Sex In The Lab With Classmate – Part 1

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So let me come to the story..Let me first introduce heroin of my story..Her name is shalini..21yrs age and she is very hot and sexy..Her ass is the main attraction..Every1 in our class wants to bang them and fuck it badly…She was just a casual friend of mine..One day we were in our lab doing our academics..As our computer labs had lan connection..I sat at the corner system and I started to watch porn as the class was very boring..I was watching Indian porn where a girl gets fucked in the public park..I was very much aroused by watching the videos..Suddenly my 8inch penis stood up inside my pant and a big tent..I was not able to control my arousal..I started slowly rubbing my penis on my pant..I didn’t care who was sitting in the next system..After 5 minutes..Someone held my hand and whispered control sam..Everyone are here…

Suddenly I came back to reality and just turned to see who it was…To my shock..It was shalini..My class mate..I was completely embarrassed and just was starring at her…She gave a smile and again told control sam and winked at me..I felt very shy and just came back to reality..I was not able to concentrate in the class..I was just thinking what all she might have seen..So I thought of texting her once I reach home but to my surprise I had a text from her saying “It was a nice show sam” now my tension increased and replied her saying sorry..I didn’t realize where I was and I was waiting for her reply.

After two minutes I received a message from her stating I am complaining it to the teacher tomorrow..You go and talk to her..I was scared to hell and my mind was blocked..I called her directly over the phone to say sorry..She didn’t receive my call but she texted back saying come and meet me tomorrow in the college..I was very scared what if she complains to the teacher, my parents and complete reputation of mine will be ruined..I didn’t sleep whole night thinking what will happen tomorrow.

In the morning with the same fear I got ready to my college before leaving my home..I received a message from shalini saying “Meet me in the lab..Don’t attend the class” these increased my fear and I reached my college..I was not able to face anyone..I simply walked towards my class and suddenly remembered she had told me to meet in the lab..I went near lab and peeped inside..She was not present..I started to wait for her…After 5 minutes..Shalini came and saw me..She gave a angry look and she came with our computer teacher..I was very nervous and to my surprise teacher called me and asked..

You also didn’t understand what I had thought u yesterday??I was puzzled by her statement and looked at shalini..She gave me a wink and turned towards teacher..She said no mam.We both didn’t understand..So we came together to learn.

Even her statement puzzled me and I was starring at her..Then teacher called us inside..We both went inside and sat next to each other..Teacher started teaching something but we both were not listening..We were just starring at each other..Suddenly teacher phone rang as she went outside talking over phone..

Shalini broke the silence and questioned me..Shall I say it to mam what you did yesterday??I pleaded her not to say..So she ordered me to do a favour..I asked her what favour??Before she started saying her favour teacher came and again there was silence between us…As usual our teacher thought us something and at last..Shalini told now we understood mam..Mam asked me and I just nodded my head said yes..Again shalini asked mam..Can we practice for sometime mam??

She told okay students carry on and she told the attender let them practice for sometime…Shalini had smile on her face and looked at me..I asked her what is the favour,she told me she wants to watch porn video which I was seeing yesterday…I was shocked by her statement and asked what?? Thats not possible..I can’t show you that..She threatened if I don’t show her, she will complain to mam about yesterday incident…Without having any choice..

I accepted and opened the link.. Ordered me to continue rubbing..But for a change..She wasn’t watching video now..She was watching my penis..Just after few seconds..She held my penis with her hand and she started to rub..I was in complete heaven..She was in complete mood..I realised it and cashed it..I pulled her forward and kissed her on lips…She started to respond well..She was pressing my penis very hard..It started to pain at same time..I was enjoying it a lot…

She took my hand and kept it on her boobs..Ohhh my god..They were so soft..I was in complete excitement and started to press them slowly..She was moaning slowly..I told her not to make any noise..I asked her to suck my penis..Without any hesitation..She bent forward and took my whole penis in her mouth…Ohh god..That was truly heaven for me…Her warm mouth..Her small teeth…Best feeling I had in my life…She was expert in it…Her mouth was the best place to keep my penis..I couldn’t control for long time…I came in her mouth and she liked the taste of my sperm..She got up and smiled at me..I pulled her towards me and kissed her again on lips..We had a very long kiss…She was very happy and hugged me tight.

In the next part I will say how I fucked her in the same lab same day and how I took her virginity.

I will looking forward for the reviews and comments guys..All are welcome to share their opinion.

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