went back to her boobs to hold and feel them with unquenched ferocity. I kissed, devoured her there itself, on the sofa.

Within moments our irresistible heat, passion moved in our bodies our frenzied hands tore away from each other’s remaining pieces of clothes on our bodies. In an unapologetic rush of blood and one smooth motion, I turned her. She stood there completely nude in front of me.

Her pink pussy covered with a thin layer of piercing black hair. It was the impatience of the way we removed each other’s clothes from their bodies. That turned us on. Our lust and thirst getting better of us. The sexual madness inviting heat and altar of desire and passion and longing.

Now as we claimed each other, there was more fluidity in our actions. Her nude body glowing, pearls of sweat dripping from her hair. I pulled her closer to me. In a completely sensual, romantic turn of events that took both of us in its waves. Unaware we swept us irresistibly into each other’s arms.

We were both naked, pressed together with bodies firmly feeling the skin and heat of each other. Devika moved her mouth on one of my nipples, my hands moved on Devika’s inner thighs. I was struck by how intense it was, how urgent, deep and powerful this sexual wanting went.

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