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Hello, All, this is Sam from Bangalore, 37 years old, average looking and average build. I am working in Software Company in Bangalore. This is my second sex story. First sex story was about my first massage boy experience. Thank you very much to all who replied to my first sex story and liked it.

This sex story is about my Massage with happy ending experience. It’s real sex story. This happened last month.

One day, I got a message on my hangout account. But I only did hi and hello not more than that as most of the account are fake. I was also ignoring the chat initially. Neha (not real name) asked me about my service,

One day I got her ping on hangout:

Neha: Hello

Me: Hello, How are you.

Neha: Do you provides massage service?

Me: Yes, I do.

Neha: Hi Sam, what you do in massage service.

Me: I give all kind of massage. It includes normal massage, full body massage, and erotic massage. I give service as per the client’s need and expectations.

Neha: How much you charge.

Me: I told her my charges.

Neha: It is spa center service?

Me: No, Its individual service, door to door also possible. Else at my home as per your comfortable.

Neha: How do you proceed in the meet.

Me: First I make the client comfortable by casual chat as we both are a stranger. And then we go to the bedroom and slowly I remove the clothes from top to bottom during the massage.

Neha: Can you do sucking and licking also?

Me: Yes I can do everything which I can do in massage.

Neha: OK. But I am looking for call boy as my husband is out of station for 3 months. I need sex also with massage.

Me: I can help you and give full satisfaction. Your body is my responsibility. No problem.

Neha: I want something difference in the massage.

Me: Different means, what’s your expectations from me.

Neha: That you decide what different you can do but need something different.

As I am also working, so we both decided to meet in morning time at her home only. I asked her is there any issue if I come to you home. She said it is ok. I can go anytime. She gave me morning 10 AM time.

I purchased Cadbury and reached her home. My mind is having a different idea, to use Cadbury on her body.

She welcomed me and asked to sit. She went in the kitchen to bring water. I was looking at her swinging ass. She was looking so hot in Pajama and Top. Neha is 33 years old married lady had deadly figure 36 32 36, can make any dick hard.

She gave me water and we chat for some time to make comfortable.

She guided me to the bedroom. We sat on the bed. She asked what different I am going to do. I told just wait and watch. You will enjoy sure.

I gave a Cadbury first as a gift from me. She was so impressed by this. She told this is not expected from me. I said this is just a start.

Her lips were so sexy just like a red rose. Anyone want to kiss as long as possible. She is innocent but so sexy. Never seen such beauty before.

I took her hand in my hand asked her can we start the massage. She said yes and kissed on my lips. I guided her tough in my mouth and we started smooching, wild and crazy. I removed one Cadbury and asked for Cadbury kiss. She took Cadbury in her mouth and we both started eating it by smooching. She responded equally and also biting my lips. She loved eating this way. Another unexpected for her.

Then we processed for massage. I removed her top and pajama and now she was in bra and panty. I touch her boobs and pressed a little bit, it’s so sexy. She hugged me and told feeling shy. I took her bra off. I bit and pinched nipples which made her go crazy. She also removed my T-shirt and pant.

I asked her to lay down on the bed so we will start massage now. She lay down on the bed. I touch her back and started moving my fingers on her back. She was feeling like blood moving fast in her body. Her heartbeats increased. She told she is enjoying this. I took oil and poured on her back and started massaging her back from the crack of her butt to the base of her neck and her shoulders. Her skin is milky smooth. She was feeling relax. I did more than 15 min massage on back. Then I asked her can I removed her panty. She said it’s yours only. Do it now.

I removed her panty and make her ass free. I kissed on her butt. She jumped little as felt like tickling. I told her your back is really awesome. Your husband is lucky got such sexy wife. She started laughing. I started working on her butt, wonderfully tight, pert and blemish free. I took some oil and poured it in the crack of her butt, the oil trickling down to her pussy lips, pink and moist before the oil reached them. While doing butt massage, I am also touching her pussy lips. I could now see her pussy trembling with anticipation.

