Sex Is Awesome – Beautiful Days Spent With Love Of My Life

This is my first story; I have been reading stories on ISS from last 9yrs and have read most of the stories in here. I’m a bachelor working in an IT company as Manager and staying alone. I have got excellent stamina and a beautiful 7.5 inches rod. I have had many sexual encounters. I am a very handsome, smart and a tall boy (6ft). This story is about my girlfriend whom I met online. We are in LDR, We were dating from couple of months and then we decided to meet. I went to her place and had booked a beautiful hotel. I had just landed and was taking bath. I was so busy that I couldn’t shave so took little time meanwhile i got call from her that she has arrived. This was one the most beautiful days of my life.

She came wearing a red top and a black jeans, she was looking really beautiful. I felt myself as if I am the luckiest guy on the earth to have such a beautiful lady with me. I went up to her and helped her cross the road. She was excited too and we greeted each other with a big smile on our faces. We were really happy. We went inside my room and sat on the sofa. I hugged her and said I love you she responded saying love you too. Let me tell you we both were craving for each other from long time. LDR is not an easy thing to handle, those who are in must have experienced. I stayed there for a week and she used to come in morning around 9AM and leave by 1 or 2PM. We started smooching like mad lovers and were getting out of control slowly. Let me describe her figure. She was 5.2 ft tall had right amount of muscles on her body. She had the perfect body 32-28-32 white complexion. I made her sit in my lap and started cuddling. After about 40 mins I lifted her in my arms and brought her to bed.

Curtains were down and luckily i had got the last room in the row. There was no one to disturb us i had also informed at reception not to disturb during this time. We hugged each other and again started kissing passionately. We both were not virgins but it’s been long for us since we have had sex. Fire was burning in both of our hearts; I took the lead and started removing her top and jeans. She asked me to take out my t-shirt and pant, she was only in her bra and panty and i was in my underwear.

We were hugging and cuddling; i was moving my right hand all over her body and making her mad to crave for more. She started breathing heavily when i touched her boobs and started squeezing. She was already wet when i touched her pussy over her panty. Now i knew that she wants me to make love to her i removed her bra and panty and took out my underwear too. My dick was rock hard and it was poking in her tummy, she caught my dick and started playing with it while i was busy sucking her nipples and squeezing her butt. Her moaning was making me mad; i touched her wet pussy and started rubbing her clitoris. She had opened her legs to give me easy access to her love hole. We decided to change our position in 69 and started eating each other like hungry dogs.

My dick was not completely fitting in her mouth as it had grown bigger but she was sucking it like lollypop. She sucked my balls and made me very horny, I was licking her pussy madly and she came twice in between and started asking me to fuck her. I was not leaving her pussy, her taste was amazing and it has very seductive smell which was adding more fire in me. I had my two fingers inside her then I went on top of her to fuck in missionary position. I slapped her pussy with my dick and she was going mad with my actions. She asked me to stop teasing and go inside her pussy was very tight and it was difficult for me to enter.

Forgot to mention she helped me wearing condom. My dickhead went in her pussy and she started crying in pain i took it out and again pushed it in. This was the best feeling, i was looking at her beautiful face and with each stroke she was making sounds, she was moaning harder. I was little concerned about the hotel staff who were servicing in opposite room but then i thought no need to worry as i have already informed them in advance.

She was asking me to take it out as it was very painful for her but gradually pain subsided and she was letting me go inside easily. I started moving slowly and then i got her grip started to rock her with my dick. I was fucking her very fast like a dog i love to be vocal during sex and it really helps to keep you excited and in rhythm of the moment. We both were lost in each other and she was arching her body i sensed that she is about to cum again i picked up my speed and started to fuck her harder. She came like tsunami and was unconscious for almost a minute. She regained her senses and said this is the best orgasm i have ever experienced and kissed me.

I was still far from coming and said wait baby I’ll rock you today so that you will have one or two more orgasms. I made her come once again and then i fucked her for 5 more minutes. I was about to explode in her hole, my dick was moving very fast in her pussy, she was up again and we both were ready to cum together. She was in pain but cooperating. Her mouth got open and I hugged her tight as i was also lost in a different world we both were about to explode and that was the moment of real joy. She was saying fuck me baby destroy me fuck me like that. You feel too good inside me just keep fucking me all the time like this. Her words were making me crazy and then suddenly tsunami came and we lost our senses. I was on top of her my dick was still inside her. She was very much satisfied and happy; i could see her smiling eyes.

We fucked 3 times on our first day and i gave her multiple orgasms one after another. While going she was unable to walk and had pain. She had burning sensation in her pussy with pain. She was craving for more but pain was unbearable for her. We fucked everyday though not as much as on the first and last day of my departure because she had pain for next 3-4 days.

I will write next part of the story based on your feedback. Have fun guys sex is just awesome enjoy it. You can reach out to me on [email protected].

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