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Hi, Indian sex story readers, it’s my first sex story. My name Sid(name changed).In my semester leave, I went to my aunt house. She was newly married.First, explain about myself. I am a sexy boy, a second-year student in college, swimmer. So I have perfect shape of the body.

That day the power was cut. I enter into the house I touch one soft wet body at the night because of low light I catch her boobs.Her name was Meena(name changed).She was pure white skin.She had a mole in right boobs. Sexy figure 38d boobs.That day no one was there. I fall on her. She covers her whole body with petticoat because of the bath. I kiss her lip to lip. We taste sweet, we started smoothing. I suck her left boobs and kiss her suddenly power comes she smile sexily.I asked sorry for that she accepts my feeling.I fresh up and come to eat dinner and ask about her marriage life. She says it was a nightmare. She is not satisfied because he was not good in sex.She called me to help in cooking.

I accepted because my mind says to enjoy.She comes near to me and caught my hand and mixing atta powder. She rubs her boobs to my back my penis rise. I can’t control. I enjoy it after that I go to the dining hall. Her hook was opened. A deep cleavage was seen in nighty.My penis jump in my underwear.I asked about the uncle she said he was out of town because of business.She sits near me and talks sexy word. I uncontrollably I asked can we sleep. She said what with a sexy smile. I say after dinner because of travel I was tired. So I want company because I don’t like sleep alone. She accepted but not I am in sex in tension.I drink milk it was sore it tasted like some tablets.

My penis rise to its end.I went to the bedroom the door was opened. She was sitting in bed. I closed the door and remove my dress. She asked what happen. Because of the heat, I said wearing only underwear. After drinking milk I got some sex feeling. She smiled and says your penis is bigger than my husband. I asked do you like it.

Meena: ya. It’s awesomeSid: thanks… Your boobs also bigMeena: you have perfect body to have sexSid: that means you have crush on meMeena: .no….It’s for enjoyment only

Sid: so you don’t like harshMeena: well-done boy. I impressed with your deep kiss.I like your way. You suck my boobs.Can you satisfy m?Sid: ya sureAnd I started kissing her deeply and press her boobs in nighty. I go for long kiss her saliva enter into my mouth.Meena:umm..UmmI removed her hook and kiss her nipples she moaning silentlyMeena:- haa..Haa.Um…UmmShe presses my head to her boobs and feeds me but there is no milky.I suck lift boobs and pink right nipples.Meena: -ya baby come on ha..Ya.Ohh ouch.Mmm.MmmI lick both boobs it was full of saliva.I started hardly pinch boobs and play with pussy.Hot pussy contains precum I kissed her I was in seventh heavenI bite her neck kissed her shoulder by pressing boobs in kisses butts and slap in butts.I kissed boobs and suck one by one this time fastly.

Meena-suck me ya…It pains. Don’t bite ha ha..Please slowly mmm… It was too wild ya fast…Fast..UmmI bite her boobs. It was my teeth mark.

She hugged me to stop she removed my underwear press my penis and give the best blowjob.She sucks my cock oh it was awesome.She removed my skin and fully inserted into mouth I am in seventh heaven.

Sid: – haha. you are a bitch increase speed baby my hot cum will spray on you oh yes I am not able to control. Play with my balls.Meena: – you gave big monster um… I am like a newborn to suck lollypop.Um.Um.Um.Um….

I came in her mouth she drink it.And kiss me in my chest like my areola bit it plays with my penis and kisses me in my whole body. I started to lick her pussy she was pressing my head I like it I inserted my finger and batting in it.Meena: -ya baby come on ha drink me um haaa….Ha….Ya.Ya.Ya fuck…Yes um…I give all for u ha ha ha yes come on darling um oh-oh ouch…Ouch…Ouch.Ya baby.

I reached the g-spot she screamed in pain I press her booth boobs and simultaneously suck her cunt with my tongue and she moaned deeply.I sucked badly her pussy became red and hot there was more sweet in your body.After huge moan she came on me it was little salty and sore.I pinch her pussy and drink all cum and kissed her whole body and suck her boobs she plays with my penis we hugged and rolled in bed. She kissed me hard I pressed her bad we enjoyed.I inserted my pennies in her butts and fuck her like the doggy style. She moaned with the heavy pain I pressed her boobs and increased my beat.

Meena: -oh darling fuck me I am your blaster enjoy me ya..Ya.. Ya.. Bad cock it’s hurt me stop…Stop…Stoop.. Yes..Yes…Yes..Ha.Noooonononono…Um…Um sid my boy slowly we have more time to enjoy.Sid :ha. Ha…Ha.. You are bad sexy fuck…Big booby slutty enjoy my 6inch cock it’s for you bud ya… Hmm.

She sits on my penis and jumps like slut.To avoid std she put her husband’s condom it was tight to me.I inserted into her hot pussy she enjoyed I hugged her and fuck her in much speed she screamed loudly I inserted my tongue into her mouth I bite her lips and suck her lips. And enjoy her love drink and kissed her in boobs by fucking badly.

Meena: – dame it goes for fast no…No…No. It’s too fast ya ya…Ya..I am you doll play with my pussySid: -I am going to cum ha ha…Ha ha.. And cum in condom spill in pussy she screamed haa aaaa aaaa……. We enjoyed nearly one week it’s awesome. That is all my sex story.

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