servant showed me heaven-part 1

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With out wasting ur time lets go to story

I am MONA a married lady of 42 with a daughter of 19 studying in uk.i am married to a high rank Army office so he is mostly on tours in side india and abroad. I am 5.6 in hight milkey white round face with big eyes and red juicy lips with long neck,My figure is 34.29.36 and i got long hairs till my knees i am proud for them i have beautifull hands and very cute feet always painted. I was married at 24 was 100% vergin even i have alot of lesbian activities b4 marriage but never allowd any ones finger inside my pussy .But i was totaly disappointed with my hubby as he got a small cock of less then 5 inches and not thick one but still kept only for him even not satisfied by him ,I do satisfy myself with my Girl friends and fingering but all was changed as my hubby brought a house servant as chowkidar and driver He is an Ex Army personal about 6.3 inch tall very heavy muscular body(i saw him early morning when he was busy in Exercse) he is about 54 or 55 dark skin But at first i did not like him coz he is a muslim but later he proved he is best in every thing His name is KASHIF.

One day in afternoon i was in need of some thing from market so i went to his room to call him his door was bit open and he was sleeping straight on his back wearing a LUNGI and what i saw that shocked me his cock was standing straight and looks like a pole ,i was shocked and hardly stopped my scream slowly i went inside near to him he was in deep sleep i was looking at his pole looks very fat and not less then 10 inches long OMG i feel wetness in my pussy i cam out and knocked door he came out still with abig tent was trying to hide i told him, about things to buy and came to my room and went to bath room and fingered my pussy. Magar aab main souch rahi the kay kis tarha main yeh lund lay saktee hoo souchte rahi phir aik plan abnaya as i know my hubby is going for 10 day tour.Plan bana kar kuch mutmian ho gayee:Rat ko pati nay choda to main itnee garam the kay woh bola kaya baat hey aaj ,i said nothing or subha hubby chala gaya.Ghar ki masee kaam kar kay 2 bajay challi gayee main nay uss o 4 din ki chutti day de aab main bilkul akaile the ghar main yaa Kashif

Dopeher ko main nay showe liya or badan ki khoob safaee ki or halka sa make up kiya or nails ko red paint kiya or red netted bra or panty pehne or ooper aik thick cotton gown pehna jo ghutnoon say thora say hi neechay tha or 4 bajay chai pee or lawn per tehlnay ko nikal paree i saw him he was busy with flowers in lawn was in payjama and kurta.main nay uss ko aisay ignore kiya jaisay daikha hi nahi or tehaltee rahi or kuch deyr baad wapsi ko chaldee or phir door steps per khud ko slip kar liya or zor say chillaye,,,Ahh mar gaye ,Kashif bhagg kar aaya bola Madam kaya howa main nay kaha pyer slip ho gaya or khara honay ki acting kii or phir gir pareeto woh bola therain madam main maddad karta hoonor mere kamar main bazoo daal kar khara kiyaa mai nay hips per hath rakhay or kaha main chall nahi paa rahi uss nay mujhay bazoon main uthaa liyaa main uss ki taqat per heyran thee uss nay gureya ki tarha mujhay utha liyaa main nay kaha mujhay bed room main lay chaloo or bazoo uss ki gardan main daal deya

uss nay mujhay bed per lita deya bola Madam kahan choout lagee ,main nay kaha mera right pyer muur gaya hey or kamar or hips per chout lage hey,bola main doc ko fone karta hoon main nay kaha nahi agar tum bura na manoo to ointment ka massage kar do mery peyr per woh bolha ok.

