Sex In A Car In Bangalore

Hello, this is my first story in ISS pls forgive me if there are any mistakes and I am not a good writer I am writing this for the girls like me who r unsatisfied I guarantee you will have nice finger fuck by reading this story

I am Radha my age is 35 married I am from Mysore and I am attractive lady with black eyes, long hairs, my figure is 36 32 34. I have shifted to Bangalore with my family due to my husband job. My husband is always busy in work he spends very less time with me. Getting bore at home I thought for job. So I have go for interviews I was standing at bus stop. One boy came to bus stop with average body as I was looking at him he gave a smile I replied him with smile. His name was prakash. When we board the bus there was no seat in the bus and it was rush .So I was standing near the door & behind me he was standing the guy who gave me smile in bus stand. He said hello to me and he introduced himself as prakash and he is working in private company .

I also introduced as radha and we were talking till the departure .We use meet daily at the bus stop as we are living in same area,so we became friends and the friendship became strong as we use to chat. Then after a week we did plan for long drive as my husband use to stay more outside because of his work prakash brought car and told me to come to bus stop I asked him why you go by bus if I have car he said if I go in car I cant get a beautiful friend like you and we exchanged smiles . So we went for long drive.

Then we find the lonely place we parked car and we went for walk like lovers, he told about himself and he asked about me and my husband . Then suddenly rain started we were walking so we were totally wet before we reach the car ,we get into the car and we were looking at each other and I was wearing t shirt my boobs were looking fit and my cleavage was visible as we are wet, I understood his look but he was quiet for few min then he kept his hand on my shoulder started rubbing then on neck then on lips and he slowly came to back seat then he slowly started caressing my boobs over the dress and moving his hand all over body I was feeling like some current is passing in my body .

He started to eat my lips he did for few mins I was also hungry for it and I dint resisted then he was licking my neck near ear making me hot

Then he slowly removed my t shirt and planted kiss on my boobs over my black bra,then he took off my jeans I was in black bra and panty only he kept his finger all over my body and the sense is rising our heat he took off my bra and he was sucking my one boob and squeezing other and he was sucking my nipples so nicely and gave complement on my boobs I was enjoying a lot he kissed till my lower lips touching my pussy over my panty it was already wet with my juice and rain he removed panty also I was completely naked infront him. And he inserted his finger inside my lower lip and finger fucked me I cum there and he was licking my love hole my pussy is hairy as I dont use to shave but now I will shave for my darling he like clean pussy this was first time I am feeling it

Then I removed his shirt and I licked his chest and take off pant and he was only in underwear and his monster was waiting to come out clothes I kissed his dick over underwear and I took off it . When I saw his penis it long and big . It was longer than my husband. I took it in my mouth. He was fucking my mouth after few min he came inside my mouth and I drank it I planted a kiss on face of his penis then he again started licking my pussy we were in 69 position . After few mins my cum came out.

Then he got up and adjust his penis near my pussy and he was teasing me then in first stroke it went half it was paining because my pussy was tight I dicnt had sex past from many months I told him to stop but he told dont worry you feel so great then he gave another stroke it went completely inside I let a loud moan. He then started fucking me faster. He was fucking me as there is no tomorrow. I was moaning loudly -he was fucking me then after 20 minutes I was about to come I told him to stop but he was fucking fast suddenly my first cum came —but he was fucking faster. I was moaning.

After next 2 minutes I came again now both of us were tired we sat for 5 min as both were hungry for sex I spread my legs wide to invite him for fucking as I was going crazy I told him.Fuck me baby,fuck me hard make me your bitch .Fuck me . When I was about to come again he sprayed his cum inside me. His hot cum so hot. But his penis still inside me . But rain was still falling in speed .

Then he took out his penis, I licked it again it was good taste with both of our cum we sat separate but we are still naked. Then I told him that I want to do urine. He open the door told put your legs outside and do. He was seeing me doing urine and he was smiling and he lip locked me he cleaned my pussy with rain water . I told thank baby I have enjoyed a lot we hugged each other came back to our home . So from then on words I do sex with him and I fulfill all my sexual needs with him

Any unsatisfied girls want to have sex with my baby contact me [email protected] I will give you his contact,pls dont do it for time pass.Boys dont ask for my contact I am happy with him

Your feedbacks are most welcome thank you if possible I will come with my next story its depend on your feedbacks

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