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Hi readers my name is Suji, let me tell you something before I start, this is a little bit different story from regular. Let me tell you little about me, presently I’m living states.

I have a perfect body that any guy will love to have it, cup size boobs, firm ass, soft n tight pussy. Let me get to the story and I have been going to college in Amherst for last four years, my only concentration has been my studies for the first two years, till I meet Rohit

We started dating for the first six months we dint had any intercourse after that from nowhere we started fucking every single day, I kind of got addicted to his dick my bf is really good in bed n he knows how to satisfy a women after about six months.

I wanted to do something different kind of bored just coming home taking off the cloths fucking sucking n bla bla, I spoke to my bf about this saying we must have sex outside in park bla bla, but he was mad and said no but I wanted that really bad.

I started having dreams like wearing very sexy cloths like half naked and fucking in park, restaurant, one day my bf came and told me lets go on a trip to cape cod I said its hard I have to do my school stuff bla bla and I asked him what are we going to do there

We will be doing the same thing there, then he said ok you can do anything u want on the trip. I got excited n asked me can I wear anything I want he replied if you want you can walk around naked. I told him you have to do whatever I say he smiled and said ok are you happy now.

We discussed a lot about it, I told him so much that I will do this I will do that bla bla, with my talk he got it that I’m really excited, then he told me if your happy that’s all I want and we decided to go by bus over night and the day came n we planned to meet at the bus lobby.

We got into the bus and it’s half empty we sat all the way at the back,while we are going he started bugging saying you told me you will wear sexy cloths bla bla what happen to you and I was wearing jeans and t shirt.

I told him wait n see n he was keep on bugging me, suddenly I unbutton the jeans and took it off completely he said WTF people there then I said its dark n the bus is half empty but he was keep on saying wear it back

I said is it so and removed my panty too n told him you said you want stop me at all. He just kept quiet and I unzipped his pants took his dick out and started to play with it then I took his whole dick inside my mouth and sucked it crazy.

I could feel he is going crazy he pulled my T shirt up n bra up started to play with boobs, it made me go crazy, I’m in a bus almost naked with half bus full. I got a wired feeling like showing myself naked to some guys and I pushed my bf between my legs.

I made him suck my pussy n around three seat front there was a guy sitting just to get his concentration I made some noise that he can hear it, I notice that guy was keep on turning back.

He suddenly get up from his seat walked back towards the bathroom which is all the way back in the bus next to our seat when reach my bf was busy sucking my pussy.

I gave him a full view of my boobs to him and a smile. The way he saw me the way bf licking pussy made me cum and we reached there and while we are getting out of the bus he grabbed my ass that made me feel crazy and wanted many more of those.

We reached the hotel room and had a great fuck whole night. Next day we decided to go to the beached and I worked a mini skirt and a very low cut blouse, when my bf saw me he said you’re going crazy, I replied I’m not going crazy I’m going to make guys crazy today

We reached the beach and it wasn’t that crowded. We put our blanket and I removed my shorts and blouse and get into my panty n bra, my bf just smiled at me and set on the blanket.

I was just looking around for guys and I saw sum couple and three guys around and I saw one guy staring at me and I don’t know why but when guys staring at my sexy body I liked it while I’m looking at that guy.

I kissed my bf and took in hand n placed in my boobs we kissed for while and I want my bf to get into action. I told my bf remove his shorts and underwear and just wear the shorts let those girls have a view of your dick,

He hesitated for a while and final he agreed and did it quickly I noticed one couple was laughing at it, I want that guy join our party but I was scared to ask my bf, then I decided to make my bf crazy, I started rubbing his dick, I dnt know what happen to him he pulled his dick out and told me to suck it.

I asked him what happen he said I m going to enjoy this too you must not stop me, I replied him and said if you want you can fuck another girl I want stop you. I sucked his dick crazy out there and I noticed that guy was still staring at me.

I told him that guy who is sitting behind us is keeping on staring at me. He ask do you want to play with him. I just smiled at him he said go ahead I asked him are you serious he said yes n I kissed him and walk to him. I said hi he said hi in surprise I sat next to him.

I could see a hard on his dick, we had a casual talk for a while and I notice that guy is keep on staring at my boobs, suddenly he ask can see you boobs I smiled at him n unhooked my bra, he was keep on praising about my boobs.

I wanted to fuck that guy really bad then he asked me can I touch your boobs I took his hand and kept on boobs and touched his dick then bf came over there said let’s move then wore my bra and went to water over there I got completely naked.

He got naked too and we were playing around n he asked me do you want to invite that guy I jumped and said yes then call that guy he came in but did not say anything I grabbed his dick then I removed his shorts too both of them were eating me in the water.

I could see my bf was enjoying it too, but my bf dint let me fuck that guy and he was just eating me and I gave him only a hand job, after that we went home and our vacation ended but I couldn’t come out of it and I wanted another dick my concentration changed on cheating my bf.

I think that’s worst thing I ever did in my life he loved me more then he love himself, he was beyond my father. One day at a function I met a very well built guy and he was very sexy, from that vacation.

I started wearing sexy cloths without knowing to my bf, everybody was dancing and he approached me I glad danced with, while dancing he was grinding my ass and touched my boobs here there

I responded him, after the party I invited him home, he glad said ok and walked with me to home and I was feeling little guilty but I was more excited about having another dick. We reached home n told him to stay in the sofa I will change and come.

I went to room checked the most sexiest and I was completely naked and looking and I almost took everything cloths I have then I saw myself in the mirror and decided to go completely naked and I opened the door and went to the hall soon he saw me he get up said wow

I asked do you like it he replied awesome came close to me and planted a kiss on lips and grabbed my ass and I could feel his dick in my pussy, I don’t know what I was in seventh sky before starting.

He removed his shirt pants and his underwear he had a monster between his legs quickly I went down and took his dick in my mouth and sucked it crazier than ever before. I offered my pussy to lick he went down n licked my pussy

I noticed one thing he liked my ass a lot, n never get fucked in my ass. He turned me n took his dick and tried to put in my ass, it was really hard for then he asked have fuck with your ass I said no and I loved to, he said

I will make your dream come true slowly he put his dick in my ass and I shouted in pain and stopped him and then in the same position he fucked my pussy for hours then again he went to my ass I stopped him he said don’t worry

I will take care, again he slowly inserted his dick it was hurting really bad but the feeling was superb he came inside my ass then we were just teasing each other for a while and went for another round, after that at least three times a week

I fucked him and my bf at least two times I don’t know how he started having suspecting me some how he get my password of Facebook and he get to know everything.

I tried my best not to break up and but we did. I would say by missing him and I missed a very caring husband for me, it was treasure which I lost, it’s almost a year now, still I hear from his friends that he is upset worried and ruined his whole future

He quit his job avoiding the entire proposal and when his friends ask him he is saying still he can’t forget me. I was upset for about one month but my sex urge took to fuck that guy again and again. Guys I know I’m being worst than a slut, because of situation I end changed like this.

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