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Hello guys, I’m new here. This is my first story here and it’s True. This happened to me about a year back.

I’m a 23 year old guy from Mumbai. I used to work at a CAs office due to which I would go to different places for Audit. Most of them were in the Suburbs of Mumbai.

This incident took place during one such audit routine. I was asked to go alone and audit a company and its subsidiaries. There were around 4 companies which I had to Audit.

The office was in the suburbs in a 12 storey building. The office was on the last floor. Each floor had 2 commercial places. The other one on that floor was shut most times.

So I went to my clients place to start my Audit. It was a huge office with just a fwe employees. There would be around 5 employees in all and one housekeeping guy. The office had cameras everywhere except the Lunch room/storage room ( where I would be sitting and working).

So I go to the office and meet the concerned person who is a woman around 45 years of age. She then asks to me contact the other employees who were in charge of the respective companies.

That’s when I met H and S ( S is the heroine of the story). ( About S, she would be around 26-27 years old, a little on the darker side with small boobs but an amazing ass. Her lips were big and seductive). I was told to contact H every time I had a query. And that’s what I would do.

On the first day itself when I was talking to H about the company, I saw S staring at me and smiling. I smiled back at her. Then I saw her eyes go on my dick. Well I liked the fact that she was staring at my dick and decided to play along so I tried to tease her by getting my dick to rise a little so that she could see a dent in my pants. And well it worked. She couldn’t move her eyes from it. I was loving it. But then had to go away as my work was done with H. This went on for like 2-3 days.

Then one day S decided to come to the lunch room where I would sit and work as she needed something from there. We both looked at each other and smiled. We then had our first conversation. We asked our names and just spoke generally before she took what she needed and left.

The next day was my lucky day. H fell ill and dint turn up so I had to ask S about all my queries. So I used to go talk to her regarding my queries every few minutes. After sometime she came to me with some documents I had asked her for. She handed me the documents and our hands touched. We both felt a current going through us. We looked at each other and just smiled again.

Then after sometime I called her again as had more doubts. This time she came and sat next to me so that she could solve my queries. She was sitting next to me and looking at me so I asked her what happened? She just replied saying that she finds me cute. I was flattered and took the opportunity to compliment her to which she just blushed and hit my shoulder. Then she just put her hand on my lap and I dint bother removing it.

I held her hand in my hand and then moved towards her to kiss her. She obliged and we kissed. It felt amazing. We kissed for a few minutes and then broke our kiss as she had to be on her desk. Before leaving she asks me to meet her near the staircase at around 6.45pm. she also tells me to bring a condom. I was overjoyed when I heard that and ran down to a chemist shop to get condoms.

I was waiting anxiously for 6.45pm. Finally i left at around 6.40pm and went and stood near the staircase. As we were on the last floor i knew that nobody would walk in onus. She came a few minutes later. We just saw each other and smiled and then hugged.

We then went near the terrace door left our belongings on the side and started kissing again. We were kissing wildly. She started unbuttoning my shirt while kissing me. She removed my shirt and threw it on the side. I removed her top and threw it. I started kissing her neck and licking it. I grabbed her ass and it was soft and felt amazing. I then grabbed her boobs and kissing them. I started playing with them. I pulled her bra aside and sucked her nipples. They were so sweet. I kept sucking at it and she kept moaning and pulling my hair. I then slowly licked her navel and went down. I unzipped her pants and pulled them down. I was on my knees sniffing her panties and licking them.

Then I pulled them aside and tasted her pussy. Her pussy was a little hairy but pink and juicy. She was already a little wet. I kept sucking her pussy till she squirted on me but that dint stop me so sucking some more. I kept eating her pussy till she couldn’t take it anymore. She pulled my up and then went down on me. She unzipped me and to blow me. Omg that feeling was amazing. She was the best at it. She kept sucking me deep. Then I asked her to stop so that I could fuck her. She put a condom on me and then turned around. I fucked her doggy style in her pussy. I kept banging her and she kept moaning and shouting. We fucked for a good 20 minutes before we both came.

It was amazing. We were tired and exhausted. We saw the time and it was around 8.30pm. We wore our clothes and took our belongings and left. We decide to come an hour early next day and meet at the same spot.

We meet the next day at the same place and we fucked again. We fucked each other in different positions morning and evening. Then one evening we got caught by the cleaning lady. i offered her some cash to remain silent and she took it but also asked me to fuck her. Well I happily fucked her as well and also indulged in a three some with those 2 ladies. S used to get horny during office hours as well and would come to me and give me a hand job or blow job and go. One evening while leaving for home she decided to give me a blowjob in the lift. We had to make the lift go up and down a few times till my sperm was in her mouth.

S once surprised me by getting a bikini wax and that day I have sucked her pussy like a hungry man. I ate her pussy for more than an hour. She squirted a few times on my face and I just ate it all and continued to suck her more.

One fine day, S tells me that she is leaving this Job as she will be getting married. I was upset and happy for her. From that day till the time she left this job she let me fuck her in the Ass. The moment I inserted my dick in her ass I was about to cum. It was tight. We used some moisturizer she had as lube. That feeling was amazing. I have never cum so fast before.

Those were the craziest 2 months of my life. Amazing sex.

Well I do miss her but luckily few months later I got to sleep with my helpers daughter who in turn helped me fuck few of her friends as well. All that and more in a new story.

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Happy reading guys. Well I need to go masturbate thinking about S now.

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