Sex Adventures With Gf – The Beginning

Hello friends,My name is Viraj Khanna and this is my first story in ISS so do read it till the end because I promise it will be worth it.This is the first part of the horny and sexy sexual adventures that I had with my GF in a relationship of 3 years.

I am 5 ’10” in height, fair and good looking and have a 8-inch cock.My GF Naina(name changed) is 5′ in height.She looks like Mia Khalifa and has a sexy ass which wiggles as she walks giving instant hard on to any guy.She wears a 32C bra and 85cm panty and has sexy curves to die for.

The story begins when we get committed when both of us were in class 12th.We were crazy about each other and started having sex chats on daily basis.Sometimes even more than 2 times in a day.Both of us were waiting for the day when we will actually get the chance to have sex.Finally, the day came as her parents were out of the house for few hours.We planned to meet at around 3 pm.All day long I was dreaming about her naked body and different ways I will fuck her.Both of us were excited to explore each other.

Finally, I reach her house on time.She opens the door.She was wearing a semi-transparent top with a black bra visible slightly and short skirt.Damn, she was looking so hot and my eyes couldn’t move away from her firm boobs.

Naina: “Are you just going to stare or come in?”(with a smile on her face)

I come to my senses and close the door behind.I pull her close with arms around her waist.

Me: “I am going to do a lot than just stare.”

As I give her a long kiss tasting her lips for minutes.She takes my hand and we go to her bedroom.I was behind her when she bends down to pick something from the floor and her black panty was visible covering her sexy ass.It gave me an instant hard on.There was a bedding on the floor, I go and sit with my back against the wall.She comes walking towards me as there were nervousness and excitement.

I take her hand and make her sit in my lap facing me and she curls her legs around the waist.She could clearly feel the bulge in my pants rubbing her pussy.I begin kissing her neck my hands feeling her inner thighs.Her hands going through my hair as my lips touch hers and we begin to kiss madly.My hands go inside her top as I unhook her bra as she removes my shirt and throws away the bra.There she was sitting in my lap with her naked boobs and a skirt and panty.I go crazy kissing her playing with her tongue and pressing her boobs in sync.She was breathing heavily and caressing my hair.

My hand goes over her panty as I suck her boobs.I could feel her wetness.Then I move her from my lap and make her lie and remove her skirt and panty.I remove my jeans and both of us were naked now.She stared at my hard 8-inch cock.

Me:”Are you going to stare only?”(with a smile)

She gets up on her knees as I was standing.Then hold my hard cock and begins to rub slowly licking just the head of my cock.I could feel the wetness of her tongue.She takes in the cock in her mouth and begins to suck it rubbing my balls in between.She was doing it like a pro.

Me:”Ahhh I am gonna cum.” As I cum hard.

She takes the cock deep in her throat and drink every bit of cum.

I then make her lie on the bed and she spreads her legs giving me the view of her clean shaven pussy which was already wet.I go down between her legs my face close to her pussy.The smell was intoxicating.I push my two fingers inside her pussy as I begin to rub her clit.

Naina:”Ahhmm yeahhhhhuhhh”.

Fingering for some time I then begin to lick her pussy.My tongue going in and out her hole as she was oozing cum.

Naina:”Ohhhhuhhh yeah baby…”. She was moaning with pleasure.I suck her pussy hard and she was close to an orgasm.“Ahhhh fuck I am cumming!!”. As she presses my head in her pussy cumming all over my face.I lick all the cum leaking out of her pussy.My cock was hard again and was time for some action.

I come between her legs and begin to rub my cock on her pussy teasing her.She was biting her lips.

Naina:”I want you to fuck me..”.

I push the cock slowly inside as her pussy takes my 8-inch cock all inside.She spreads her legs more.As I push my cock in and out slowly at first.

Naina:”ooohhhh yeahhmm..just like that..”. She was moving her hips in sync.I then increase the pace banging her pussy deep inside.

Naina:”aaaahh yeahhh fuck me harder…”. her moans grew louder.She curls her legs around my waist as I fuck her harder.Her boobs pressing and rubbing on my chest.I was hitting her G-spot.

Naina:”oooh god yeaahhh fuck I am gonna cum..”.I push the cock deep in her and as she cums so hard.The feeling of her warm cum gushing out was incredible.I take out my cock covered in her cum.Her pussy was dripping with her cum.My cock still hard.

Then she comes over me placing the cock under her pussy.She pushes down taking it in whole at once.She bends over me taking the support of bed.Her boobs over my face as she begins to move her hips up and down.Her tight pussy was rubbing my cock.I begin to lick her nipples and she increases her pace.

Naina:”yeahhhh lick it…make me your bitch..uuhmmmm..suck it harder…mmmm..”. As I suck her boobs harder.

She then comes close to me ears and whispers..”Cum inside me..”.She sits straight with my pussy deep inside her.Then she begins to jump up and down fast pressing her boobs.

Naina:”ooohh uhhhhh I love your cock….”.Moaning loudly.My cock was throbbing as I was close to cumming.Her tight pussy milking my cock.

Me:”oooohh fuckk I am cumming…”.She pushes the cock deep in her pussy as I sperm fill her pussy.She takes it in and falls in my arms.

This was just my first experience and we had many a more erotic and hardcore sex adventures in future.I will be sharing them all.Please do give your feedback, like and comment.You can give your feedback and contact me at [email protected]


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