Now, I moved towards her thigh. I then parted her legs and continued massaging the inside of her thighs and continued downwards all the way till her toes. I inserted her toes in my mouth, first a big toe then one by one slowly I inserted each and everything I suck it she’s giving a lot of movement’s then after sucking everything I slowly moved to the middle by kissing each and every part slowly I kissed her knee, then I reached to thighs I kissed her thighs I bitten her left thigh. I did thigh massage for 10 minutes and asked her turn now.

She turned over. Every body part is perfect. Her pussy was wet now. I took Cadbury and kept on nipples. It started melting immediately that much she became hot. I started sucking her nipples and pressing boobs by both hands. She was moaning loudly. It’s another unexpected step from me to her. Her boobs now painted by Cadbury and I was kissing all over her boobs. I started to massage her boobs with Cadbury and she was so much enjoying, I kissed and eat all Cadbury on her boobs.I trickled some oil in between her breasts and started to massage them.

she moved her body, by saying hhhhhhmmmmmmm, aaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaa, then slowly I inserted one of the breasts in my mouth and started to suck it really wow, what a big size, it’s like a watermelon I really enjoyed with her breast, I played with boobs,

She took my dick in hand and asked to remove my underwear. I followed her order. 😛

My hands then traveled down to her stomach. I poured some oil into her belly button. I then inserted a finger in there and kept squishing the oil in and out gently. She clutched my thigh and a slight moan escaped her lips. As I kept doing her belly, she started to stroke my thigh, she had a smile on her face. I part lay down and massaged her legs, taking the time to do her inner thighs. Her pussy was pulsating and she suddenly said she cannot control now. Please lick now. I could now see her pussy juice were there onto the bed.

I started to massage her pussy with fingers, pouring a little more oil. Her pussy was now slippery with oil and her juices; I then parted the lips and kissed it. She was now on fire; she was moaning aaha. Started saying cannot control now. ahahahh. She was in heaven now.

I got between her legs and her pussy smelled so fucking good. I started playing with her clit with my tongue…I was rolling my tongue on her clit n her body was shivering. I was also squeezing her boobs same time. She was moaning. umm mmm ahhhhha. I inserted my tongue in her sweet cunt, making her moan like a little whore. She told me I was such a good little pussy eater. I was so fucking hot from her voice; I was eating her hot cunt. Making her pussy so hot that her cunt juice was running out of it all over my hand, I then started out with one finger in her cunt, then two, while at the same time she had two fingers buried in the mouth, finger fucking my mouth whilst I was finger fucking her.

I played with her cunt a lot than her breast, then she shouted ohhhh, aaa uuuummmm, in different ways, Then I kept my head in her cunt and I gave a sweet and mild kiss in her cunt she pushed her hips up and down with a great moaning, then again I kissed her and made to feel more and more.

She was out of control now. She wanted dick to be inserted. I entered dick inside her pussy and started doing in out slowly. She was moaning and feeling relax. She started saying fuck me hard, want to enjoy as much as. Fuck me….

She was saying aahhahahaha… ummama. I was doing in out, pressed her boobs so hard and inserted my fingers in mouth. She was enjoying like anything.

I have increased speed. She told she want to do in doggy position also.

We took a doggy position. I have inserted dick in her pussy and started pressing boobs. she was doing ahhahahh uuuuuuuuuuu.

Saying fuck me hard. Don’t leave now. Do it hard. She said she was coming. I removed dick and asked her to come on top and enjoy more.

I lay down and asked to come now. She sat on my dick and moving up down. I kept her nipples in my mouth and she was moaning loudly. She said she want to cum now. She increased her speed and started saying yesss, coming now yeesssss.We both released at same time. We are still in touch with each other.

Please let me know feedback about my sex story on email ID. Any lady/girl/aunt who want body massages, services can contact me at [email protected]. Privacy is the first priority. I am a decent and friendly person. It’s trustable service. No cheat and fake. Door service also available.

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