Or oitnment lay aaya or neechay beyth kar meray peyr ki massage karnay laga main crahh rahi the hii hii uss nay tang ko jab ooper kiya to mujhay maloom tha uss ko mere panty nazar aa rahi hey woh massage karta raha ,bola madam kaisa lag raha hey aab main nay kaha abb kuch behter hey woh bola madam aap kay pyer kitnay naram hain ,raisham ki tarha ,main nay kaha tum ko achay lagay bola haan.Kuch deyr baad main nay kaha kitchen main aik oil ki bottle hey special oil hey uss say mere kamar ki malish kar doo thore se bohaat dard hey woh kitchen ko gaya oil lanay main nay gown uttsr deya or blanket oorh liyaa Woh aaya to main nay kaha blanket kay andar hath daal kar malish kar doo,uss nay hath per oil dalla or hath kamar per rakha mujhay current laga badan main woh ahista ahista massage karnay laga panty line tak jata tha uss ka hath main nay panty kuch neechay kar de the uss ki fingers ASS CRACK ko touch kar rahi the main nay kaha kashi ooper tumara hath block hota hey braw strap main iss ko khol do woh kuch nahi bola ,Blanket hatha kar uss nay hooks khol deye uss kay hath kaanp rahay they aab mere adhi back nangee the na uss nay blanket ooper kiya na main nay kaha.Abb mere poore back nagee the woh halkay hath say massage kar raha tha,Madam aap kay chout kahan per lagee hey ? main nay kaha meray donon hips per bohat chout lagee hey dardd ho raha hey :Us nay bina poochay kahay hi hath blanket kay andar dala or meray left hip ko dabanay laga.Ahhhh ohhhhh bohaat dard ho raha hey ahista dabaoo na.Bola madam kaya oil ka massage kar doon aap kay ….. or ruk gaya main nay kaha haan kar do trum kon say ghair hoo or achanak hi light challi gaye load shading kay karan aik dum room main andhaira ho gaya AC bhi band ho gaya or aik dum garmi lagnay lagee.Kashif blanket meray peyron say hata kar ghutnon tak kar doo or andhairay ka fayeda utha kar main nay panty neechay kar de aab meray adhay hips nangay they magar oopr blanket kar liya.Woh bola bohat garmee ho gaye hey ,haan Kashif tum bhi kurta uttar loo or oil say achi tarha massage kar do uss nay kurta utar deya or oil hath per dall kar meray left hip per hath lay gaya,woh bhi samajh gaya ho gaa kay panty main nay khud jaan boojh kar neechay ki hey or woh hip ka massage karnay laga,aab room main halki halki light aa rahi the chand ki mainkonay main lagay mirror say uss ko daikh rahi thee uss ka sara seena or arms balon say bharay hoey they ,mere panty sare geeli ho rahi thee choot kay pani say ,badan main aag lag rahi the magar bardasht kar rahi the..Kashif botle say thora sa oil back per dall lo phir donon hathoon say massage karo bohaat dardd hey ,He poured some oil near of ass crack ,ohhh Kashif oil neechay ja raha hey he quicly pushed his finger inmy ass crack trying to bring back oil his finger touched both holes ,AAAAHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAA Main nay aik hath say uss ka hath pakar liya jaisay hi uss ki finger nay ass hole touch kiya main nay ungly ko press kiya uss ki ungly gand kay andar gayee i gave a loud moan AHHHHHHHHHHH UUUFFFFFFFFF he wanna pull out finger said sorry madam,Kashif koi baat nahi massage he to hey na deep tak ho jayee gaa or woh ungly andar bahar karnay laga ,i was moaning uffffff aaahhhhhh zor say karoo haaaaan or he fingered my ass hole for 10 mintes,Kashif aab doosray hip ka massage kar do and i turned on his side he was standing near to my face and massging my hip I opened my eyes ans saw abig pole near to my mouth and heat was coming out of that .was huge and huge i pushed my face bit more near and suddenly took his cock head in my mouth with his payjama ,woh uchhal para or main nay hath barha kar lund pakar liya,Madam plz chor dain na,Kashif yeh kaya hey Bola patta nahi main nay kaha bohat lamba or mota hey or uss ko apne taraf khaincha aik hath uss kay hip per rakh kar dabaya.Doosray hath say uss ka nada pakar kar khencha or uss ka payajama neechay gir gaya or ussi waqat light aa gayee,Uffffffmy God aik dark brown lamba or mota lund meray samnay tha jis ka supara purple tha or bohaat mota main nay lund ko mushkil say donon hathoon main pakra or supara monh main lainay ki koshish ki magar bohaat mota tha———-baqq ki kahani part number 2 main

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